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Launch of Sukhi: Beautiful Customizable Rugs Meet Conscious Living

Monday, October 19, 2015 2:00:00 PM Europe/Paris


Launch of Sukhi: Beautiful Customizable Rugs Meet Conscious Living

Through new ecommerce website Sukhi, talented artisans from developing countries create custom handmade rugs. As there are no middlemen, Sukhi customers receive up to a 60% discount on the typical retail prices.


Monday, 19th October 2015, UK – Today marks the launch of Sukhi, an online shopping destination for high-quality hand-made customizable rugs. Sukhi promotes conscious living at affordable prices. It all comes down to partnering directly with artisans. That means cutting out overhead costs due to warehouses and physical stores.


Each Sukhi rug is unique. All rugs are made from natural materials by the hands of local makers from Nepal, India, Turkey and Morocco. Sukhi allows homemakers as well as design professionals to choose their preferred size, shape, design and colours. The result is an authentic rug – one that fits their home and personal style.




Custom work from global artisans 

Sukhi collections include: wool and felt rugs from India, Beni Ourain rugs from Morocco, felt ball rugs from Nepal and patchwork rugs from Turkey. As soon as the order is placed, global artisans begin creating a beautiful handmade rug and ship their work directly to the customer.


Nasia Burnet, Sukhi Co-Founder and textile designer, explained, “Sukhi is a female name in Nepal. It means ‘happy.’ Our rugs bring a smile on the faces of our customers, our artisans and their children.”




Handmade rugs at 60% less 

Sukhi works directly with the makers. This means up to 60% of the normal retail price is cut. These savings are entirely passed on to Sukhi customers. Each rug is made upon request. There are no physical warehouses or stores. Customers can choose from tens of colours, any shape, pattern and size and can preview their design in real time.


Customers can receive support on colour and design, as they create their own unique rug. Nasia added, “Sukhi perfectly suits those with a passion for design. Any colour combination, size and design is possible.”




Social enterprise is good for interior design 

The Sukhi brand has a social impact. Sukhi enables artisans in Nepal, India, Turkey and Morocco to earn about 2-3 times the average regional pay. Makers can keep their children in school. They work from the comfort of their home. Sukhi ensures that artisans are treated fairly. At the same time, quality is never compromised.


Click here to view a short documentary on how Sukhi impacts the lives of their artisans.




About Sukhi

Handmade rugs direct from the makers. In Nepali, Sukhi means happy. Sukhi wants to make people happy: artisans who make our rugs, their families, customers and their families. People buy Sukhi rugs knowing that they receive a great handmade rug and that they are buying directly from the person who created it. Sukhi brings happiness and quality authentic rugs to homes anywhere in the world.


Visit for more information




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Debunking a myth: ethical products not at ethical premium

Tuesday, November 10, 2015 6:51:00 PM Europe/Paris

Sukhi stands for ethical choices at affordable prices


In the past one year, we worked hard to bring Sukhi to you. It was a team effort to connect and understand artisans in four countries, build the website to detail and finally launch it. In October we launched in 14 languages.


Everyone is excited: friends, artisans and customers. People who learn about us now ask us how we keep our prices low. At Sukhi, we take pride in transferring the benefits of our cost cutting strategies to our customers. Our price is up to 60% lower than the normal retail price for the same quality rugs.


A myth

As researchers say, it is wrong to assume ethical products always come with a premium. While this assumption explains the gap between people’s values and their purchasing actions, the premium is not always and not for all type of products true. 


At Sukhi, we made it our mission to work directly with the makers of our products: no middlemen, no extra costs on the supply chain.


Lady-artisans-with a white-felt-ball-rug-in-Kathmandu-Nepal


Ethical and affordable

Let us explain: imagine you order a rug now. The artisans start work on it. They finish it – after an extensive period of hand crafting – and you get a notification that your rug is ready. Then we pack it and send it to you anywhere you are.


Isn’t that the way everyone works? No! At Sukhi there are no warehouses (3) and no physical stores (4). This makes everyone’s life easier and reduces cost. Of course, you need to wait for your rug, but the waiting time makes it more special, we believe.


We know you care about the provenance of your rugs.  With Sukhi you will get a great handmade rug and buy directly from the person who created it.


Did you discover our new collections as yet?  


