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Bring autumn trend colors into your home with Sukhi

Monday, August 12, 2019 1:56:08 PM Europe/Paris

Have you heard that basic beige, olive green and deep blue are trending this autumn? Having one of these colors as the part of your autumn home decor doesn’t only mean that you’re in, it also means that you’re following innovations in order to make your home the most beautiful autumn magical empire.

Sure, there are lovely yellow, orange and earthy tones as well, but not try something different this year? The next season, we’ve decided to go with the deep blue option that symbolizes dreamy night sky. And we’re bringing you a few wonderful Sukhi rugs options how to incorporate this trendy autumn color into your home.

The best part is that now is the best time to get your hands on one of these rugs since our artisans usually need a few weeks to do their magic and make the carpet specifically for you.


Revive your living room with the ‘king’ of felted woolen yarn rugs Krishna. Every time you look at this wool rug, you’ll remember the bright night sky filled with shining stars.


We’re sure you’ll agree that this rug is perfect for those rainy days and nights when you can’t go out to stargaze from your garden. Coziness and warmth are added bonuses you get when you welcome Krishna in your home. 

Custom rug

We strongly encourage you that whenever you can, you go for a custom rug. This way you’ll add a touch of personality into your home. Since this autumn we’re all about blue tones, we suggest you go for one of the blue notes.


Credit: @Myhomeismyhorst

However, you have the option to pick a unique pattern and size of your felt ball rug and this is where your creativity can truly shine. Customized rugs are perfect for bedrooms or nurseries. Extra tip: Painting your walls or finding a wallpaper with the same nuance of blue as your rug would give your bedroom even more character.


Striking sensation and excitement are what you’ll feel in the presence of Hatice overdyed patchwork rug. This is one of those rugs that make your home more elegant but require courage and creativity from your side.


There isn’t a specific room where you should place it because it looks gorgeous and commands attention in every space. The only tip is to combine it with some vintage pieces to allow it to express its beauty in the full glory.

We hope these stunning rugs have inspired you to go with trending blue in your home this autumn. If you prefer to have other options, feel free to experiment with olive green and basic beige, there are plenty of rugs options in these colors in our Sukhi shop.

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If Sukhi rugs were seasons…

Monday, July 29, 2019 4:26:06 PM Europe/Paris

Every person has a favorite season and some people love all of them for different reasons. Here at Sukhi, we love all of them because each has a unique charm. That’s why we have so many breathtaking rugs for spring, summer, autumn and winter. Yours is just to pick the rug that represents your favorite season of the year and, to inspire you, we’ve chosen a few of our favorite rug representatives of each season.

So, if Sukhi rugs were a season, here’s how they would look like:

Ecrin = Spring

We’re sure you understand why the deep, grass-green like reminds us of spring. Flowers blossoming, morning grass lovely smell, rising of nature, greenery all around... that’s all that Ecrin overdyed patchwork rug consolidates in one.


In order to walk on a soft grass on a spring day, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home. All you need to do is put your bare feet on Ecrin and different shades of green on this lovely rug will make you feel like a part of nature.

Alisha = Summer

A burst of cheerful colors in summer is most comparable with Alisha felt ball rug. Coming in almost all the colors you can imagine, Alisha looks like a rainbow. Besides being our favorite rug for summer, it’ll also bring you back to childhood when everything was worry-free and joyful.


Credit: @Liliinwonderland

A balcony is the best place you can put this stunning rug since this is the area when it’ll truly shine and bathe in the rays of the sun. Although it works in any other room as well, Alisha seeks attention and admiration and surrounded with flowers on your balcony, it’ll make your neighbors and family fall in love with it over and over again while being the conversation starter every time.

Khadija - Grey = Autumn

If you love rain and golden nuances of autumn, then you’ll adore the grey Khadija rug. If you don’t like the rain, you’ll still love this stunning Beni Ourain rug. Khadija is one of those rugs that make everything better and alleviate the mood in any room.


You’ll want to get a bigger size of this rug in order to be able to lay on it and relax while reading your favorite book or magazine. Diamond pattern on this rug is so inviting and when you know that the artisan who makes this rug weaved the story of her life in it, you’ll appreciate it even more.

