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Bring some Sukhi love to your home this Valentine's Day

Monday, February 4, 2019 12:08:29 PM Europe/Paris

In just a few days we'll be celebrating love. Although love should be celebrated all year long and expressing the love to your loved ones should be something you do on a daily basis, Valentine's Day is still the day when we devote ourselves to love completely. This is the day when we like to surprise our dear ones and show them how much we care for them.

Why wouldn't you make this Valentine's Day even more special and surround yourself with more love than ever? Of course we're talking about home decor. Luckily for you, preparing your home for Valentine's Day isn't that hard at all.

In fact, it's all about adding some details in gentle pink or red, some tender flowers and cozy layers where you can curl up with your favorite person and spend the entire day together. You probably have some gorgeous flowers and pink details and our handmade rugs got you covered when it comes to cozy layers. You should just pick your favorite rug and let your home shine.

Colorful felt balls

What color is love for you? We say it's a rainbow color. Breathtaking shades of blue, red, yellow, brown and green in our Alisha felt ball rug bring new energy to any room. Truly eye-catching and warm at the touch, this rug will fill your home with love vibes and happiness and that's kind of a point of Valentine's Day.


Credit: @Mini.reyve

Awake your living room or bring the love spark to your bedroom because with this rug, you can do both. No matter in which room you decide to place it, you can throw some cozy, heart-shaped pillows or throws on top of the rug to further enhance its charm.

Tender neutrals

A vintage, neutral sparkle in your bedroom will make the atmosphere more romantic. Timeless Beni Ourain rug along with some gorgeous flowers like tulips or roses are more than enough for the Valentine's Day decor in this space.


Credit: @Lifelikevino and @Minnieknows

Light a few candles beside your bed and make sure that your bedding matches the color pattern you're trying to achieve. A bedroom should be the coziest and warmest space in your home and this is especially true for the Valentine's Day home decor.

Inevitable pink

Nuances that should dominate in your home during the most romantic day of the year are definitely pinks and reds. The wonderful news is that you'll find some gorgeous, romantic colors among our new hand-knotted rugs.


These rugs are pure love on their own, so you won't even need anything else but the rug to make your home the most romantic place in the world. Incredibly beautiful interwoven patterns and floral outlines on these rugs will unmistakeably flare the romantic vibe in your home

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Press Release, Sukhi Now Offers Ethical Oriental Rugs for the Modern Customer

Tuesday, January 29, 2019 8:17:00 AM Europe/Paris


Sukhi Now Offers Ethical Oriental Rugs for the Modern Customer

By working directly with rug makers and using all-natural materials, Sukhi helps to preserve one of humanity’s greatest and oldest artforms

29/01/2019 – The online store Sukhi announced today that their modern oriental rug line is now available at With the tagline “natural, ethical, beautiful,” one of Sukhi’s aims is to preserve the ancient and functional artform of handmade rugs through both hand knotted and hand tufted oriental rugs. In an era of mass-produced rugs, Sukhi takes a very different approach, working directly with artisans living in India, Morocco, Nepal and Turkey.


Sukhi Co-Founder and textile designer Nasia Burnet explained, Hand knotted oriental rugs are generally considered the most beautiful rugs in the world. We worked for years to develop an amazing array of completely new designs, while maintaining the classical techniques and beauty of traditional hand knotted rugs. You could say we ́re taken a classical product and given it a modern twist.


As each rug is made to order for each customer, Sukhi offers a high level of customization when it comes to size, quality, colors and design. For those seeking a beautiful oriental rug for a lower cost, Sukhi offers the option of hand tufted oriental rugs in the same styles and designs.


Sukhi rugs also focus on using natural dyes and materials, such as pure wool and bamboo silk, instead of silk taken from silkworms. The end result are beautiful rugs that embrace nature and strive to protect the natural beauty and health of the planet.


Image: Hand knotted rug Vijay placed in a room with Sukhi’s new online 3D visualizer.

