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Sukhi modernizes traditional Berber rugs

Tuesday, November 28, 2017 12:00:00 AM Europe/Paris


  Sukhi modernizes traditional Berber rugs

The social enterprise is the first to offer Beni Ourain rugs in a unique variety of colors, patterns, and shapes. Customers can use Sukhi’s online tools to design their own product. Each rug is handmade by female artisans in Morocco who are offered fair wages and good working conditions. 


Customize your own Berber rug online

Beni Ourain rugs bring luxury, comfort, and warmth to any room. These traditional Berber rugs are made from sheep wool in the Atlas Mountains, giving customers a natural, comfortable rug under their feet. Sukhi’s website offers customers the opportunity to design and preview their rug by choosing from five different colors and five different patterns. Beni Ourain rugs can also be ordered with or without fringes and can be made in any size. Sukhi is unique in offering Berber rugs with so many custom options.



Photo: Founders of Sukhi

Sukhi is first to offer round Beni Ourain rugs

This past summer, Sukhi’s team in Morocco was carefully trained on how to make round Berber rugs. A rare skill held by few. Enabling Sukhi to now offer round Beni Ourain rugs to its customers; a true innovation. These round rugs can also be customized according to customers’ color and pattern specifications.


New video shows social impact

Sukhi recently launched a beautiful new video that shows how and where artisans handcraft Beni Ourain rugs. Three artisans share their stories and how working for Sukhi has improved the quality of their lives and of their families.

Each rug is handmade by a woman in Morocco who receives 2-3 times more pay than the average regional worker. Artisans can work from home, supporting themselves and allowing their children to get an education. Once the artisan has finished the rug, customers can find her name on the label and send her an email to thank her for her beautiful work.


About Sukhi

Handmade rugs direct from the makers. In Nepali, Sukhi means happy. Sukhi wants to make people happy: artisans who make our rugs, their families, and our customers. People buy Sukhi rugs knowing that they receive a great handmade rug and that they are buying directly from the person who created it. Sukhi brings happiness and quality authentic rugs to homes anywhere in the world. Visit for more information. 


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What you need for comfy, cosy spaces for winter

Tuesday, November 21, 2017 4:57:04 AM Europe/Paris

With the start of December, winter has reared its head, and some places around the world are now in the thick of it. For many of us, home is where we spend most of our time in winter, hunkering down, cooped up, hiding away from the cold. But it doesn’t have to be a drag. 

If you’re staying indoors, you might as well make it stylish! Here are a few tips for creating the perfectly comfy, cosy space you’ll feel warm and fuzzy about calling home the rest of winter.


Who doesn’t love a blanket to wrap themselves around when its freezing outside? Well, there’s no reason to limit yourself to just one. The more throws the better, especially in winter. This also gives you the option of adding natural wool to stay toasty!


Dressing the room in beautiful drapes can go a long way. Not only do they provide a layer of insulation to help keep your space nice and warm, they also allow for one more opportunity to customize your room to perfection. Consider a pop of colour on the treatments to keep things light and bright on dreary days. Winter décor in whites gives the space a welcoming feel.


Gather Round

Sometimes creating a warm space is as simple as bringing pieces in your room closer together. If you have a hearth, make it your focal point. No one will complain about getting close to a wonderful, roaring fire. If not, make the bed or sofa the focal point. This makes gatherings all the cosier and inviting. 


Cold floors have no place in a comfy space. Of course, what’s a room without a natural wool rug? We suggest a lovely winter white felt ball rug, but any colour will do! Choose a rug that adds warmth and texture, and makes chilly toes a thing of the past.

Tasty Treats

There’s nothing better than snuggling up with a warm cup of coffee or hot chocolate while also warming up with a blanket! If you’re making hot chocolate, try sprucing it up with a bit of peppermint, chocolate shavings, or marshmallows. But why stop with beverages? Consider spoiling that sweet tooth with cookies, brownies, or any freshly baked goods. Not only will they taste great, but they’ll fill your home with wonderful scents.

