Beni Ourain rugs


Khadija is a beautiful Beni Ourain white rug with dark brown diamond patterns. The standard finish is a flat black and white weave with fringes.

A wonderful rug is one that captures your attention and can be passed down for generations. The intriguing geometric designs of Khadija do just that. We’re sure that you’ll agree that this Beni Ourain rug will make a cozy addition to your living room or bedroom. You can put it in just about any area that needs that natural and timeless feel.

These incredibly plush rugs are carefully made by hand from 100% natural sheep wool. Natural and authentic, the Khadija represents the tremendous history of rug making in Morocco. We have no doubt you’ll feel connected to the people that made this soft and comfortable rug.


Looking for a unique rug that is full of warmth and personality? We have truly looked across the world for just such rugs. And we’ve discovered that the Aicha is a great offering.

This extremely soft and luxurious Beni Ourain rug will surely garner its fair share of attention. It has a medium diamond pattern running down the middle of the rug. As with all traditional Berber rugs, the Aicha showcases a captivating design. It brings something special to any room and can be passed down for generations.

Are you looking for a different kind of rug? One that speaks to the heart? One that coveys warmth and a respect for tradition? Then you’ll want to see this handmade rug straight from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco in your home!


If you want a warm and inviting feeling, this one is for you. Place the Malika in any room of your home. You’ll instantly see the tremendous respect for tradition and detail that went into its creation.

Beni Ourain rugs are special rugs. They are made from durable and all-natural 100% sheep wool. This wool is extremely soft, warm and deeply comfy.

And these authentic rugs come directly from their Moroccan creators. These artisans live in the rugged Middle Atlas Mountains.

You’ll see a design made of intriguing tribal symbols in a dark natural color. No two of our Beni Ourain rugs are alike. That means every single rug is a piece of original art.


Great rugs work to enrich lives. That is exactly how we feel about the Naima. It’s made by hand with care. It comes from incredibly soft and luxurious 100% sheep wool. These Moroccan rugs carry with them a refined and rustic feel.

Naima stands out as a signature Beni Ourain rug. It’s truly an heirloom piece. We think that just one look at this rug instantly tells people that you value quality craftsmanship and beauty. They’ll know you have a deep respect for timeless artistry.

This rug is sure to charm you with its craftsmanship and eye catching double line patterns. We know you’ll both love and appreciate the Naima.