On average, Sukhi artisans earn superior regional wages, which typically range 2 to 3 times above regional pay. The end result of Sukhi’s ethical approach to rugmaking is that makers enjoy a much higher standard of living and a range of other important benefits, such as being able to keep their children in school and work from home.


Image: Co-Founder Nasia Burnet

Our goal is to bring authentic, ethically sourced rugs to consumers and designers around the world,added Nasia Burnet

About Sukhi – “Natural, Ethical, Beautiful

In Nepali, Sukhi means happy. Sukhi wants to make people happy: artisans who make our rugs, their families, customers and their families. People buy Sukhi rugs knowing that they receive a great handmade rug and that they are buying directly from the person who created it. Visit for more information.


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Where can you place your Sukhi rug

Monday, January 21, 2019 1:11:58 PM Europe/Paris

Short answer: Everywhere. Long answer: In all of the rooms in your home.

Versatility, beauty, coziness and numerous designs of Sukhi rugs are like no other. That's precisely why you'll often find it challenging to decide in which room you should place your rug. We know that the process of picking the room in your home that deserves to be crowned with your stunning Sukhi rug is an adventure, but a wonderful one.

In the next paragraphs, you'll read about some of our suggestions of where you can place your rug. However, let this be just your guide in picking an ideal place for your rug. Why? Because Sukhi rugs can be placed everywhere in your home and they'll look equally gorgeous. So by all means, if you already have an idea of the room you'll like to put it, go ahead and do it. But if you're in doubt, keep reading.

Living Room

As the place where you spend most of the time during the day, your living room is also space your guests will see first. That's why you'll want it to be bright, airy and relaxing, with just a subtle touch of excitement.


A lively felt ball rug from Sukhi with interesting, contrasting grey tones creates an instant coziness, warmth and calmness. To brighten the space, use some big plants and place them along the accent wall. A colorful piece of art on the other wall can also add more interest to the room. For furniture, pick some pieces in gentle tones, like sky blue.

There are a lot more combinations that can go with your Sukhi rug in the living room, but take our advice as the starting point and let your imagination go wild while mixing and matching different rug colors, sizes and shapes.


You'll want the place where you sleep to be the most comfortable room in your home. And we think boho style is ideal for this type of room. The best rug to fit this space is an elegant custom rug made of a hundred felt sheets, carefully selected by our team in India.


Credit: @Nikavintageblog

The rustic, earthy, cream rug goes perfectly well in this case. As a contrast, include some bold colors, such as red or orange. These nuances will look very pretty on your bedding or a locker, but you can paint any other piece of your furniture in a bright red or fire orange too.

Now just a few details to make your bedroom more boho and you're good to go.


Sukhi rugs look so warm when placed in a kitchen that you can put them just about anywhere. The best rug of choice in this space is the wonderful, vintage Beni Ourain rug.


You can go with whichever rug you please, but our favorite is the Naima rug with its gorgeous line patterns. Your pets are surely going to love it and spend a lot of time on it, but can you blame them?

Choose a piece of furniture in light brown or white and opt for minimalistic style to let your rug shine and be the center of attention. That's really it as far as the kitchen styling is concerned. You don't want too many things here, just the ones that'll make it cozier, like one of our rugs.

How do you like our ideas on where to place your Sukhi rug? In which room would you install yours?

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Hygge your home the Sukhi way

Monday, December 24, 2018 4:54:21 PM Europe/Paris

You've certainly come across the hygge concept the last couple of years, especially in the winter months. Hygge is a Danish and Norwegian term that stands for a feeling of coziness and well-being by enjoying the simple things in life.

At Sukhi, we highly treasure coziness and comfort and we've found an incredible way to incorporate the art of hygge into our rugs. Winter months are the time of the year when we want to feel warm, relaxed and cozy. It's the time when we want to feel hygge. A warm, woolen rug is our solution for this, which is why we have three different fluffy designs that'll instantly create the ultimate warmth and coziness in your home.