It may be hard to savour these cold months. Consider these tips to keep you from shivering and make your home a winter-friendly place. Oh, and don’t forget about Sukhi Clearance sale, to get your Sukhi rug before Christmas!

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It’s a #thankfulseason: from Sukhi artisans to the world and back

Thursday, November 9, 2017 5:53:28 PM Europe/Paris

With Thanksgiving this end of November, we are entering the holiday season which is about gratitude, love, and thanksgiving. Many studies show that recognizing and giving attention to what you are grateful for improves both your health and happiness. It helps people connect with something bigger than themselves by focusing on what they have to be grateful for rather than getting caught up in the little things that can put a negative spin on our everyday perspective. Furthermore, it is important to share this gratitude with others as it brings joy to their lives, encourage others to do the same, and create a connection with those around us.    


Pushpa, one of our artisans in India, joined in and shared her thankfulness for having a job that allows her to work from home and take care of her family at the same time.   

Here at Sukhi we believe gratitude and thankfulness is extremely important and we think it is something to be shared. We see the power of sharing gratitude everyday. Our artisans, employees, and customers connect through beautiful rugs that we hope create a better world. We want to thank everyone for supporting Sukhi’s work and mission to impact lives with high quality wool rugs. During this holiday season we want to shed light on and encourage the act of giving gratitude and ask you to join in.  

Picture - link to

Here is how you can join! 

1) Try to find one thing each day you are grateful for in your life.

2) Snap an Instagram photo or write on our Facebook page that sheds light on what you are grateful for.

3) Share it on social media with the hashtag #thankfulseason; and don’t forget to tag someone’s name in it if your gratitude includes them!

4) We’ll be collecting and re-sharing your posts through the next month to help spread the grateful spirit.  

Our customers have the opportunity to share their thankfulness and appreciation with our artisans through our Meet the Team pages. It’s a unique way to bring people together through gratitude from all around the world.

Karen, one Sukhi customer who bought a patchwork rug: “I want to say a really big thank you for all your work making the rug which I bought for my daughter. I truly appreciate the amount of work which has gone into making a rug like this. I am in awe of your work. Thank you.”

Let’s share our gratitude and thankfulness with each other this season! 

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Sukhi launches ‘Hygge’ Indian carpet collections

Tuesday, November 7, 2017 12:00:00 AM Europe/Paris


 Sukhi launches ‘Hygge’ Indian carpet collections

Sukhi launches three new Indian carpet collections. Each carpet is made from 100% wool and enhances the Hygge vibe in any room. The carpets are handmade and support Indian artisans who are paid fair wages. They help to preserve the timeless carpet making traditions in India.


Warm and cozy carpet designs

Sukhi has developed three Indian carpet collections for winter: braided felt carpets, braided wool carpets, and flat weave carpets. The new collections join the list of handmade, customized products already available on Sukhi’s website. All carpets are made from 100% wool, and provide ultimate comfort and luxury to any room in the house.

 braided wool rug chuncky soft indianrug

Customers may be intrigued by these warm and fluffy designs due to dropping temperatures, or the latest trend of making your home as cozy as possible. Hygge, a Scandinavian term describing living life in a cozy and intimate fashion, has become a sweeping trend around the globe. Sukhi’s co-founder, Nasia Burnet, caught onto this trend early. “The latest additions to our Indian carpet collections are a response to customers who want the ultimate warmth and coziness,” she says. “What is more Hygge than a warm, wooly rug in your room?”

cofounder nasia burnet rugs made in india 

One-of-a-kind collection

Sukhi also launches a new collection with five one-of-a-kind Indian carpets, providing customers with more unique and modern options. The carpets can be made into any size, with some beautiful colors available. No matter which design, color, or type of carpet is chosen, it will be handmade with love by of a kind designs 

New short documentary about Indian carpet makers

The warmth of Sukhi carpets doesn’t just come from a high-quality wool. Each purchase benefits artisans in India. On Sukhi’s website, customers can watch a new short video about the production of Sukhi carpets in India. And see the positive impact the social enterprise has for its artisans and their communities. Sukhi works directly with men and women in India, providing job training, fair wages, and the opportunity to work from home. This direct relationship not only cuts costs and middlemen, but it also assures an improved quality of life for Sukhi’s artisans. The benefits extend to the artisans’ family and community; they can keep their children in school.