Kalim = Winter

Pearly white as snow, Kalim braided wool rug is incredibly soft and cozy. It’ll make your feet warm very fast, in addition to looking elegant with its tightly braided pattern.


Credit: @marj0085

Layers and textures will complete your winter home decor, so make sure to include pillows, throws and blankets all around your rug. Put this lovely rug near the fireplace or Christmas tree and enjoy the magic it radiates all-around your home.

Would you declare yourself as spring, summer, autumn or winter person after reading this post?

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Styling patchwork rugs in every room of your home

Monday, June 24, 2019 4:42:51 PM Europe/Paris

Have you heard that Turkish patchwork rugs are in this year? Carefully stitched together from different rug pieces, these rugs are of world-class quality and look stunning in any home. They’re daring, modern and easy to maintain. Do you need more reasons to get one for your home?

If you do, we’ll just tell you that at Sukhi you can choose from a few different collections of patchwork rugs. Overdyed, kilim, caput or environmentally friendly, hemp option, there are so many unique rugs you can make your own. And we’ll give you some insider tips on how to style them anywhere in your home.


Styling patchwork rug in your bedroom is all about playing with lights, details and colors. This being said, make sure to go with a more daring and striking option, like one of the overdyed rugs. The fact that these rugs are dyed twice enhances colors and makes them stand out even more.


Credit: @lillyandthefrenchie

Ensure to put the rug beside the window or another source of natural light. Light will make the floral and geometric patterns of the rug shine in all their beauty. Bonus tip: boho chic is the style that compliments overdyed rugs the most, so you might want to splash a few boho or retro details all around the bedroom to highlight its character.

Living room

One of the most durable materials and the best eco-friendly option, rug made of 100% natural hemp is the perfect design for the living room. As the room with most foot traffic, living room seeks for the rug that can withstand all that traffic and still look breathtaking at the end of the day.


Credit: @malin.safin

That’s why you’ll find that Irmak hemp rug made for this area. It’s sturdy and brings depth to space. This rug looks the best in a modern setting, with industrial details and an added note of personal touch.


In the kitchen, you’ll want a rug that feels peaceful, soothing and relaxing, so that you can relax and commit to making the most delicious meals. Caput patchwork rug made of vintage cotton, goat hair and wool is, therefore, the best option for this place.


Minimalism is essential in the kitchen, so a rug as a central point is more than enough in this area. Put it in the center of the room and enjoy at the look of it while you prepare your favorite food for the family.

Now that you know all the best tips for styling patchwork rugs in your home, have you decided in which room you’ll place it?

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Transform your life and home with Sukhi wool rugs

Monday, June 17, 2019 2:29:54 PM Europe/Paris

Home interior needs to be warm and radiate happiness. That’s what all of us at Sukhi know perfectly well. In case you still don’t know, we’re a social enterprise that sells handmade rugs and makes a great impact on people's lives in the process.

The name Sukhi means ‘happy’ in Nepali and our mission is to give you the highest quality customized rugs while raising the standard of living of the local population and the artisans. Every time you shop a handmade rug at Sukhi's online shop, know that you're touching someone's life.


Our wide variety of rugs are made from different materials, colors, shapes and sizes. If you like something warm, soft and cozy, the wool rug is the best choice for you. They’re made of high-quality wool from New Zealand. And what's more, they're highly durable and affordable.

With the option of creating a custom made wool rug, you're sure to get your favorite design. They're absolutely perfect for your home decoration and available in rectangular and circular shapes.

Why choose handmade wool rug from Sukhi

These spectacular rugs are long-lasting, giving you the value for your money. They’re natural and made using the precious and timeless technique that puts quality at the heart of the art. Our unique collections of handcrafted rugs give you an opportunity to own and preserve history and culture by owning a masterpiece from highly skilled artisans.


Each piece is woven to tell a story of resilience, hope and love. These rugs are made from carefully selected, high-quality wool and naturally dyed, which makes them eco-friendly products as well.

Selection of Sukhi wool rugs

The range of Sukhi handmade wool rugs includes cut felt rugs, specially designed to meet current trends. They're luxurious and perfect for any room in your home. Felted woolen yarn rugs have seven color combinations to add natural warmth and happiness to any home.


