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About Clearance rugs

About Clearance rugs

Here’s something you should know. Sukhi rugs are rarely placed on clearance. But when they do, you can be sure they go quickly. We’ve put these beautiful Sukhi rugs on clearance for one reason. To clear our stock. We have new rugs coming in.

Clearance rugs are high quality

Our exquisite Clearance rugs are handmade by artisans in India, Morocco, Nepal and Turkey. They are made from only the highest quality materials, such as 100% New Zealand wool.

Every Clearance rug is made with great care. These are authentic traditionally made rugs. They help to preserve the timeless rug-making traditions of their countries. Our artisans enjoy excellent pay. They often work from home.

A Sukhi rug for a fraction of the normal cost

Sukhi rugs are an investment. But our clearance section is special. It makes it possible for all customers to see what a Sukhi is really like. And they can do it for a fraction of the normal cost. This way they can experience a Sukhi firsthand.

Our regular low pricing

When you shop at Sukhi, you will always save money. All our rugs are up to 60% less expensive. They come directly from the artisans. In that way, we avoid the middleman. The savings are passed on to you.

Quick shipping

Be sure to act soon. Our Sukhi clearance rug specials don’t last long. We do have these rugs in stock. That means we can provide fast and easy shipping. You can have your Sukhi rug as soon as possible!

Passing on the inspiration

Our rug makers are inspired. They loved what they do. We have no doubt that you’ll be inspired too. A Sukhi rug will bring new life into any room in which it is placed.

Go ahead and select your Clearance rug today. Bring the quality and beauty of Sukhi into your home.