About Sukhi

Handmade rugs direct from the makers. In Nepali, Sukhi means happy. Sukhi wants to make people happy: artisans who make our rugs, their families, and our customers. People buy Sukhi rugs knowing that they receive a great handmade rug and that they are buying directly from the person who created it. Sukhi brings happiness and quality authentic rugs to homes anywhere in the world. Visit for more information. 

sukhi artisans handmade with love

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Autumn inspiration for home decor from four countries

Monday, October 9, 2017 9:38:49 AM Europe/Paris

The colours of autumn are more than just beautiful. They inspire the colours in our homes! 

There is something special about autumn and the beautiful colours that it graces us with. From the reds, yellows, and oranges to unique and unexpected combinations, autumn colours give it its amazing atmosphere. Today we’re going to share a few colour combinations of the autumn season that can inspire us to decorate our homes.

Apple cider colour combo with a touch from Turkey

This is a more traditional autumn colour combination. The beauty and glorious aroma of apples is such a special part of the autumn months and the natural colour combinations that apples have are so inspiring! You have the beautiful reds and greens from the apple trees and also the cinnamon brown and orange colours that come in the homemade apple cider: YUMMY. With these colours, the Nehir patchwork rug from Turkey is perfect to start with when bringing the cinnamon, apple flavour into our home.


The hues of autumn mornings with a touch from Morocco

There is something special about the crisp, foggy mornings that greet us daily in autumn. And the colour inspiration they carry is just as extraordinary. With the grey, blue fog that rolls in over the berry red and coral leaves, we are left with a sense of awe. The Khadija Beni Ourain rug is like the low fog that rolls in, morning after morning during these autumn months. And a warm cup of coffee to enjoy in the morning is the perfect inspiration to add a warm neutral to this colour palette. 


Crazy purple autumn hues with a touch from Nepal

We don’t usually associate purple with autumn. Think of the purple grapes that get ripped during this season and the purple hues that mix their way into the tree leaves. Add a bit of purple to the typical autumn tones and you’ll find a beautiful colour palette perfect for a room. The Henna felt ball rug from Nepal, a 100% wool rug handmade in Kathmandu, is a bold autumn touch.


Autumn neutrals with a touch from India

Finally, you would be surprised by how many beautiful neutrals also fill the months of autumn: from the nuts, to the wheat that we harvest, to the tree branches that peak through as the leaves begin to fall. The neutrals are the solid colours that carry us from one season to another. Take some advice from nature and add neutrals to your home, such as the Ayush woolen loop rug from India. The rug creates a luxurious, warm and cosy feeling that keeps a room grounded and beautiful. 


We have shared some of our favourite autumn colour combinations. What are some colour combos that you love during this season? Which Sukhi handmade rug inspires your favourite autumn hues?

Photo credits: sources from Pinterest

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DIY with Sukhi: design your own, one-of-a-kind custom rug

Tuesday, September 26, 2017 2:22:00 PM Europe/Paris

At Sukhi, anyone can design their handmade rugs online. Bring a splash of colour in your home, regardless of the decoration style you want. Aside from the wide array of colours you can now choose patterns, size and shape with a user-friendly interface and a preview function.

Our website is equipped with many significant features that will allow anyone to create custom rugs in a timely manner. After choosing the pattern you prefer and selecting the most suited colour combinations, you will be able to view how your rugs will look using the preview function of the design tool. This way you can always know whether you need to make further adjustments.

Round, rectangle, small, large, extra large, wool, Beni Ourain, cut-felt or felt-ball rugs, you can now choose what you like. This means you can custom make your rug for your home style in a unique way without any additional fees.