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Local craftspeople in Atlas Mountains meet people who love ethical rugs

Thursday, November 26, 2015 10:44:34 AM Europe/Paris

Local craftspeople in Atlas Mountains meet people who love ethical rugs 


There is nothing like the Atlas Mountains of Morocco (have a look at these and these amazing set of pictures). First time we visited Morocco, we’ve fallen madly in love with the local craftspeople of these areas. Their candid nature, hard work and dedication to their traditions are impressive. We’ve also fallen madly in love with Beni Ourain rugs. These rugs represent a high level of tradition, skill and heritage.





With people around the world buying handmade products online, most of the artisans in these parts are disadvantaged by their location and lack of access to modern distribution channels for their products. UNESCO reports also say that the illiteracy rate is at 33% in the country and artisans are among the illiterate. People with amazing skills are dependent on the middlemen. This is why artisans receive the least benefits.


How Sukhi started work in Morocco

Back in 2010, we decided that we will return to the Atlas Mountains. We had to support these artisans. 1 year ago, after the success of our work with Nepali artisans, we started working hard to create a direct channel between Moroccan artisans and lovers of handmade ethical products for home. Through Sukhi, people anywhere in the world can directly connect with the artisans in Atlas Mountains.


We appreciate all our artisans: in Morocco, Nepal, India and Turkey. And they appreciate the flexibility of their jobs. Their salary is 2 or 3 times more than that of the average person in their region. They live comfortably and have the time and energy to take care of their families. Many are mothers and wives. We will introduce each one of them to you soon.


Now, you can be assured of the authenticity and quality of your rug too. And you can communicate directly with the artisan who created your rug via ratings and direct messages. You will receive the name of the artisan on a hand-written label with your rug.


Discover the choices of rugs you can buy directly from the artisans in Morocco and spread the word. 


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Wishlist - Four Sukhi favourites for a warm and cozy winter

Wednesday, December 9, 2015 10:26:00 AM Europe/Paris

Winter is already here, and Christmas is right around the corner! This time of the year we like to spend time with the dear ones, to stay warm and cozy in our homes and to make wishes. 


For your wishlist search and an ethically mindful Christmas, we want to inspire you with four Sukhi soft rugs that we are in love with this season. And it is easy to fall in love with a Sukhi rug, each one is special and has its own personality. Here they are:


1. The Alisha Rug – Adaptable, really warm and multi-colour

This Nepalese rug is joyful and full of color and one of the favorite among stylists and designers. An Alisha rug is made to stand out, to be eye-catching, still keeping alive its own tradition. It is a great choice for a cozy winter, because it looks and feels really warm. See it here.

Our artisans is Nepal  craft each  felt ball rug with great patience and care. You will feel happy knowing that you have an authentic and completly unique creation.


 2. The Malika Rug –  Luxurious, simple and comfortable              

A wonderful way to feel warm and cozy in the winter time is to choose one of the Beni Ourain rugs, made in Morroco. Why? Because the Beni Ourain rugs are probably the most comfortable rugs you’ll ever encounter! They are made from 100% sheep wool and are 100% undyed.


A gorgeous example is the Malika rug. See it here. If you want a warm and special feeling this winter, this one is for you. These rugs are so luxurious by day and yet so warm for the winter nights!


3. The Belinay Rug –  Calming, elegant and full of charm

Sukhi patchwork rugs are stitched together from different rug pieces. These unique handmade rugs made by skilled artisans in Turkey  build on the tradition of timeless Oriental rugs. But they do so with a modern flair. The hand-dyed process is one of a kind and it gives these rugs its unique and exciting look.


The Belinay Rug is a piece from the Overdyed patchwork rugs collection. See it here. Belinay rug has the necesarry qualities to change your mood: it’s ice-blue is warm and calming. And because of Belinay’s unique qualities, it is an ideal choice for home offices or in a room you where spend a lot of time! 


4. The Atharv Rug – Fun, full of life and with a pintch of pink

Made in India, these felted woolen rugs are truly a labor of love! You will never get enough from walking on a Atharv Rug, especially in the winter season. They feel remarkably soft under your feet. The reddish and pink colors make it a festive choice for the Christmas time. See Atharv here.


The artisans from India still use the same techniques as their ancestors. They work for weeks, carefully tying together felt sheets, and the end result is a dense and colorful rug that can bring joy and bright up every room! And the feeling of deep warmth is so inviting!


Which one suits your personality best? Do you love a fun and colourful or a luxurious and simple style?


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Merry Christmas from Nepal, India, Turkey and Morocco

Wednesday, December 23, 2015 9:49:17 AM Europe/Paris

Christmas is a world-recognized holiday, a festivity celebrated all around the world. Did you ever wonder how people in other countries spend Christmas time?


