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10 reasons why you should choose a wool rug

Friday, November 29, 2019 10:26:34 AM Europe/Paris

Rugs are a perfect way to decorate a room effortlessly. They marry well with all types of flooring and can quickly change the entire look of a living space. The right rug can elevate your space, define different areas and set the tone you want in your house. So, it is important to make the right decision when it comes to colour, style and material. To make your life easier, we think you should make wool rugs your go-to!

Wool rugs have been the dominant rug of choice since ancient times. There are many reasons why rugs made of wool are preferred by rug-owners. If you are contemplating adding a new rug to your home, here are 10 reasons we think you should choose a wool rug!


1. Wool is a natural material

Wool is a natural fibre produced by sheep. Sheep grow wool like we grow hair. You can’t get more natural than that! Once a year, shearers use special tools to remove the wool from the sheep. Don’t worry, this does not hurt. If anything, the sheep are happy to literally feel that weight lift off their shoulders! The sheep then grow their wool back until they are sheared again the following year. This wool is them used to make many wool products, including wool rugs. Happy sheep and happy rug-owners, what else could you ask for?! 

At Sukhi, we source most of our 100% pure wool from New Zealand (except our Beni Ourain collection wool which is sourced locally in Morocco). This high-quality wool is then thoroughly cleaned and processed. Then depending on the style of rug we are going for, we cut, dye, roll or spin our wool to produce our beautiful and unique rug collection. Our cut felt rug, a pure felted wool rug, has 3000 to 4000 motifs, creating a trendy piece of art!


2. Wool rugs are durable

Wool rugs last a long time. The material is durable and sustainable. These rugs are truly heirloom pieces that you will be passing onto the next generation. It is not surprising that wool rugs date back to the ancient times when Persians would make it their material of choice when making the now famous Persian rugs. Wool rugs stand the test of time even in damp settings. This is because wool contains a natural protective barrier that stops water from penetrating its fibres. This means that wool rugs can absorb up to 1/3 of its weight in moisture and feel perfectly dry and comfortable!

3. Wool rugs are springy

On top of being durable, wool also returns to its natural shape even if it is stretched, crushed and stepped on. In fact, wool can be stretched more than 30% and will still go back to its natural form. This is because of the texture of wool itself. Wool is wavy. This natural crimp makes wool springy. So, there is no need to stress about furniture indentation or trampling when you own a wool rug!

4. Wool is hypoallergenic

It is hypoallergenic.  This means it is safe for you and your children. They are perfect in a nursery where you baby can crawl all over it stress-free. Often, people who suffer from allergies feel discouraged to buy a rug as they fear that this might cause more harm than good to their health. Choosing a wool rug relieves you from these worries and allows you to style your house the way you want to, without having to compromise!

5. Wool rugs is naturally so soft

Wool, quite simply, feel amazing! What else can we say? Stepping barefoot on a wool rug feel luxurious, that your feet have just been taken to the spa. This makes wool rugs the perfect addition to your bedside. We think the perfect bedroom rug is our Beni Ourain rug. This thick wool rug feels like you have just stepped on a cloud!


6. Wool rugs are environment-friendly

Being a natural material, wool rugs are definitely the most environment-friendly rug you could own. Wool is renewable natural resource: sheep are sheared once a year allowing them time to regrow their wool without stressing them in any way. The wool replenishes itself without doing any harm to the environment. Therefore, choosing a wool rug is an ethical way of consuming and decorating your home.

7. Wool rugs are fire resistant

Did you know that wool is less likely to catch fire than other materials? It catches fire only at very high temperatures and will extinguish itself once you remove the source of the fire. This has been proven through much scientific research and laboratory tests. So, you don’t have to invest in flame-proofing chemicals and can enjoy your rug stress-free. 

8. Wool rugs are naturally resistant to liquids and dirt

Wool fibres naturally do not absorb dirt and stain as much as many other fibres. This is because of the coat of lanolin that exists on wool. This makes wool naturally resistant to liquids and dirt. The fibres hold on to dirt so that it is easy to vacuum away when the time comes. This is another reason why wool rugs are durable, sustainable and wear beautifully. In some cases, wool rugs even appreciate in value over time!


9. Wool rugs are beautiful

Yes, wool rugs are just incredibly beautiful. But there is a valid reason for this. Wool actually hold on to colours better than other natural fibres. So you can expect vibrant, pastel and neutral dyes to hold on perfectly to wool fibres producing stunning rugs. At Sukhi, we make use of this great attribute to create wool rugs of a variety of patterns and styles. Our rugs are handmade and unique, flaunting different cultures around the world, including India, Nepal, Turkey and Morocco. We pay attention to detail and ensure that our products are of the highest quality. We even repurpose old rugs, add a modern twist and give them life again: our patchwork rug is a great example of this!