Here is where to look:

1. Custom cut felt carpets from India
2. Custom Beni Ourain carpets from Morocco
3. Custom felt ball carpets from Nepal

Sukhi makes these rugs from 100 percent pure wool of a superior quality that is directly imported from New Zealand, under the careful and attentive guidance of experts. Furthermore, we choose naturally-dyed bright colours that are chemicals-free, being fully protected by a layer that will not permit dirt or water to penetrate the fibers. Children will also enjoy the great comfort these customized rugs provide.

Custom wool rugs are soft and have a very cushiony texture, which makes them great for any room of the home. They are also nice to walk on or even sit on, so they offer a nice addition to your home decor.

Designing your own custom felt ball rug is an exciting process, you want to select a rug that complements the room. This includes choosing one or more of the 1 to 65 colour choices and 1 of the 9 different patterns.


These tools allow you to create a unique and colourful rug for your home. You can even create patterns with your rug and incorporate bright colours, to create an interesting and attractive appeal. 

Believe it or not, the actual creation process requires nothing more than wool and hard work. It is amazing to imagine somebody putting together weeks of work for one of these rugs. Artisans in Morocco, Nepal and India truly have a unique skill.

Beyond the easy-to-use user interface and convenience, Nasia Burnet, founder of and textile designer at Sukhi, is always happy to help you make the best choices in terms of colours, shape and size.

“I always enjoy the challenge of helping customers find the best design and colours for their rugs. Every client has a unique personality and different expectations, and I think that delivering a product which can suit individual needs is demanding, yet extremely enjoyable, whether we talk about a handmade rug. You never know how the final result will look like, and finding that out is always thrilling,” says Nasia. 

The design tool available on Sukhi and Nasia’s support will enable you to discover the immense pleasure of creating your very own custom rug in minutes! You will never have to deal with searching for the best-designed rug in your local store for hours, as you will be able to design it yourself in the shortest time. 

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To spread the basics of the Feng Shui artistry of home decor, we created a short series of three articles. If you missed the first two, you may want to start with the first article about the energy of colours, and continue to the basic notions of how to map your home using the most effective tool in the Feng Shui,  the Bagua map.

Shortly, in the first article, “Feng Shui for beginners: energies of colour”, we learned how the flow of energy, chi, expresses through one of the most powerful tools in Feng Shui: colour. Colours correspond to the five Elements: WOOD, WATER, METAL, FIRE AND EARTH. By knowing what each element brings into your home, you can decide what energy you want to create in your space and, thus, what colours to use.

In the second article, Feng Shui for beginners: the energy map of your home we learned how to make a map of your home using the the Bagua mapping system.

We got familiar with how the Bagua map looks and how it works when we apply it in our own home. First step was to print the map, then place it at the entrance of the home with the North point coinciding with the entrance and then visualize how the Bagua fits in your home.  


After deciding which elements and life areas are most suitable for each part of your home, you were able to make a diagnosis: in which areas in your home you want to bring fresh and positive energy, in accordance with the Bagua map. The purpose is to make each area strong in order to achieve your full potential in all areas of your life: career, family, knowledge, reputation, love etc. 

In this article today, we go deeper on the knowledge of the Bagua, through the 8 Feng Shui areas, their Element and their characteristics, for a practical use.

The 8 Feng Shui areas explained

North Bagua Area

Life Area: brings luck in your Career and Life Path areas

Feng Shui Element: Water

Colors: Blue and Black

Home decor:

  1. Identify the area of your home that coincides with the North area in the Bagua Map.
  2. Add water elements. Stretch your imagination: it can be art paintings, fabrics, pillows, rugs, curtains, wallpapers. Having an actual water fountain is very beneficial: it has a calming effect and bring fresh energy in the area. Use strong elements that will make this area distinctive and with plenty of good energy.
  3. Use more blue and black for the water elements. Painting a wall in these colours is tricky and is not suitable for some rooms, such as the bedroom. Choose a lighter tone of blue.
  4. Wood weakens water, and metal strengthens water, so make sure you avoid the wooden and green tones in this area.
  5. The Water elements is enhanced by using mirrors. In Feng Shui the mirrors are highly recommended, as they can change the flow of energy.