Braided felt rugs

Crafted from the finest wool known to humanity, these rugs are something extraordinary. After the felting process that makes the wool more resistant to moisture and more durable, the process of braiding begins. Our artisans put their heart and soul into weaving these rugs and dyeing them by hand. But the results speak by themselves because you get a stunning, luxurious looking rug that's just as practical as it's gorgeous.


Credit: @Lauraschra

With endless styling possibilities, you can place this rug just about anywhere. Available in six lovely colors and completely customizable, you can choose the piece that fits your space perfectly. No matter where you decide to put these rugs, whether it be your bedroom, home office or living room, they'll illuminate the area, making it look bright, relaxing and calming.

Just look at the carefully braided lines of all Sukhi braided rugs. Breathtaking, magical and so hygge, don't you think?

Braided wool rugs

Everybody has that one favorite winter sweater that makes them feel warmer and cozier than anything else in the world. Imagine that soft feeling on your skin. Now picture that softness and warmth under your feet too. That's how you'll feel every day if you bring one of our braided wool rugs in your home. Nothing hugs your feet better and gives them the plush, magical touch than a thick, handwoven wool rug.


Credit: @my_home_my_haven

Feel the soft love of these rugs and give your home the new life by placing them in your favorite relaxing spot. The area around fireplace seems like an ideal place for these cozy rugs. While the fire crackles, make some tea or coffee, curl up on your beautiful rug and breath deeply. We guarantee you'll feel warmer than ever before and experience hygge on an entirely new level.

Go ahead and choose from three rustic, earthy colors we offer, customize your rug of choice and prepare yourself for the magic you're going to experience.

Flat weave rugs

Both enchanting and unique, flat weave rugs are something never seen before. You'll fall head over hills for their elegant design and incredible flat patterns that can be seen from both sides. Although this is more than enough reason to fall in love with these gorgeous rugs, there's something more you'll adore about them.


Timeless as they are, these rugs can be placed in any room in your home and they'll shift the energy of space in a split second. Feel free to slide your furniture over them and don't worry – they won't bend. They're entirely flat, remember? The sheep wool flat weave rugs are made from will look as good as new even after many years of use. Plus, they'll never get out of fashion.

Pick one of the wonderful four colors that works the best for your space and then customize it as you please. A custom wool or felt rug will feel even more special because you'll know that no one has the same.

Braided felt, braided wool or flat weave, which of our hygge rugs is near and dear to your heart the most?

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Make your home office inspiring with Sukhi rugs

Monday, December 10, 2018 12:51:00 PM Europe/Paris

What do productivity and creativity have in common with Sukhi? A lot, actually. When you're studying, working or just scrolling through social media, you're more likely to get some new ideas or be more productive if you're feeling cozy. Your home office or workplace should be a place where you can feel concentrated and focused and that's easier achieved if your working corner is comfortable and makes you feel good.

With that in mind, here's what you can do to stimulate your creativity and productivity when working or studying at home. To reveal you a top secret  it involves some of the coziest Sukhi rugs.

Bold Colors

Although it's hard to choose just a few of our rugs that can make your working corner a productivity booster, we've decided to go with the ones that were our love at first sight.


Credit: @Plaza.rakuten

One of them is a felt ball rug with vibrant shades of reds, purples and pinks. Perfect to bring the pop of color to your working space, this gorgeous rug will awaken your creative vibes as soon as you look at it.

When you step on it, hundreds of tiny felt balls will feel like a massage for your feet. We even dare to bet it'll make you more productive than ever. Whenever you feel like losing focus, just look at the bold, stunning colors of this rug and you'll instantly feel refreshed and energized. That's how powerful it is!

Bright and Warm

Science has proven that colors profoundly affect our behavior. If you want to be productive or creative, you don't have to buy new furniture or paint the walls to transform your home office. Just a soothing, bright wool rug under your working desk and feet is enough to immediately see the change.


Credit: @Lauraloptru

We've discovered that a warm, ivory grey woolen loop rug can set the mood to space, add texture and profoundly spark your productivity in a matter of seconds.