Our stone rugs have a rocky appearance, but they're very soft to touch. They’re made of 100% natural pure wool and are all beautifully woven to give you a natural impression while retaining the soft texture and warmth associated with wool.

Felted rugs are stronger and resistant to moisture. There are more options among our woolen rugs, so feel free to explore and find the one perfect for your home and style.

Let a Sukhi rug tell a story of your home

Homeowners, designers, architects and fashion lovers will fall in love with these great handmade rugs. They give a wonderful inspiration. Fashion enthusiasts will find every piece beautiful.


Credit: @lusttilldawn

Next time you think of a memorable gift to a loved one, let it be a beautifully woven handmade wool rug from Sukhi. If you're planning to give your interior a makeover, these pieces will most certainly give you something to smile about. They can even be used as cushions for your seats.


Give your family and guests a warm treat with a burst of color and style from Sukhi because we care for your happiness and comfort.

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5 summer rugs that'll brighten up your home

Monday, June 3, 2019 3:00:03 PM Europe/Paris

Sunny days have been sneaking on us for a while now, but no matter what happens, summer countdown has already started and nothing can stop it. Summer is the season that cheers spirits and improves mood and nobody is immune to its charms.

What better way to live this season to the fullest than to do a home makeover. There's no better and quicker way to do so than getting a new rug. And you know us, we already have a few top Sukhi rugs suggestions in our sleeves that'll instantly lift the mood in your summer home.

Woolen loop rug

Striking and fascinating, Advik rug deserves to be taken outside where it can enjoy the summer night sky with lots of stars but also compliments from your neighbors. This being said, we think a good place for it is your porch, patio or garden.


Credit: @Eclectichamilton

Crafted from felted New Zealand wool in thick lines folded over tightly, this wool rug is made of lots of gorgeous bobbles that are so cute you won't resist staring at them the whole day. But that's precisely what Advik wants to achieve.

Cut felt rug

Of all available cut felt rugs in our Indian collection, Araav is by far the most cheerful and colorful. We infused rainbows, elegance, luxury and rich textures into it and we got a true masterpiece.


Greens, blues, reds, whites and so many other colors intertwine in a magical game that makes a design of this rug so eye-catching and breathtaking. Although it's perfect for any space, Araav likes to be seen and admired, which is why we suggest you put it in your living room where it'll, most certainly, be adored by everyone who sees it.

Stone rug

Neutral in their essence, but perfect for summer in so many other ways, our stone rugs are made of 100% softest wool you can imagine. They bring a touch of nature to any space and if you add your favorite flowers all around them, they transform into perfect summer rugs.


Credit: @Nicholnaranjo

Besides, they look like pebbles on the beach, which is yet another factor that makes them perfect for summer. As for the place in your home, make sure to put them to your creative space, whatever room in your home that is.

Felted woolen yarn rug

Both modern and classic, Atharv rug fits any room with style and elegance that only this rug can achieve. Our artisans in India make it with great attention to details.


Add this rug to any space that needs a festive and cheerful atmosphere and watch it as it brings a colorful summer vibe and sunny mood.

Braided wool rug

Don't let the warm look and feel of the Kalim rug fool you that this rug is only for colder months. When combined with the right details, it transforms itself in one of the most wonderful summer rugs.


Credit: @deucecitieshenhouse

The best place for this rug is bedroom because that's where you'll want to feel most peaceful, relaxed and cozy. You can add a few real or faux flowers to enhance the summer vibe, but this is optional.

We believe you've found at least one rug that you'd like to showcase in your summer home, but if you haven't take a look at one of our braided felt rugs, flat weave or modern oriental rugs. You'll surely find more than one option and make sure to let us know which Sukhi rug won your heart.

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Designs of modern oriental rugs you’re absolutely going to love

Monday, May 27, 2019 2:55:15 PM Europe/Paris

Refined, aristocratic, rich and vibrant in their beauty, Indian oriental rugs were a praised possession since ancient times. From the intricate designs, colors and styles in Mughal Empire rugs, these rugs have evolved through the centuries and are today known for their unique personality and style.