Northeast Bagua Area

Life Area: brings luck in your Knowledge and Skills areas

Feng Shui Element: Earth

Colors: Sand, Beige, Yellow

Home decor:

  1. Identify the area of your home that coincides with the Northeast area in the Bagua Map.
  2. The northeast area is an area for cultivating knowledge, skills and spiritual growth. The Earth and Fire are the nourishing elements, they balance the energies and strengthen the Feng Shui energy in this life area.
  3. Add expressive spiritual art that resonates with your inner self, in earth tones of sand, skin tones, gold, beige and warm yellow: statues, paintings, decor accessories. Use earthy colours and yellow crystals and Chinese traditional items in these tones and salt rock lamps.
  4. Include the fire element: set up a fireplace, light up some candles, use art and wallpapers of sunsets and fire, in tones of orange and red. Painting a focal wall in an earthly tone is considered to be very beneficial.

East Bagua Area

Life Area: brings luck in your Family and Health areas

Feng Shui Element: Wood

Colors: Brown and Green

Home decor:

  1. Identify the area of your home that coincides with the East area in the Bagua Map.
  2. This area is associated with family and physical, emotional and spiritual health. We acknowledge our family roots through our ancestors and elders to strengthen the relationship with our family members. Therefore, it is recommended to display your family pictures in this room.
  3. Use the wood element by adding vibrant and large plants and herbs, wooden furniture and mixing different tones of green and brown on pillows, rugs, curtains, blankets and displaying beautiful artwork with nature, landscapes, flowers. Use green and brown crystals and Chinese traditional items in these tones. Paint a focal wall in a sweet tone of green or brown.
  4. Choose vertical elements for this area: plants that grow vertically, like bamboo, pillars, a long mirror with wooden frame and anything else that creates a sense of height.

Southeast Bagua area

Life Area: brings luck in your Prosperity and Abundance areas

Feng Shui Element: Wood

Colors: Brown and Green

Home decor:

  1. Identify the area of your home that coincides with the Southeast area in the Bagua Map.
  2. If you need more financial security or you want to add a flow of money in your life, strengthening the energy in this area through Feng Shui will improve the energy of prosperity, abundance and material and emotional wealth.
  3. Choose the same green and brown items recommended for the East Bagua area: best through wood and green plants.
  4. Add items that enrich the space: golden items, coins, vases, chandeliers, crystals, silk, luxurious plants, and exquisite wooden furniture, large vertical mirror with golden frame – anything that makes this area look rich and precious.

South Bagua area

Life Area: brings luck in your Fame & Reputation areas

Feng Shui Element: Fire

Colors: Red, Purple, Pink, Deep Orange and Intense Yellow

Home Decor:

  1. Identify the area of your home that coincides with the South area in the Bagua Map.
  2. We are in the area of Fire: work on this area of your home if you want reputation and fame in your life, to have success and recognition or to increase your popularity and public image, especially if you to become a known personality.
  3. To “fire up” this space, set up a fireplace, use candles and lightning, wallpaper and artwork with intense sunsets, sun and fire in general. Prefer items in pyramid/triangle shape. Choose rugs, curtains, blankets, pillows and accessories in tones of red, purple, pink, deep orange and intense yellow. Use crystals in these colours.
  4. Display anything that sends you to the idea of success: diplomas, awards, photography, trophies, artwork.

Southwest Bagua area

Life Area: brings luck in your Love and Relationships areas

Feng Shui Element: Earth

Colors: Sand, Beige, Yellow

Home decor:

  1. Identify the area of your home that coincides with the Southwest area in the Bagua Map/
  2. This area is dedicated for all relationship types, be it family, partner, marriage, coworkers or friends. Enhancing this area improves the personal relationship with your partner, nourishing a healthy interaction, more romance and tranquility in the relationship. It also brings new romantic opportunities for the single ones.
  3. The Earth is the nourishing element, balancing the energies and strengthening the Feng Shui energy in this life area.
  4. Use earth tones of sand, skin tones, gold, beige and warm yellow: statues, paintings, decor accessories, on the rugs, curtains, blankets, pillows. Use earthy colours and yellow crystals and rose quartz, Chinese traditional items in these tones, yin yang pictures and salt rock lamps.
  5. Display anything that inspires romance for you and expresses the energy of love: candles, flowers, photography.

