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About wool & felt rugs

About wool & felt rugs

Sukhi has amazing wool and felt rugs from India. We offer so many colors, patterns and styles.


Skilled artisans do all work by hand. Over many weeks, they knot rugs together. This provides different designs and sizes. There’s something for everyone!

Sukhi rugs from India are made from the finest quality yarns and wools. Everything also goes through a careful quality check before it reaches our customers. That’s why we’re considered a leading supplier of handmade rugs from India.

Why own a handmade rug?

There are plenty of reasons. First of all, here’s one point you’ll appreciate. When you buy a Sukhi handmade rug, you’ll own a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

Also our handwoven and hand knotted rugs are very durable. They will last generations. Your rug will be certain to become an heirloom. You can pass it down to your children.

Here are some more details about our handmade collections from India:

1. Cut felt rugs

We love our beautiful Sukhi cut felt rugs. These rugs meet current trends in design. They are luxurious and they have innovative features. That makes them ideal for interior décor.

How are our cut felt rugs made? Our artisans in India hand knot these rugs from felt sheets made of New Zealand wool. They use countless individual felt sheets.

It’s a process that is sophisticated. It’s also highly elegant.

The finest natural wool yarns enhance the rich texture of the rug. They are carefully hand selected by our team at Sukhi. We want to make sure that they are designer quality. They need that special look and feel.

A bit more about felt. It’s one of the earliest fabrics made by man. Thousands of years later, it is still treasured.
We love its beauty, warmth and strength. Plus, it’s entirely eco-friendly.


2. Felted woolen yarn rugs

Felted woolen yarn rugs are made from felted New Zealand wool. You’ll see that the rug looks like it has colorful pebbles on it. That’s because thick lines of felt take up about half the dye.

Made in India, these rugs are truly a labor of love. Our artisans work for weeks carefully tying together felt sheets. The end result is something to behold.

These rugs come in seven unique color combinations. You’ll be sure to find a color that is perfect for any setting in your home. They fit modern décor and classic environments as well.

You’ll love these dense rugs. They provide a festival and cheerful atmosphere. The color combinations are rich and detailed. The end result is truly eye catching.

They feel remarkably soft under your feet. With these rugs, you’ll enjoy the best texture and the best color.


3. Stone rugs

Is this rug really made from real pebbles? Actually our Sukhi stone rugs are made from 100% wool. And we only use the softest and highest quality wool from New Zealand. It makes all the difference.

Our customers love how much these rugs look like real rocky shores. But when you walk over them, you’ll find that they are soft and warm. This is the perfect way to bring a touch of nature into your home. It’s an exciting approach to interior design!

They have tones of beautiful greys, browns and whites. That’s why the Sukhi stone rugs are ideal for rooms where you need to add some neutral color.

These detailed rugs are truly complex in their structure. They add depth. And don’t be surprised if everyone wants to touch your rug. They’ll want to see if it’s really stone!


4. Woolen loop rugs

Want a warm rug beneath your feet? Want that unmistakable softness that only comes from wool? These rugs are about as warm as it gets. And they are durable. This means you can trust it to stand up to your day to day activities.

Woolen loop rugs are made from felted New Zealand wool. Thick lines of felt are folded over very tightly. This makes lots of tight bobbles. It’s a fascinating effect. And the end result is a rug that’s truly comfortable.

We offer six colors in rectangular shapes. Choose from white, black, grey, ivory grey, camel and brown. These neutral shades complement the organic natural look and feel of the rugs.

You can place a woolen loop rug just about anywhere in your home. Everywhere this rug goes… it becomes a conversation piece.


5. Braided felt rugs

Made in India from 100% wool, our braided felted wool rugs offer something special. What is so remarkable about felting? It’s a technique that makes the wool even more durable and moisture resistant. Then this matted wool is carefully braided into a gorgeous rug.

Sukhi’s braided felt rugs come in six beautiful colors. Our artists dye them by hand. And their size is completely customizable. Go ahead and choose a rug that’s practical, but also luxurious.

Braided-chunky-wool-felt rug

6. Braided wool rugs

What if true happiness was made out of wool? It would give you a big warm hug. It would remind you of your favorite hand knit sweater. That’s what comes to mind when we think of our braided wool rugs.

These thick, warm rugs are handwoven from wool. They are created to be incredibly soft. Enjoy the cozy love vibes that come from these woolen rugs. From our artisans, right to a prized place in your home.

Each one of our braided wool rugs is different. Choose from three beautiful colors. They can be customized however you please!


7. Flat weave rugs

Flat weave rugs are a little different from the rest. There are a few reasons why this traditional Indian rug is so unique.

First, they are woven instead of knotted on the loom. This produces a very special rug. The pattern can be seen from either side.

Also flat weave rugs are free from something called “pile.” Pile is the wool attached to the backing. What does that mean for you? You’ll get a rug that is truly flat. Furniture can easily slide right over it. These rugs also allow for less dust and dander.

Our Sukhi flat weave rugs come in four colors. Customize them as you wish!