Although Indian oriental rugs were influenced by Persian rug weaving tradition, they’ve still developed their distinct look and are nowadays among the most desirable rugs on the market.

We also couldn’t resist their gorgeous patterns, outlines, designs and colors, which is why we decided to take part in the tradition and create our own Sukhi modern oriental rugs. We’re sure you’re going to fall in love with them too.

Floral Design

There’s a deep meaning behind each and every color, pattern and design of our Indian modern oriental rugs. Each of them features uniquely interwoven patterns, color palettes and densely packed colors and that’s mainly the case with the rugs that have floral patterns.


Every plant or flower woven into this rugs represents something magical. If you notice carnation, know that it symbolizes wisdom. The same way, the lotus is purity, bamboo is wealth and honor, chrysanthemum represents long life, while the tree of life is a symbol of eternal paradise.

We love how well floral designs go with the color blue, which represents the truth. If you want to show your personality, intelligence and cheerful nature, a blue rug with a floral design is your way to go.

Traditional Design

We like to look at the design of these rugs as traditional because their appeal seems so classy and sophisticated. This design is asymmetrical and very picturesque, with great attention to details and reality.


The primary focus is on the bright palette of colors with subtle pieces and details that tell their unique story. Making of modern oriental rugs is a challenging, but very rewarding task and rugs in traditional representations and designs are the most wonderful proof of this.

We like them to be in predominantly red, which symbolizes happiness and joy. That’s precisely how you’ll feel if you bring one of these rugs into your home.

Abstract design

The beauty of rugs in conceptual design lays in the multiple meanings you can incorporate into them. They’re vibrant and unmistakably mysterious and magical.


Crafted from natural and sustainable materials, with the use of only natural dyes and durable yarn and bamboo silk that gives them their breathtaking shine, abstract modern oriental rugs are for artists and other creative souls.


There are a lot of colors you can choose from, but our heart goes to green abstract design that represents paradise. Also, green is perfect for both spring and summer because it’s so cheerful and lively, don’t you think?

We hope you’ve found one of these modern oriental rug designs appealing. If not, don’t you worry. Take a look at our Nepalese felt ball rugs, Turkish patchwork rugs, Moroccan Beni Ourains or any other rug from our Indian collection and you’ll surely find your favorite rug.

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3 happiest and most colorful rugs for your home

Monday, May 13, 2019 8:51:40 PM Europe/Paris

We all need a little color and cheerful vibes in our lives and often times the quickest way to do so is to change or upgrade our home decor a bit. Ways you can do that is by getting new furniture, painting your walls in some exciting, daring colors, getting some gorgeous paintings or wallpapers and so many other things.

In case you haven’t thought about it before, rugs in some joyful colors can also refresh your home and bring the new life to it. To narrow down your search, we bring you our top choice of most colorful felt ball rugs.


Did you know that our name Sukhi means ‘happy’ in Nepali? The name says it all and it’s exactly one of the reasons why we think our Nepalese felt ball rugs can bring you and your home the happiest moments of your life. Among our felt ball rugs, Sainyukta stands as an obvious choice for any home. I mean, how can you even resist its tiny purple, pink, blue, red and grey felt balls.


Credit: @The.hectic.eclectic

This rug is made to take everyone’s breath away, especially when set in creative spaces, such as your home office for example. It also looks stunning in the bedroom, living room, mudroom… oh, who are we kidding, it’ll look breathtaking in any possible room of your home.


Now we present you its majesty the Aayusha rug, known for its ability to make everyone instantly fall in love with her, especially babies. Babies and this rug go so well together because they’re both super cheerful and beautiful.


Aayusha features purplish-red felt balls that are eye-catching and simply hypnotizing. Place it in your living room or kitchen, so that it gets proper attention and praises from everyone who visits your home. We bet your baby will instantly crawl on it. And if you don’t have a baby, you might find yourself doing just the same.


This is one of those rugs that capture you by surprise. Once you see it for the first time, you’ll know precisely what we’re talking about. Coming in all the rainbow-like colors, this rug is one-of-a-kind and each time our artisans make felt ball rug like this one, they make sure it has a distinct and uniquely colorful look.