West Bagua Area

Life Area: brings luck in your Creativity and Children areas

Feng Shui Element: Metal

Colors: White, Gray, Silver, Metallic

Home decor:

  1. Identify the area of your home that coincides with the West area in the Bagua Map.
  2. This area is dedicated to creativity, happy and healthy children, fun, life, joyfulness and freedom. If you are an artist or want to develop your artistic side, enhancing this area helps enhancing your creativity. It helps improve the relationship with your children, to express your supportive side for them. It is also beneficial if you are about to have a child.
  3. This part is ruled by the Metal element, so metal items from copper, brass, aluminum, silver, bronze for home decor will open up the energy for this area: bells, mirrors with metal frame, spiritual statues, metal wall hangings, dishes, artwork. Do choose round shapes.
  4. Use decor items like pillows, rugs, blankets, curtains in tones of white, gray, skin tone, gold, silver, metallic and earth tones (Earth nourishes Metal). Paint a focal wall in one of these tones. Add crystals, artwork and Chinese traditional items in the same colours.
  5. Display anything that makes you feel freedom, youth, playfulness, joy and happiness, such as your children photos, artwork and toys.

Northwest Bagua Area

Life Area: brings luck in your Travel & Helpful People areas

Feng Shui Element: Metal

Colors: White, Gray, Silver, Metallic

Home Decor:

  1. Identify the area of your home that coincides with the Northwest area in the Bagua Map.
  2. This area is all about perfect timing and opportunities, networking and human relationships. To be in the right place, with the right people, in the right time. If you want to travel the world, attract the best opportunities and meet the right people, this is the area to improve. It is the place where you can be grateful and count your blessings.
  3. Follow the same recommendations as in the West Bagua Area governed by the Metal Element. In this case, prefer the Oval shape for the home decor items.
  4. Display photography and other items related to the places you want to travel to. Add photography, artwork, books and statues of the spiritual guides that inspire you. They are your benefactors. Display photography or items that remind you of the people who helped you in your life.

Now you are fully prepared to start creating the perfect energy in your home right away! Which area of your life do you want to enhance using the Feng Shui elements? Which Sukhi rugs would fit your area according to Feng Shui principals?


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Feng Shui for beginners: the energy map of your home (part 2 of 3)

Monday, July 17, 2017 10:07:28 PM Europe/Paris

We can add more value to our life by using the practice of Feng Shui to decorate our homes for a positive, balanced energy. It may seem complicated to put in practice, but Feng Shui is relatively easy to understand.

In a previous post, “Feng Shui for beginners: energies of colour”, we learned how the flow of energy, chi, is expressing through one of the most powerful tools in Feng Shui: colour. Colours correspond to the five Elements: WOOD, WATER, METAL, FIRE AND EARTH. By knowing what each element brings into your home, you can decide what energy you want to create in your space and, thus, what colours to use.

Sukhi Feng Shui to decorate our homes

The next step is to make a map of your home using the the Bagua mapping system.

The Bagua – the Feng Shui energy map of your house

The Bagua is an ancient, powerful Feng Shui tool that connects your life with the energy of your home. This way, you can trace the areas where more attention and energy is needed. There are two types of Bagua maps: the traditional Bagua and the Western Bagua. In this article we will focus on the classical Bagua.

The translation of Bagua in Chinese is “8 areas”. The center is considered to be the 9th area that encompasses the energy of all other areas and belongs to the element of Earth.