Christmas is about goodwill, love and gratitude. A perfect time to build friendship and to consolidate ties.  People from other cultures have embraced it as a moment of joy. Here is how Christmas is celebrated in Nepal, India, Morocco and Turkey where Sukhi artisans live.


In Nepal, Christmas is a moment of joy


Our artisans in Kathmandu, who create these lovely felt ball rugs, are lucky. There, Christmas is celebrated with great enthusiasm!


Although most Nepalese are Hindu -  4% Muslim and 0.5% Christian -  in Nepal the non-Christian communities recognize Christmas as a public holiday (since 2006) and as a national festival. The streets of the country, shops, hotels and private homes are filling up with decorations.


The Christian families gather together with friends, share gifts and decorate a Christmas trees. At midnight they go to the masses at the church. The next morning is dedicated to visiting friends and exchanging gifts. They wish everybody Kreesmasko Shubhkaamnaa (language: Nepali)


In India, Christmas is a vibe in multicultural communities


For our artisans in Bihar, India – who make these trendy wool and felt rugs – Christmas is a national holiday, and it is celebrated not as a religious tradition, but as a festival in many Hindu families.


In India, people know how to throw a good party! All their festivals are full of colour and lights, and Christmas is no exception: lights, ornaments and flowers are all over the local stores and in the city.


The families who rejoice Christmas make handmade decorations, ornaments and stars. The next morning, they may spend time with their Hindu, Muslim or Zoroastrian neighbours and wish them Śubh Krisamas (language: Hindi)! Everyone enjoys homemade kuswar and other delicious Christmas treats, while 'Baba Christmas' delivers presents to kids.


In Turkey, Noel substitutes Christmas


In Turkey, Christmas is not officially celebrated. People have a huge respect for Jesus, as one of God's greatest messengers to mankind and a symbol of truth. Nevertheless, in Turkey, people celebrate what is called "Noel" on New Year's Eve. This is the time of exchanging gifts with the loved ones and when wishes of Mutlu Noeller (language: Turkish) are all around!  You can find Noel Baba (Father Noel) in city malls and on the streets.


In Istanbul, where we have our workshop to make these unique patchwork rugs, the streets are covered with lights and decorations.  


In Morocco, expat communities make Christmas a special moment


Only around 100.000 people (out of more than 33.8 million Moroccans) traditionally celebrate Christmas in the country and most of them are of French descent, decorating a Moroccan version of a Christmas Tree and rejoicing with family and friends.


Just like our artisans in the Atlas Mountains, who make these special Beni Ourain rugs, Moroccan people have a strong respect for their Islamic culture, traditions and heritage. Many Moroccans show tolerance and make Christmas an occasion to spend time with their Christian friends.

In Nepali, Sukhi means happy. Happiness is an universal language. And since Christmas is associated with happiness, we wish you Happy Holidays, Kreesmasko Shubhkaamnaa! Śubh Krisamas! Mutlu Noeller! And finally Merry Christmas! to everyone!


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Four rugs for a stress free 2016: New Year resolution

Tuesday, January 12, 2016 6:24:36 PM Europe/Paris

The energy of new beginnings always brings hopes and dreams to make positive changes in our lives. New Years’ resolutions are the perfect opportunity to improve your own well-being. And to participate in others’ well-being. Let’s be balanced and mindful this year! In our homes and our minds.


The design trends of this year start with the two Pantone colors of 2016: the Rose Quartz and the Serenity. These lovely colours can create a serene and mindful atmosphere in your home or office. In tone with the trend, we chose to inspire you with four Sukhi handmade rugs for a New Year decor.  Because of their colours, the rugs can bring calm and relaxation from the modern day stress.  




Nina – Round (Nepal)

This Rose Quartz rug is soothing and warm. It really brings up a feminine touch to any room. We love the brightness of it. It’s just the type of thing we just love sitting on to relax after a long day. Also available: rectangle Nina felt ball rug.


Ayaan - Round (India)  

Stone rugs really catch the eye.  Ayaan is a rug with a complex structure, that inspires tranquility and peace. Each grey felt stone rug is stitched together by hand and made from 100% wool. Just like Serenity Pantone color of 2016, this rug seems weightless and airy. It creats the feeling of relaxation and respite in any room. Also available: rectangle Ayaan stone rug.


Cemre – Rectangle (Turkey) 

We chose the Cemre rug inspired by the Rose Quarts color trend of 2016 – a persuasive yet gentle color, mixed with the traditional style of the Turkish kilim rugs! Kilim rugs are for those who want a rustic feel. Their versatility makes them not just a good fit for older homes, but modern homes as well. 




