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About felt ball rugs

About felt ball rugs

Interested in an incredible felt ball rug? Ours are handmade by artisans in Nepal. We provide these makers with a showcase for their beautiful rugs. That makes us proud each and every day.


A true labor of love

Each rug is made of thousands of handmade felt balls! The sky is the limit. Our rugs are available in rectangular and round shapes and so many colors. You can be sure your rug will be unique and one of a kind. The material that goes into these rugs is 100% new and pure wool. We get it directly from New Zealand. Once you’ve seen and touched one of our rugs, you will quickly realize that there is no substitute.

The Sukhi way

When you buy from Sukhi, you’ll know one thing. You’ll be getting your felt ball rugs directly from the artists that make them. We’ve eliminated the middlemen and expensive retailers. We also only sell online and we don’t rent expensive retail spaces or shops. That means our prices are much lower than what you’ll find elsewhere.


Our fair trade practices

We have two workshops in Nepal. How much does the person make who created your felt ball rug? Between 2 and 3 times the average salary in the region. That’s because we’re dedicated to engaging in only fair trade practices. Our team members in Nepal each have their own story. We have been able to help these women create better lives. And they can do it while working at a job they love.

Meet Hira, Rita and Mina

Take a moment to watch a video from 3 of our artisans in Nepal: Hira, Rita and Mina. Listen to them share their own stories in their own words. Purchase a felt ball rug from Sukhi… and guess what? You’re directly contributing to improving someone’s life.

We fell in love the artistry and tradition of felt ball rugs. Our mission is to preserve that history. We think you’ll soon understand why!