How to work with the traditional Bagua map


By YoliNatasha on Pinterest

The first step is to print the map and start at the entrance of your home. This is the point where all the energy comes in the house. As you look at the Bagua Map, the entry of the house should coincide with the North point of the Bagua. Imagine the shape of the Bagua and where the rooms would be. Depending on the shape of your home visualize the Bagua to fit your home. Now you have a clear perspective of the Bagua map of your home.

Take your time to understand the information about how the Bagua system works. Analyze your home and start seeing it with new eyes according to the map. Then decide in which areas of your life you want to bring fresh and positive energy.

Treat each part of the house with love and awareness and you will be surprised of how the energy starts to flow in its natural way, effortlessly.

In the next article we will go deeper on the knowledge of the Bagua, through the 8 Feng Shui areas, their Element, their characteristics and how to apply it in your home.

What areas do you want to improve in your life and your home? Stay tuned for part 3 of “Feng Shui for beginners” to start applying the Feng Shui map.

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Dear Ms. Thapa,

we have been really looking forward to the arrival of our rug and we were absolutely happy when we opened the parcel.

Thank you very much for all your time and love! You created a beautiful work of art and I assume, it took hours and hours to finish it. It is a birthday present for our mother/grandmother/wife and we cannot wait to give it to her.

Kind regards and all the best!


Sometimes we are in awe of the beautiful messages our lady artisans in Nepal, Morocco or India receive from hundreds of locations around the world where our rugs travel.  

The rugs made by Tulsa Thapa and tens of ladies like her may reach your living room or a Soho loft in London. But what is more important is that it connects lives and when that happens beautiful things can emerge.  

At Sukhi, we are tapping into the skills and the power to learn of women in lower income communities to create a quality handmade product. The artisans and the homemakers are at the two ends of our global supply chain. We seek to make the connection between the two groups possible and we send name tags with each rug signed by the artisan who created the piece. Thousands of miles away, you have the possibility to send a Thank You note on the artisan’s personal email address.  



Hi Ramila,  

thank you so much for the great rug you made for my son! He is 18 months and he loves to play on it. We hope you and your family are well.  

Best wishes,


Our team leader in Kathmandu, the Atlas Mountains village and Rajasthan eagerly translates every new message to the ladies. They are joyful about each message and remember the rug they worked on.  

“Each time I receive a message, I imagine their home and the rug there. I made it surrounded by my children and they use it in their homes with their children” says Rupa.  

What Rupa doesn’t say is that those four weeks it took her to stitch all the 3000 balls together were some of the hardest in the life of her family, just after the death of a dear one. In her home or at our workshop, Rupa and the team share real stories about their families and lives.

We believe it is important for you to know who is behind your handmade rug and name tags are just the first step. We are looking at making this connection even stronger and we continue to discover new ways to bridge this distance across countries, lifestyle and opportunities. One option we have in mind is to create short videos with our artisans and encourage you to send video messages too.


Dear Ashmita,       

Thank you very much for the wonderful soft rug. We love it.

Best wishes from Germany  


More reviews from Sukhi customers.

The power of human connection, beyond economic, cultural and social differences is amazing and we are proud to allow it to happen and flourish. How do you connect with people beyond the products you buy?

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Feng Shui for beginners: energies of Colour (part 1 of 3)

Wednesday, June 21, 2017 9:13:00 PM Europe/Paris

Within the last decade a mindful and balanced lifestyle has become more popular than ever before in the Western world. We have recognized all the benefits of living more consciously and reached out to the Eastern cultures to learn from their century-old practices. Beyond yoga or meditation, we can add more value in our lifestyle using the practice of Feng Shui in decorating our homes.

Feng Shui and the basics of colour

Feng Shui is over 6,000 years old and comes from the ancient Chinese culture. It is based in understanding the flow of energy, “chi”, that moves through the universe and influences our daily lives.

The practice of Feng Shui is complex, rich and intricate. It takes time to fully understand and implement in our own home, but we can start with one of its basic principles: COLOR.