Bright colors are restful and calming and they are known to improve efficiency and focus. If you're not yet convinced, style this rug in your workplace and see your productivity skyrocket.

Practical yet Cozy

At Sukhi, we have something for vegans too. Besides being practical, vegan-friendly and beautiful, our hemp rugs will help you be more productive and creative when working. They're ideal for those who love the minimalistic style, who are very organized and feel most focused when surrounded with fewer things.


Credit: @melwiggins

Traditionalists at heart will appreciate the lovely, unique patterns of berber rugs with tribal patterns. When you know that the artisans who make them weave the story of their lives into these rugs, you'll be more inspired and motivated to stay focused and start working on your own story today.


So, which one of these rugs has captured your heart? Which one of them would make your working space truly shine?

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Holidays home makeover with Sukhi

Monday, November 26, 2018 1:00:14 PM Europe/Paris

With Christmas and New Year just around the corner, it's never been more important to start thinking about preparing your home for the most festive and cheerful time of the year. Maybe you've already decorated your Christmas tree and prepared your home for the holidays, but there are always some finishing touches you can add to turn your home into a true Christmas miracle.

Coziness, warmth and family gatherings are all that Christmas is about and these are also the things Sukhi stands for, which means that Sukhi and Christmas go hand in hand. Keep reading to find out how you can prepare your home for the happiest season this year with a little help from Sukhi.

Touch of Elegance

Perfect to go under the sparkling Christmas tree, Beni Ourain rugs are exceptionally soft and carry a great sense of luxury. They always take a fair share of attention. This is precisely what you need during the holidays season.elegant-moroccan-beni-ourain-rug-beside-the-christmas-tree-in-the-living-room

Credit: @Jhoannarola

Intriguing design with a medium diamond pattern in the middle of the rug is sure to impress and bring something magical to any room. Magical moments, filled with warmth and coziness are what these rugs are all about.

Peace and Relaxation

Holidays are the time for our families and for indulging ourselves more than ever. What better way to create that soothing and calming effect than a beautiful and unique rug. The contrasting neutral blend of white, grey and dark grey colors in our Deevyah felt ball rug are the best way to go all natural in your home.neutral-grey-and-white-felt-ball-rug-in-the-living-room-beside-christmas-tree

Credit: @Decoranur

This rug will put a smile on your face whenever you look at it. Placing it somewhere near the Christmas tree is recommended. That way it will be in the center of attention and radiate it's warmth and coziness all around.

Neutral or Vibrant

Neutrals are the ideal way to add some texture and layers to any space. A braided wool rug in gentle grey and white tones will add a unique richness to your home and remind you of your favorite hand-knitted sweater. Nothing is more charming and warmer than wool in winter. And the woolen rug is the pure proof for this.


If you're more into setting a festive mood, an overdyed patchwork rug with its striking, bold colors will speak to you more than anything. For us, holidays are painted in red, white and blue and that's why an exciting blue nuance rug seems like a lovely option. Just make sure that it goes well with the other colors in your home.

Giving and receiving gifts is the whole point of holidays. Sukhi rugs will bring you great joy in more than one way. When you purchase our rug, you're helping our artisans support their families and community and securing them a better quality of life.

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Turn your bathroom into a cozy haven with Sukhi rugs

Monday, November 12, 2018 2:13:44 PM Europe/Paris

When decorating or remodeling every room in the home, most people often don't think that much of their bathroom. But just consider it for a brief moment. Bathrooms are important. They are our sanctuaries, places where we take long baths with bubbles, places that should feel relaxing and calm and where we can recharge our batteries.

Therefore, you should make your sanctuary the coziest place where you can unwind. Don't worry, you can still have a lovely bathroom even without spending too much time on styling it. A warm and soft rug can be a life changer that can literally become the life of your bathroom and here at Sukhi, we have a few ideas that we think you'll love.