Credit: @Liliinwonderland

This means that no two Alisha rugs are 100% the same. The only thing that’s always the same is that you’ll get breathtaking shades of green, red, yellow, blue and brown that’ll make your home enchanting and magical. You can even place it on your balcony to enjoy its marvelous design under the warm rays of the sun.

There you have it. The next time you wish to improve the look of your home and make it more cheerful, bring in one of these gorgeous, colorful rugs and look at how they make it more vivid and more alive than ever.

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5 rugs that’ll make your living room shine

Monday, April 22, 2019 4:29:35 PM Europe/Paris

As one of the rooms in your home where you’ll spend the most time, the living room is definitely space you want to pay a lot of attention to. This is the place where you’ll gather with your family or friends to watch movies and eat popcorns, where you’ll read your favorite books, where you’ll welcome your guests and neighbors...

As such, the living room deserves that you style and decorate it with only the best and the most beautiful furniture and details. Although all Sukhi rugs are undoubtedly suitable for this room, we’ve handpicked top 5 of them from all four of our collections. Each of them has the power to make your living room cozier, more inviting and more eye-catching than ever.

Ali braided felt rug

No matter which of the braided rugs you choose for your living room, you’ll bring something practical and, at the same time, luxurious into your home. Coming in six matted colors, Sukhi braided wool rugs breath new level of comfort and will surely earn compliments from everyone that visits your home.


Credit: @ellefotografie

As hygge never gets out of fashion, no matter the time of the year, think of decorating your living room in this style. A white braided rug is a perfect choice if you decide to go with this idea. Mix it with boho details on the walls and light a few candles to create a soothing, peaceful atmosphere.

Aicha Beni Ourain rug

Not a real hygge fan? No problem because you can still opt for a white rug, but style your living room in a more modern manner. That’s when Beni Ourain rugs come to the scene.


We think a rug with a lovely medium diamond pattern such as Aicha can add a slightly vintage vibe to your living room space. You can add furniture in brighter, more bold colors as a contrast to this neutral rug. A daring blue sofa is our choice, but you can choose any statement piece you like.

Custom felt ball rug

With so many beautiful colors you get to choose from, it’s always hard to decide on just one of our felt ball rugs. That’s why the best idea is to create your custom rug taking into account your favorite style, your character and personality.


Credit: @Bonjourtangerine

For these cheerful spring days, we recommend you go with a lovely lemon yellow rug in round shape. We’re already overheard pets love to rest on it and something tells us you and your guests will also love to lay or stretch on it.

Melisa patchwork rug

It’s always a good idea to pick a durable rug that’ll last you for generations, especially for the living room area where there’s a lot of traffic and people. Crafted from vintage cotton, goat hair and wool, Melisa patchwork rug looks very natural and feels incredibly soft.


Can you even tell that it’s between 35 and 60 years old? Of course you can’t because it represents the blend of both vintage and modern and looks stunning in every living room. This rug speaks for itself, so just a few furniture pieces around it are more than enough to make any space more beautiful than ever.

Pranit hand knotted rug

If you’ve ever wanted to be a part of the wonderful Oriental world, one of our new hand knotted, modern oriental rugs can afford you that experience in your living room. We think the gorgeous blue Pranit rug speaks for itself, which is why we find it a fantastic choice for anyone who has exotic taste in home decor.


Has one of these 5 rugs captured your heart and deserves to be welcomed in your living room? If not, feel free to browse through our rugs collections. We’re more than sure you’ll find a rug of your own taste and style, a rug worthy of your living room.

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Happy Sukhi Easter

Monday, April 1, 2019 3:34:31 PM Europe/Paris

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Easter? The most stunning colored eggs, cute Easter bunnies and lovely little baskets are probably at the top of your list. However, there's more to Easter than it meets the eye.

Why don't you personalize your home this year and create a truly unique Easter experience that you're going to remember for years to come? Here at Sukhi, we think we can help by giving you a few (rug) ideas that can transform your home into the Easter fairytale land.