Naima – Rectangle (Morrocco)

Great rugs work to enrich lives. That is exactly how we feel about the Naima. It’s made by hand with care for your welness. And the welness of the creators. It comes from incredibly soft and luxurious 100% sheep wool, inspiring calm and relaxation. These Moroccan rugs carry with them a refined and rustic feel.


And more good news: when you take a rug from Sukhi, you also participate in the well-being of our artisans from Nepal, India, Morocco and Turkey. The artisans who make our rugs tell us that they love their jobs for 3 reasons: they have flexibility, the pay is 2 to 3 times the regional average, their work gives them a sense of pride. The artisans also enjoy knowing that their work really means something to its buyer. Even outside of their community, their rugs carry meaning and worth. Once an artisan has finished creating a rug, her name is on a label attached to the rug. That way you can even get in touch! Trust us, your rug maker would love to hear from you.


Have a great 2016 ahead!

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Indian Sukhi rugs: a work of love. The story of an ethical choice.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016 11:30:54 AM Europe/Paris

Motto: Buy less, choose well – Vivienne Westwood

Everything that is memorable starts with a story. This is how books or love stories are born. With a great story. Our lives are the result of so many stories. In recent years, we started to realize that we have the possibility to choose and buy not only quality products but also those that have a personal story. And you can be sure that an ethical product always has at least one story to tell:  the story of how it was made, the story of who made it and the story in which you become a character in an artisan's life.


According to The Guardian, the purchase of ethical products with high awareness and broad appeal, like fair trade and locally produced goods, is on the rise. Ethical products imply non disposable, well made products, made in small quantities, fair trade, that preserves artisanal tradition, with eco-conscious materials, locally produced and cruelty free.


At Sukhi, we truly believe that ethical should also be affordable. Today we wanted to tell you the story of our Indian wool or felt rugs. 


Making a wool or felt rug - a work of love


Type:  Felted woollen yarn rug

Material: 100% Wool

Backing: Cotton & wool

Manufacturing: By hand

Production time: Approximately 4 weeks

Origin: India



 Made in India, these rugs are truly a work of love. Our artisans work for weeks carefully tying together felt sheets.


The story of who makes them: Artisans in Bikaner

A good story always has amazing main characters. Sukhi artisans are the first main characters.


Here is an unusual fact: only men make Sukhi wool rugs from India. These talented individuals that live in Bikaner, Rajasthan state in India, use the same techniques as their ancestors did so many years. The artisans also enjoy knowing that their work really means something to you. Even outside of their community, their rugs carry meaning and worth, so that they get a sense of pride from their work.  


Your story: choose ethical

The other main character is actually…you! The buyer. As the main character of your own story and also in our story, you get to make an ethical choice.


There are plenty of reasons to support your choice:

  1. 1. When you buy a Sukhi handmade rug, you’ll own a one-of-a-kind piece of art.
  2. 2. You get a great handmade rug and you are buying directly from the person who created it. This way, you get to be a part of the artisans’ story.
  3. 3. We believe that the talented people who make Sukhi rugs should have great pay and excellent working conditions. In this way, you can buy a beautiful rug while knowing that the artisan making it is being treated fairly.
  4. 4. Since we work directly with the people who create the rugs, you get lower prices.
  5. 5. You can customize your own rug.




In the end, the rug reaches your home and family. You’ll love these dense rugs, with its festival and cheerful atmosphere, rich and detailed colour combinations. The end result is truly eye catching.  


Now you know one story behind an ethical product. You will appreciate it because it carries meaning and worth. 


An ethical product carries its own beautiful and unique story. Buy ethical!

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5 Valentine’s Day ethical and affordable gifts for her

Wednesday, February 10, 2016 2:20:45 PM Europe/Paris

What we say and do touches the lives of others and leaves a trace in this world. Valentine's Day is about appreciation for the person we love. When we love we step out of ourselves and we want the best for that other someone.


Love is so close to that feeling of knowing that your choices as a consummer do not affect or harm people who create the products you buy. Ethical choice is about products that treat people fairly and ensure good working conditions.



For this Valentine's Day, we want to share with you 5 ethical gift ideas for the ladies, with a unique story behind:


1.BlooM Ragbag yoga bag collection – recycled and peaceful 

We have fallen in love with these beautiful recycled and water-resistant yoga bags. The bags are made in a BlooM Ragbag small rooftop factory in Tamil Nadu, India, where 20 people earn a fair income. For her who loves yoga, the planet and all living beings.