However, before deciding on styling one of our high-quality rugs in your bathroom, note that these aren’t bathroom rugs per se. The material from which they are made doesn’t take humidity, let alone direct exposure to water and moisture very well. Water and moisture can damage your beautiful rug and you don’t want this to happen.

That being said, feel free to style Sukhi rugs in your bathroom, but always remove them when you’re taking a shower or a bath and only put them back when your bathroom is completely dry.

With this in mind, here are our styling ideas.

Jungalow Bathroom

A rug made of thousands of tiny felt balls with unique patterns is sure to make your bathroom snuggly heaven. Go for the darker color rug as a contrast to the white walls or any other pastel color walls for the matter effect. A rug in a bold, darker color is a great match with big plants. This combination brings the dose of mystery and jungle vibes right in your bathroom.

Before you style your rug this way, make sure to move the plants far from the rug and place them on top of the stools to avoid that the water leaks from potted plants and damages your rug.


Credit: @eileenstulen

Once you’ve secured that your rug is safe from water and moisture, light a few aromatic candles and appreciate how exotic your bathroom looks. In case a dark rug is not your cup of tea, you can design your own custom rug in brighter colors. Because with Sukhi rugs, even the sky isn't the limit.

Stones in the Bathroom

Not literally, don't worry. The last thing you want to do after a long day is walking on the pebbles. That's why our stone rugs only resemble the real stones. In reality, they are the softest thing you have ever stepped on. Therefore, they are the ideal choice for a bathroom rug.


Credit: @Casacrystal

Again, a few candles to spice up the atmosphere and make it more romantic are very well welcomed. Besides that, our rug will take care of everything else, including making your bathroom look like a modern industrial style fairytale.

Once again, when you decide to shower or take a bath, don’t forget to remove your rug from the bathroom to avoid damaging it due to increased humidity and water. And don’t worry, you can bring your rug back in the bathroom once it gets completely dry.

Traditional or Eclectic Bathroom

Some people appreciate the tradition and we understand that. After all, some things are just timeless. With that in mind, our vote for the rug in a classic style bathroom always goes to Beni Ourain rugs. These rugs are the best choice for bathrooms that strive to be traditional oasis without experimenting too much or giving in to modern trends.


On the other spectrum are people who prefer colors, a mix of styles, bringing art pieces and everything that crosses their mind into the bathroom, so their style goes more toward eclectic. For them, we have rugs in all the existing colors, but our personal favorite are the patchwork rugs. Traditional by design, modern by color, it will indulge your senses and make your bathroom a rainbow wonderland.

As long as you keep your Sukhi rugs far from any moister, humidity or water sources and remove them from the bathroom when you are showering or taking a bath, everything will be fine. Although they aren’t bathroom rugs in particular, they are a wonderful choice design-wise. Which idea of styling a Sukhi rug in a bathroom do you like the most?

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Refresh your eclectic home decor with Sukhi rugs

Monday, October 29, 2018 4:55:00 PM Europe/Paris

What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of the eclectic design? This style gives so much freedom and so many options in creating the home you've been dreaming about. The fact that it allows you to mix the old and new styles, textures, trends and colors is what made eclectic decor insanely popular in the first place, especially in recent years.

Although it might seem that everything is allowed, eclectic doesn't mean you should just throw any piece of furniture or fabric on the floor or bed and consider yourself an eclectic interior specialist. Eclectic decor is art on its own and it can be as simple to turn your home into an eclectic fairytale as choosing one bold statement piece that will be the focal point of the room and allow it to shine. We recommend that piece to be one of the Sukhi rugs.

Living Room or Salon

Eclectic doesn't need to be overwhelming. Quite the contrary, minimalistic approach with accessories, ornaments and furniture that represent the combination of traditional and modern can help you spice up any space. Add a touch of eclectic into your living room by including a beautiful, modern Beni Ourain rug whose design has intriguing tribal symbols in a dark natural color.