Cheerful Vibes

Painting eggs in all of the incredible colors and with all the amazing techniques are the first thing we all do for Easter. What most of us don't do it paint our homes too. By this, we don't mean paint the walls in some crazy bold colors.


Credit: @oxfordone

In fact, it's as easy as bringing the gorgeous, rainbow colors felt ball rug into your home. This will instantaneously make any room brighter and more cheerful and lift your mood. Our suggestion is a mix of bold pink and orange felt balls, but we strongly encourage you to create your custom rug with colors and patterns you like the most.

Neutral Jungalow Style

Those who're bigger fans of neutrals will find it that's possible to make their home beautiful for Easter even without too many colors. Neutral colors of one of the stunning Beni Ourain rugs mixed with the subtle jungalow vibe will make any home cozier and more inviting than ever.


Credit: @Houseofsixinteriors

We recommend you choose a rug with fringes as these little details tend to make the carpet look more luxurious and elegant. This will further enhance the look of your home. For the best look, make sure to incorporate a few boho style details, bigger and smaller real and faux plants and a lot of textures and layers of your own choosing.

Rainbow Patchworks

Colors that resonate the most for Easter, at least for us, are red, blue, green and pink. Admit it, they are the holy grail of Easter. It's likely you're painting your eggs in these wonderful colors. And even if you're not, give them a chance this year.


We've found out that patchwork rugs in either one of these colors or all of them look gorgeous. You can place this rug in your living room, kitchen or any other room you think deserves some colorful sparkle.

There's still time until Easter, but trust us, you'll want to prepare your home in advance, especially if you decide to give one of the beautiful Sukhi rugs a new home. Our artisans need a few weeks to work their magic and make a rug just for you, so you'll want to be ready in time.

Have you already laid your eyes on one of the rugs we mentioned here? Or maybe you're head over hills for some other Sukhi rug for quite some time now. Easter seems like a great occasion to finally treat yourself while making your home the most stunning place on Earth at the same time.

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Celebrate spring with Sukhi rugs

Monday, March 11, 2019 12:59:34 PM Europe/Paris

Spring is just a few days away and if you still haven't made your home ready for the most vibrant, cheerful and colorful season of the year, it's about time you do something about it. To shorten this process and help you out, we've come up with a few quick ideas that can bring light and lovely spring vibes to your home.

It's Time for Plants

You've heard it right. Spring is the time when everything blossoms, plants especially. Start your spring home makeover from your porch, balcony, patio or garden. As this season is all about nature, it's only reasonable to start the makeover from the outside.

Fluffy felt ball rug in virtually any color, cozy garden furniture and lots and lots of flowers will create true spring magic right at your porch. Go for bright or tender flower colors, such as soft pink, vibrant green or red.


Credit: @kristingronas

Don't forget some cozy pillows, throws and lighting the aromatic candles. Spring nights can be chilly sometimes, so you want to make yourself comfortable as much as possible while gazing at the stars with your loved ones.

Quick and Sweet

Spring is all about good news and we've got some great ones for you. In case you want to celebrate spring differently this year, one of our discounted and quickly available rugs is a must-have. Not only can they arrive at your doorstep within 2 weeks,  they are also discounted more than ever.

There are a lot of available rugs and you're bound to find at least one,  if not more that match your style and aesthetic of your home. Sukhi rugs are rarely placed on clearance, but welcoming the spring is one of those rare occasions that deserve to be cherished and honored. And this is our way of doing so.


Bring the new life to your home and welcome the spring season in the sweetest possible manner. Any of the stunning Beni Ourain rugs or vivid patchwork rugs will surely make your home shine and arrive to you just in time for the first day of spring.

Eclectic Spring

Spring will last for a few months, which means you don't have to prepare your home for this season right away. You can carefully plan how you're going to style it, especially if you're into eclectic or boho style.

Let's face it these two styles require a lot of attention to details, but they're surely styles that celebrate spring in such a unique and colorful way. This means you should pick a Sukhi rug that's also colorful and one-of-a-kind.


Credit: @theloungeista

Add a lot of different, cheerful colors, unusual details, greenery and everything else that compliments your temperament, personality and what speaks to your soul. Because that's what spring's all about being true to yourself.

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