Artisan story: BlooM Yoga Bags offers yoga mat bags made from recycled materials and natural fabrics. The bags are made through local initiatives which support communities in developing areas.





 2. Triple Chevron Necklace – empowers women 

We were impressed by the powerful story behind this Indian necklace. We also love the trendy design, which makes it a great Valentine’s Day gift. For her who loves accessories and is a feminist.


Artisan Story: Mata Traders in India works with organizations that educate, employ, and empower women. The cooperatives making the products work in rural areas and slum communities with women who have little or no education. Because of their work, women can afford to send their children to school and pay for necessities themselves. Members are provided resources such as on-site daycare, paid maternity leave, medical check-ups, health care, vision testing and glasses, as well as retirement pensions.


3. Heart Plate – made from sacred Kenyan wood 

This heartshaped olive wood serving plate is food safe! and handcrafted by artisans in Kenya. For her who loves Africa and its people.  


Artisan story: Kenyan wood carvers are recognized worldwide for expertly sculpting art from native woods using sustainable practices. The olive wood tree is sacred to Kenyans and appreciated worldwide for its beautiful grain patterns and durability. Kenyan carvers present the beauty of their natural world in finely crafted decorative and functional art. The artisans, their families and communities benefit greatly from the sale of olive wood products.  


4. Sukhi custom cut felt rug – handmade wool rug direct from the makers in India 

This passionate wool rug handmade by artisans in India is a perfect gift for your beloved one for Valentine’s Day. Red is a choice, but make sure you choose the right colour that fits her style. For her who loves home decor and natural materials.


Artisan story:. Only men make Sukhi wool rugs. These artisans live in Bikaner, India. They are talented and ensure that each rug is unique. We use natural raw materials. These fine materials are truly luxurious. Plus, they are handled with reverence. That means that they retain their amazing properties, even during production. The artisans’ salary is about 2-3 times the average pay in the region. Their families are well cared for and their children can prosper in school. 


 5. Melt With Me Card – handmade from recycled office scraps 

To express your feelings in a more cheeky way, choose a Melt With Me Cardcard. We believe the story behind these cards is so powerful. Also, they are made from recycled paper. For her who believes in the power of women.

Artisan story: Good Paper works with women who have escaped sex trafficking and exploitation to create their Sanctuary Springs greeting cards. Through their work crafting handmade greeting cards, the women establish a new life full of hope. Good Paper also works with young adults orphaned by HIV and AIDS in Rwanda.

When you make an ethical gift, you make a statement, about you and your care towards the person you love and beyond. Happy Valentine’s! 

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Inspiration: 4 colour ways to create an oriental feel to your home

Tuesday, February 16, 2016 11:30:57 AM Europe/Paris

With the Oriental interior style, you can create a unique, exotic yet relaxing atmosphere in your home. Rooted in history and traditions, the oriental countries master the art of colours to create memorable and special décor pieces, that add an exotic feel to interiors.


If you like elegant, exotic and luxurious and are attracted by the idea of recreating the oriental feel in your home, this is for you. Here is a list of oriental colour schemes for your home inspired by four countries: Morocco, Nepal, India and Turkey – where Sukhi artisans work.



Orange – Red – Turquoise – The Moroccan gorgeous sunset

Reminding of the North African desert landscapes, the warm and charming combination of orange and red is so representative of decor in the Moroccan style. Spicing up a room with a glamorous touch of silver and gold in art work, luxurious decorative fabrics, carved wood Moroccan decorations or a fabulous forged metal Moroccan lamp, you will create a lovely ethnic interior that makes the Moroccan style so popular all around the world. Inspired by the colours of Mediterranean seascapes, you can make a turquoise wall, shaped in the famous Moroccan style.


Choose an ethnic yet luxurious rug, in a neutral colour, that will harmoniously link the intense Moroccan colours in the room. We are inspired by the Beni Ourain collection, made by local artisans in Morocco. See it here.  


Red – Green – Yellow – Nepalese compassion and wisdom

Nepal has an amazing way of using colour and symbolism, rooted in its tumultuous history and culture. Red is the colour associated with Nepal, the colour of revelry and piety. Nepalese Goddesses are pictured as being Red and the Nepalese women wear red bindis on their foreheads. The monks also have red robes. Red is a colour of celebration and joy too.