The symbolism behind these Moroccan rugs has a long tradition, yet, they fit modern age eclectic decor perfectly. Both antique and modern at the same time, Beni Ourains are eclectic at their best. Go for the large size rug with a striking pattern that can be the statement point of the room.


Remember, you want it to really pop from the rest of the space. Add some vintage style sofas and angle them to point to a fireplace. In addition, put a big, modern painting on the wall. Voilà – eclectic style living room!


The bedroom should be colorful. This is even more important in eclectic design. Break the rules, play with multiple cheerful colors, but remember to stay true to one shade that should be dominant. Other colors should be there too, but they serve more as accents that highlight the basic nuance.

Vibrant, purple felt ball rug will be just the cherry on the top of your eclectic bedroom cake. It will add texture, layer and spark of happiness to your room making it hard to choose whether you should sleep on the bed or on the rug itself.


Credit: @the.hectic.eclectic

Make sure to repeat this color in multiple areas in the room, such as walls. Paint them pink, paint them blue, red, white, yellow... Add unusual, kids drawings, pillows all around, big plants that take a lot of space, a bench from your backyard painted in pink or purple, the sky is the limit.

Eclectic Rugs

A vibrant display of colors and an interlocking design are sure to be eye-catching. Did you know that we also offer one-of-a-kind rugs that bring energy and excitement to just about any room? Perfect for your eclectic

A combination of antique flair and modern life, each of our rugs can be a gorgeous addition or a central piece of your eclectic decor. If you're not yet fully convinced to go with the eclectic style in your home, a lively multicolor, rainbow design of our Alisha felt ball rug might completely convert you. Just look at its astounding beauty…


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Get The Right Size Rug for Every Room

Monday, October 15, 2018 1:03:50 AM Europe/Paris

Are you planning to buy rugs for your home but you can’t figure out the right sizes for your rooms? In this post, we discuss rug sizing for various rooms to help you select the right size for each of the rooms in your home.

The Living Room

If armchairs and sofa are placed against the walls, you need a rug that goes under the forelegs of the large pieces. So you’ll have to choose a big rug. Of course, the case is different if you want more of the floor to show. Then, you have to select a smaller rug such that no legs of your seats overlap it. What if your furniture floats in your room? Buy a rug large enough to go well under all the four legs of every large piece.rectangle-woolen-loop-rug-in-the-living-room-under-the-small-table

Again, a smaller rug is suitable if you’d like to see more of the floor. Choose one small enough such that no seats overlap on it. Note that you can also use smaller rugs under coffee tables. They are great in defining a seating area.

The Hallway

Some hallways are large enough to provide space for some accent pieces or furniture on either or both sides. If you have such a hallway, get a rug that will run along the center. Such rugs are often two to slightly over three feet wide. Lengths vary depending on the corridor on which they’ll be used. You can also have a hallway rug custom-made for you. Be sure to keep your hallway furniture rested only on the floor.

The Kitchen

For busy kitchens, a small rug is ideal. Place it in front of your sink to bring out a beautiful appearance. For a center island or galley kitchen, a decorative runner is perfect. It will nicely cover the space.


Dining Room

A dining room looks nice when the chairs and table sit on the carpet. So you’ll need a big rug. Select one big enough to accommodate the chairs even when pushed out. An ideal size is 24” beyond the dining table on each side. What if your dining room is smaller? Be sure that your chair’s front legs sit on the rug six inches when pushed out. Round rugs complete round tables nicely.


Ideal bedroom rugs should extend around the bed by about 36”. As a rule of thumb, standard sizes are 9x12 (king) and 8x10 (queen). Better still, place runners on either side of your bed. They are an excellent option providing you a nice, cozy feel underfoot.


Credit: @the.hectic.eclectic

Our Designers Can Help You

To achieve a gorgeous appearance in each of your rooms, you may need design assistance. Our experienced textile designers can help you. Contact us for any design support and expertise.

We Love Creating Custom Rugs

At Sukhi, we are all about rug customization. We customize all designs of rugs of any size, shape, and color. We have experienced artisans who love what they do - making custom rugs. We create custom rugs for a variety of spaces including luxury homes, restaurants, and high-end hotels.