10. Wool rugs are warm

This might be stating the obvious, but wool rugs are warm and cosy. They are amazing for winter seasons and will quickly warm up cold spaces. It is an excellent insulator to add to apartments or houses that usually run cold. At Sukhi, we think the best living room rug not only adds a touch of style and defines a living space, but also provides warmth, comfort and a sense of belonging to the room.


Credit @ellefotografie

So here you have it: 10 reasons why we think you should choose a wool rug. Wool rugs can tie a whole room together and elevate the style in any room in your house. It can be used in many ways and is definitely a staple in home décor. To make things even easier, you can now buy rugs online on our Sukhi website. Your perfect rug is only a few clicks away! What are you waiting for?

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You finally got the keys to your new rental apartment! Congratulations! Now it’s time to decorate your new place and make it feel more like home. We know you might sometimes feel a little limited by the amount you can change in your new apartment. However, personalising your rental apartment is not as difficult as you may have thought! Although there are some rules to renting that do not allow you to make huge alterations in your house, there are many hacks you can use to decorate it. From plants to rugs, here are 6 easy ways to decorate your rental apartment without breaking any rules.

Display art on the floor or furniture surfaces

If you are unsure about hanging art on the walls, use rental friendly adhesive tape. Or better yet, display art on the floor! Decorate your rental apartment by buying large canvases, or using your own art, and placing them directly on the floor leaning against a plain coloured wall. This adds a modern hipster touch to your bedroom and living room without you having to make much effort! You can even stack a smaller piece of art in front of a larger one to add a layering effect. If you are not that adventurous, place a large statement painting on top of an accent cabinet or bookshelf.


Bring nature in with plants

Plants are one of the easiest ways to add life to a rental apartment. Bring nature in your place by adding different potted plants in any room of the house. Plants can go anywhere! 

Different size potted plants add a lovely green touch to your living room. Play with different size pots and texture leafy plants to make the room look more vibrant. A nice hack is to layer the plants by staking them on different heights tables or shelves. In the kitchen, you can have your own freshly grown herbs by the window: stylish and cost-saving! 

Decorate your rental apartment by adding a few succulents on your office desk or accent cabinet next to framed photos of your loved ones. The plants will add a stress-free factor to your office space for those days you are feeling overloaded with work. Add an oasis effect to your bathroom by hanging a long fern to it. And if you do not trust yourself to keep plants alive, you can always buy some nice fake ones that look identical!

Swap out your curtains

Just because you moved into a rental apartment that had its own curtains does not mean that you have to live with them your entire life. Pick up some nice luxurious ones at that home décor store you really like. Make sure to store the old ones properly so you can put them back ones you move out of the place. If you can, replace the pole ends with decorative finials that match your style. The best part is that you can bring all this with you to the next place!

Indulge in nice pillows and cushions

Nothing makes a home feel cosier than having pillows and cushions. Another easy way to decorate your rental apartment is to add extra pillows on your bed and some nice cushions on your sofas. Play around with different colour and texture combinations. For example, you can have some super soft velvety cushions mixed with shiny sequin ones to make your living room more fun. You can also add round tasseled cushions as extra seats in the living room area. This is perfect for a lazy Sunday in for board games and hot chocolate.


Credit @manitasdetrapohandmade

Brighten up the room with mirrors

Just like art, you can also lean tall mirrors against the wall or furniture surfaces. This adds light and gives the illusion of bigger spaces in the apartment. Place you mirrors across a window, so they reflect the natural light into the room. Mirrors are practical and fashionable at the same time. 

If you believe in Feng Sui and want the positive energies to flow well in your apartment, consider placing a mirror in your living room. However, avoid having mirrors facing your office desk as this has the potential to create negativity and double your workload.


Cosy up your floors with rugs

Rugs are a perfect way of adding a bold statement without damaging your apartment! Sukhi rugs are a great addition to the house, especially during the winter months to add warmth and cosiness. These fair-trade and handmade rugs are from in India, Morocco, Turkey and Nepal. 

They can quickly enhance your apartment’s floors and add style and texture. Depending on the type of flooring you have, rugs might soon become your holy grail when it comes to rental home décor must-haves. 

Neutral and light colours are beautiful on darker laminated floor. A thin pattern rug can also be used as a statement piece on a carpeted floor. Practical and soft, Sukhi rugs are an easy yet wonderful way to decorate your rental apartment. Here are some different ways you can use them.

Layer your rugs

Layering rugs has become very trendy these days. However, there are some rules by abide to so that your room does not end up looking like a colourful theme park. Try adding a small pattern rug on top of a plain softer one for a mixed visual and textural effect. Another interesting twist is to layer a smaller round rug on the side of a larger rectangular one. Take Sukhi’s felt ball rug for instance! That’s the perfect rug to layer over a more traditional oriental rug to make a bold statement in your room.