Colour is one of the most powerful tools used in Feng Shui to create the energy one desires. Each colour is an expression of one the five Feng Shui Elements: WOOD, WATER, METAL, FIRE AND EARTH. These different Elements interact with each other to create positive or negative energies, and colour is one of the easiest ways to control these interactions.

The energies of different colours



Photo credit:

left up: Sukhi: Merve rug, Turkish Red Overdyed Patchwork Rug

right up: Sukhi, round pink custom Felt Ball Rug

left down: @joansstory on Instagram

right down: Shop Nehir, Orange Overdyed Patchwork Rug

Red is an expression of fire and is considered to be lucky and daring. It is great to use it when you want an environment that is stimulating, such as in an office. But it is also a very powerful colour so it’s better to use in small dosages, as an accent.

Pink is also an expression of fire, but is much more gentle and delicate than the others. It is the universal colour of love so it is great to soften the energy in any space. Perhaps that is why Pink is a popular colour for a nursery!

Purple is another expression of fire, and it is good to use this colour in moderation as it carries very strong vibrations. Adding Purple accents is seen as a good way to get the strong energy from the colour without being overwhelmed. To decide between Purple or Red, think about whether you are trying to create an introverted or an extravagant atmosphere. Purple invokes a strong but quieter, intuitive or wise energy while Red is all about being bold and out there.

Orange also symbolizes fire, carrying more of the social, creative and vibrant energies. It is often a great alternative colour for an office if you find Red to be too strong. It is a nice colour to use on the walls in communal spaces or your entry way as it invokes openness and conversation.


Photo credit:

left: Sukhi: Belinay - overdyed Blue Patchwork Rug

right: Sukhi, Jessica round Black Felt Ball Rug

Blue represents water. Overall it is a colour that evokes a calm and peaceful energy. It symbolizes trust and dependability while promoting creativity and contemplation. It is a great colour to use in our bedroom, to create a peaceful place and get a good night rest, or to use in your children’s bedrooms as it gently encourages growth.

Black is an expression of water and holds power, protection, and mystery. While it is better to use this colour in smaller proportions, as it can become heavy if too much, it adds strength and definition to a room and provides a very grounding element.



Photo credit:

left: Sukhi Malika Beni Ourain Rug by @helmihytti

right: by @kissenundkarma with Sukhi Round Felt Ball Rug

Brown comes from both Wood and Earth depending on the shade. Overall it is a very grounding colour that has nurturing and healing energies. It is great to use in an office or just placed around the house.

Green is the expression of wood and carries energies of balance, renewal, and growth. It is very calming to the nerves and brings balance to the whole body. When decorating with green make sure to use multiple different shades to maximize the Feng Shui energy effects. The best way to add green to you home is with natural plants.

METALSukhi-Feng-Shui-Colours-of-MetalPhoto credit:

left: by @meintipi. Sukhi Felt Ball Coasters.

right: by @houseofsixinteriors with Sukhi Aicha Beni Ourain Rug

White symbolizes the Metal element, bringing clarity, precision and purity into a room. Scientifically, White is a colour that absorbs all colours. That is why an all White room can be so satisfying to our human eye. You can use White anywhere and works especially well with brighter colours to create a balance.

At Sukhi we love the Scandinavian look which is using the energy of Metal, Wood and Earth together: White, the Green of plants and Brown furniture from the Wood Element to create a very clear and balanced room.

Grey is an expression of the Metal Element. It brings a very calming and soothing energy to a room as it is all about clear headedness and detachment. If you practice yoga or meditation in your daily life, Grey is a great colour to use in these spaces.



Photo credit: Sukhi Round Felt Ball Rugs Collection

Yellow expresses both Earth and Fire, depending on what shade you use. A strong Yellow is great for an office you if you want subtle motivation with a calming element to it. A lighter Yellow adds nourishing and active energies to a place. 

In the next article we will take the next step: to understand how the five different Elements interact with each other and learn to use the Bagua, an energy map, to map out the energy in our house.

For now, take a moment to let the energy of colours sink in. Watch out our blog for the part 2: Feng Shui for beginners, the energy map of your home.

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