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Hemp rugs – The Future of Home Decor

Monday, October 1, 2018 10:47:20 PM Europe/Paris

For over thousands and hundreds of years, people all around the world have been captivated by the refreshing and airy appearance of the hemp rugs and products. And when something survives and thrives for that many years, you know that there is some serious quality involved.

Hemp is incredibly strong, durable, versatile, mildew and rot resistant and sustainable fiber that makes for highly hard-wearing rugs. Hemp rugs are beautiful, use fewer chemicals during processing and they simply make sense both ecologically and aesthetically.

They are vegans and vegetarians number one rug choice. Nevertheless, anyone who is looking for something eco-friendly and genuinely natural in their home will fall in love with these stylish and versatile rugs.

Did you know that almost every part of the hemp plant, including the stalk can be utilized for making a rug? Incredible, we know.

It's Royal Highness – Sukhi's Irmak Rug and How to Style It

At Sukhi we make our hemp rugs exclusively with 100% natural hemp. With their utterly charming and subtle differences in color and tone, our hemp rugs are the feast for the eye.

Their deep richness comes from the way they are made. Our artisans weave them by hand and the amount of work and passion that's infused into these rugs truly shines through.

We're especially proud of our white Irmak rug. We love how natural and neutral base it provides to every space and how it works with all types of furniture.

It's ideal for any setting that includes bold decor and bright patterns and colors, however, it looks the best in high-traffic areas that demand a very sturdy rug.

It looks beautiful in the living room, foyer and kitchen as that's where you need more durable and stain resistant materials the most.

The best way to style it in your kitchen is to make it the focal point of the room and go with the minimalistic approach with the rest of the space. That way, it will command the attention and amazed sighs from everyone who steps into your kitchen.


For the living room, you will find our Irmak to look gorgeous when put in the center of the room. To alter the look of your living room even more, add some vintage furniture and modern art pieces, along with some unusual plants all around.


In the foyer go for the monochromatic, black and white style. One punchy, accent chair and a coffee table along with the rug will look simple, yet alluring and inviting at the same time.


With our Irmak rug, your high-traffic rooms have finally met their match.

Why You Should Get a Hemp Rug In the First Place

You mean besides having an incredibly durable and gorgeous rug that celebrates nature? Yes, there are plenty more reasons for bringing a hemp rug into your home as it is an ideal choice for any decor.

And while it has a naturally coarse texture, it will soften to some extent and become stronger with time.

Here are some of the reasons why you will want a hemp rug:

Texture and Warmth

It's hard to imagine great decor without adding a bit of texture to it. What better way to do so than to install a hemp rug into your favorite room. Hemp rugs will instantaneously make any space feel complete by adding a splash of earthy and organic tones.

Furthermore, they don't make the room feel overwhelming, adding just a hint of warmth no matter the color palette of the room. Which brings us to…


Most hemp rugs come in neutral, earthy tones which makes decorating for all the seasons extremely simple. More importantly, they match every color you can imagine. You can put your hemp rug in any room, throw around some rainbow color pillows and blankets and space will still look lovely and relaxing.


Photo credit: @Another-day


Adding so much needed depth and richness to the favorite space in your home has never been easier than with hemp rugs.

Nonetheless, you can even layer a hemp rug and then add another patterned patchwork rug over it for a more intense and vibrant feeling.


If you like to keep your options open when it comes to home decor, hemp rugs are the way to go. If you wish to switch up your home decor often or in between the seasons, a hemp rug will be happy to fit into any of your decor's themes and ideas.

It is the ideal foundation of the room, allowing you to trade in new art pieces, add a punchy, eclectic detail or some accent chair, you name it. In the blink of an eye, you can transform your home from sophisticated, vintage and antique chic to elegant and modern apartment or whatever you have in mind.

Hemp rug is definitely the new synonym for versatility!

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