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About chunky wool rugs and knitted wool rugs

About chunky wool rugs and knitted wool rugs

Looking for something super soft and cozy? Our chunky wool rugs and knitted wool rugs are made from the world’s finest and softest New Zealand wool.

One reason knitted rugs have become so popular is they are a bit unusual. People love rugs that stand out from the crowd. They also use a traditional and time-tested technique. This technique leads to the comfiest hygge rugs.

What is hygge, you ask?

Hygge is an untranslatable Danish word that is all about awesome emotions. It is all about comfort, warmth and all those warm fuzzies that come with it. Trust us, you want more hygge in your life!

And don’t forget, Denmark is said to be the happiest country in the world.

The story behind your rug

Only the very best goes into all our Sukhi rugs. Sukhi rugs are not mass-produced rugs. We have a production time of roughly four weeks. Everything we offer is completely made by hand.

Sukhi rugs come directly to you. We eliminate the middlemen. And this gives so much flexibility in what we can offer! Our wool carpets are available in a range of sizes and colors.

Our wool rugs are works of art

Chunky wool rugs and knitted wool rugs add instant warmth and artistry. They provide a special softness that enhances almost any home. We find they work in almost any room that needs a Hygge touch. Some of our customers even display these gorgeous rugs on their walls.

We have customizable options and an in-house textile designer. She loves to give free design advice. Don’t hesitate to ask!

What is the difference between our chunky wool rugs and hand knitted rugs?

Both choices truly show the artistry of Nepalese rug makers. Let’s take a look at how these rugs compare.

Chunky wool rugs

Our chunky wool rugs are considerably thicker than our hand knitted rugs. They are called “chunky” for a reason. With these rugs, the thickness of the wool yarn really shines through. You can see each and every stitch.

Chunky wool rugs are extremely bold rugs. And they add warmth, softness and vibrancy to any space.

Hand knitted rugs

Our hand knitted rugs are also from the finest wool. But the wool is more tightly knit. Knitted wool rugs are also felted. This makes them a bit sturdier than very soft chunky rugs.

Hand knitted rugs also take a considerable amount of effort and time to make. And very large knitting needles are needed! Our artisans are patient. It takes time to get it right.

Sukhi hand knitted rugs love to be walked on. So, go ahead and try one of these durable handmade rugs!