In Buddhism, green signifies balance and harmony, the colour of nature. Green Tara is one of the most famous goddesses in the Buddhist tradition – a young playful goddess full of vigour.  A simple way to add a Nepalese feel to your home is by using prayer flags in red, green, yellow and white. Flags represent and promote peace, compassion, strength and wisdom.


We suggest the Recta Nepalese felt rug, in a gorgeous vibrant red, made by local artisans in Kathmandu. Use green and red pillows to complete the look.  See the rug here.



Violet – Magenta – Gold – Indian spirituality

When it comes to home decor, India is known for its symbolism in colours, as a part of its culture and history. In India, colour is deeply linked with religion, expressing faiths and beliefs.  


You can easily recognize the Indian vibrant and delicious colourful style that celebrates life with intensity in all its shades. Violet is associated with creativity, vitality and mysticism, being the colour that represents the 7th energy point (chakra) in our body. It is a beautiful expression of spirituality and bliss.


A strong and inspiring colour, magenta represents harmony and emotional balance, having both spiritual and practical meaning. As a combination of red and purple, magenta has the passion in red and the tranquillity in violet.


There are amazing traditional golden Indian motifs and icons that you can add in the form of paintings or statues.

Highly skilled Indian artisans create unique handmade textiles and furniture and keep ethnic interior decorating ideas and traditions alive. Finish the look with an Indian handmade woollen loop rug, made by local artisans, that adds instant refinement to your oriental room. See the collection here.


Green – Blue – White – Ethnic Turkish decor

Imagine the blue-green water of the sea and the white houses to inspire you in creating an authentic ethnic Turkish decor. Add decorations with a touch of silver.


In the Middle East, white is the colour of purity and peace, while blue is a protective colour. Blue is often used in famous mosques. In Islam, green is a sacred colour, the symbol of life and nature. Even more, in the Islamic culture, the paradise is pictured as being green and gold. 


The kilim rugs are famous in Turkey. We recommend a Tuana, an intense indigo blue handmade rug made by Turkish artisans that will complete the ethnic decor you look for. See it here.


With so many colours from four oriental countries, we would really like to know: which one of these colour styles suites you and how would you integrate it in your home?


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2016 will redefine luxury with items that tell a story of authenticity and timelessness without being ostentatious. My designs will include geometric shapes in fabrics, artisan glass and precious metals. Indigo blue and gold are my colours of the year. Monica Lenore, Interior Designer


With time, we grow and evolve, and so does our personal style that we express through everything which surrounds us, including our clothes and our homes. When it comes to home design, we cannot change the essentials every season, but we can invest in modern timeless home decor, and change the accessories as often as we want a new touch and feel. This is a beautiful way to express our growth and keep our home trendy.


Here we gathered three home design directions which you can use as a source of inspiration this year. These trends can translate in timeless home design pieces for your home, to fit your own style:


1. Feeling and mood: organic fibres, handmade pieces

Feeling-mood-organi- fibers-handmade-pieces

Images source:,


The increased awareness of our responsibility for the health of our planet and the discreet omnipresence of technology will influence our interiors – bringing warmer colours, more natural materials and the widespread use of devices that will help to control in a more efficient way our resources. Diego Correa, Interior Designer


Natural fibres, hand crafted accessories and organic pieces are being more and more incorporated in home design in 2016. The purpose: to feel closer to the roots and support artisans that design unique products.


2. Colour: Simplicity & warm tones



Imagines source:,


I tend to see a flirting with simplicity, natural materials, uncluttered spaces, handmade objects and basic forms that excites me. In a world of over-consumption and quantity over quality, this seems to be a welcoming change that I feel will thrive over the following years. Eleni Psyllaki, Interior Blogger


We are happy to see this approach in home design: simplicity replaces clutter, selected pieces instead of over consumption, natural materials and warm colours, unique items, handmade instead of mass made objects.


3. Ethical background: Artisan goods


Images source: ,,



Artisan goods are getting more popular as buyers are consciously driven towards purchases that support small businesses. Locally made and sourced globally, artisanal products can be mixed with mass produced items as well as with vintage finds. Jenny Kakoudakis, Interior Blogger


We firmly believe that ethical home decor products should be a timeless trend, supporting independent makers, local artisans and ethical businesses. In Nepali, Sukhi means happy and we want both artisans and Sukhi customers to be happy. People buy our rugs knowing that they’ll get a great handmade rug and that they are buying directly from the person who created it. You can find more handmade rugs by artisans in India, Nepal, Turkey and Morocco in our shop to create that timeless look.

We’d love to know from you. What are your feelings about these trends and which of them are you excited to incorporate in your home design this year?


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