Rugs are a perfect way to decorate a room effortlessly. They marry well with all types of flooring and can quickly change the entire look of a living space. The right rug can elevate your space, define different areas and set the tone you want in your house. So, it is important to make the right decision when it comes to colour, style and material. To make your life easier, we think you should make wool rugs your go-to!

Wool rugs have been the dominant rug of choice since ancient times. There are many reasons why rugs made of wool are preferred by rug-owners. If you are contemplating adding a new rug to your home, here are 10 reasons we think you should choose a wool rug!


1. Wool is a natural material

Wool is a natural fibre produced by sheep. Sheep grow wool like we grow hair. You can’t get more natural than that! Once a year, shearers use special tools to remove the wool from the sheep. Don’t worry, this does not hurt. If anything, the sheep are happy to literally feel that weight lift off their shoulders! The sheep then grow their wool back until they are sheared again the following year. This wool is them used to make many wool products, including wool rugs. Happy sheep and happy rug-owners, what else could you ask for?! 

At Sukhi, we source most of our 100% pure wool from New Zealand (except our Beni Ourain collection wool which is sourced locally in Morocco). This high-quality wool is then thoroughly cleaned and processed. Then depending on the style of rug we are going for, we cut, dye, roll or spin our wool to produce our beautiful and unique rug collection. Our cut felt rug, a pure felted wool rug, has 3000 to 4000 motifs, creating a trendy piece of art!


2. Wool rugs are durable

Wool rugs last a long time. The material is durable and sustainable. These rugs are truly heirloom pieces that you will be passing onto the next generation. It is not surprising that wool rugs date back to the ancient times when Persians would make it their material of choice when making the now famous Persian rugs. Wool rugs stand the test of time even in damp settings. This is because wool contains a natural protective barrier that stops water from penetrating its fibres. This means that wool rugs can absorb up to 1/3 of its weight in moisture and feel perfectly dry and comfortable!

3. Wool rugs are springy

On top of being durable, wool also returns to its natural shape even if it is stretched, crushed and stepped on. In fact, wool can be stretched more than 30% and will still go back to its natural form. This is because of the texture of wool itself. Wool is wavy. This natural crimp makes wool springy. So, there is no need to stress about furniture indentation or trampling when you own a wool rug!

4. Wool is hypoallergenic

It is hypoallergenic.  This means it is safe for you and your children. They are perfect in a nursery where you baby can crawl all over it stress-free. Often, people who suffer from allergies feel discouraged to buy a rug as they fear that this might cause more harm than good to their health. Choosing a wool rug relieves you from these worries and allows you to style your house the way you want to, without having to compromise!

5. Wool rugs is naturally so soft

Wool, quite simply, feel amazing! What else can we say? Stepping barefoot on a wool rug feel luxurious, that your feet have just been taken to the spa. This makes wool rugs the perfect addition to your bedside. We think the perfect bedroom rug is our Beni Ourain rug. This thick wool rug feels like you have just stepped on a cloud!


6. Wool rugs are environment-friendly

Being a natural material, wool rugs are definitely the most environment-friendly rug you could own. Wool is renewable natural resource: sheep are sheared once a year allowing them time to regrow their wool without stressing them in any way. The wool replenishes itself without doing any harm to the environment. Therefore, choosing a wool rug is an ethical way of consuming and decorating your home.

7. Wool rugs are fire resistant

Did you know that wool is less likely to catch fire than other materials? It catches fire only at very high temperatures and will extinguish itself once you remove the source of the fire. This has been proven through much scientific research and laboratory tests. So, you don’t have to invest in flame-proofing chemicals and can enjoy your rug stress-free. 

8. Wool rugs are naturally resistant to liquids and dirt

Wool fibres naturally do not absorb dirt and stain as much as many other fibres. This is because of the coat of lanolin that exists on wool. This makes wool naturally resistant to liquids and dirt. The fibres hold on to dirt so that it is easy to vacuum away when the time comes. This is another reason why wool rugs are durable, sustainable and wear beautifully. In some cases, wool rugs even appreciate in value over time!


9. Wool rugs are beautiful

Yes, wool rugs are just incredibly beautiful. But there is a valid reason for this. Wool actually hold on to colours better than other natural fibres. So you can expect vibrant, pastel and neutral dyes to hold on perfectly to wool fibres producing stunning rugs. At Sukhi, we make use of this great attribute to create wool rugs of a variety of patterns and styles. Our rugs are handmade and unique, flaunting different cultures around the world, including India, Nepal, Turkey and Morocco. We pay attention to detail and ensure that our products are of the highest quality. We even repurpose old rugs, add a modern twist and give them life again: our patchwork rug is a great example of this!


10. Wool rugs are warm

This might be stating the obvious, but wool rugs are warm and cosy. They are amazing for winter seasons and will quickly warm up cold spaces. It is an excellent insulator to add to apartments or houses that usually run cold. At Sukhi, we think the best living room rug not only adds a touch of style and defines a living space, but also provides warmth, comfort and a sense of belonging to the room.


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So here you have it: 10 reasons why we think you should choose a wool rug. Wool rugs can tie a whole room together and elevate the style in any room in your house. It can be used in many ways and is definitely a staple in home décor. To make things even easier, you can now buy rugs online on our Sukhi website. Your perfect rug is only a few clicks away! What are you waiting for?

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