Rugs in the living room

If you have more of an open living, dining and kitchen concept in your apartment, rugs can be used to stylishly define these different living spaces. Place a large chunky rug under your coffee table, making sure the front part of your sofa covers it, to add a soft cosy visual effect to your living room. Sukhi’s braided felt rug is the perfect living room rug and adds an interesting “twist” to any sterile living space. It is also a great tip to style white interiors. 

Rugs in the kitchen

Having rugs in the kitchen is becoming more and more popular. If you have a narrow kitchen, how about placing a runner heirloom rug to create a more luxurious effect on your kitchen flooring. Sukhi’s Beni Ourain rugs boast traditional Moroccan geometric designs which bring an exotic feel to your kitchen. Sukhi rugs are also customizable: this means you can decide how tall and wide you need them based on your room sizes!

Rugs on the staircase

Have you ever thought of placing a rug on your staircase? A cool way to glam up an ancient-looking staircase is by rolling down a runner rug. How about spicing things up with one of Sukhi’s patchwork rugs? These rugs are made from repurposing Turkish rugs and patching them together to give it a modern look. The patchwork adds a unique touch on the different stair levels. And since we are talking about staircases, you can easily customise most Sukhi rugs to make them fit the size that you need!

Rugs in the bedroom

The most important place you would want to place your rug would be the bedroom. Who would not enjoy waking up every morning and having their feet greeted by a soft and warm rug by their bedside? Layering rugs can also be done in the bedroom to add different textures. Our favourite bedroom rug is our Nepalese chunky wool rugs.


Credit @halfiesstyle 

So there you have it: 6 easy ways to decorate your rental apartment without breaking any rules! Have you found anything you can easily incorporate in your rental apartment to jazz it up? How about checking out Sukhi rugs collection for inspiration? We are sure that you will find a rug that will win you and your guests over!

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3 braided wool rugs that are perfect for winter

Monday, October 21, 2019 3:57:32 PM Europe/Paris

We know you still haven’t removed your Fall decorations, but winter will come before you’re even aware of it and you’ll want to prepare for it in time. As a matter of fact, now is the best time that you start thinking about how your winter home is going to look and start getting the best items in peace.

If you’re anything like us, you know that the coldest season of the year can’t go without something cozy and warm that’ll keep you feel comfortable and snuggly. And again, if you’re like us, you’ll pick the warmest rug possible. This year, we suggest you go for one of the Sukhi braided wool rugs.


The white nuance of our Kalim wool rug reminds of snow, but the feeling you’re going to get when you step on this enchanting rug is quite the opposite. Putting your feet on this rug will make you feel like you soaked in the warmest cloud you could ever imagine.


Credit: @la_casita_de_rubi_

Make sure to put this rug somewhere near the bed, Christmas tree or window. That way, it’ll be bathed in natural light and brighten up space even more. Living rooms and bedrooms are perfect for this carpet.


If you opt for Kayum, you’ll have a soft and durable rug that adds a touch of rustic to your home. This rug adapts to its surroundings like a chameleon, but still commands attention and becomes the center point of the room.


Credit: @my_home_my_haven

It has a unique, greyish white color and is perfect for areas around the fireplace to enhance the warmth and space of the room. You can add faux or real plants around it or some pillows, throws and blankets to indulge yourself even more if you feel hedonistic.


Slightly darker Tahir is often seen among our customers as a true symbol of Sukhi quality and some of them like to use it a stretching mat. We like to think of it as the perfect rug for winter and Christmas holidays because it goes so well under the Christmas tree or in the center of the room.


Credit: @feinundfabelhaft

This wool rug elevates the mood in any room you put it in and adds more depth to space, making it look brighter, more open and airy. If magic could be touched, it would look just like Tahir.

If you want a hygge rug, but prefer some other design and style, we invite you to look at our braided felt rugs or flat weave rugs. Something tells us you’ll find more than one option that’ll take your breath away.

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Sukhi stone rugs – When stones are made of wool

Monday, October 21, 2019 2:29:00 PM Europe/Paris

If we tell you that stones can be soft and warm, would you believe us? With Sukhi, everything is possible and creativity doesn’t have limits. That’s how we’ve come up with an idea to make woolen rugs that look like real pebbles but are actually incredibly cozy and beautiful to the eye.

Selection of stone rugs

Our unique stone rugs come in two shapes, either rectangular or round, so that you can pick a perfect fit for the area of your home that needs a touch of nature and some coastal vibe. You’ll find three available options – Ayaan, Dhruv and Ishaan.


Credit: @Maaylechic

They all have a complex structure, but the differences are in their combination of colors. Tones of whites and greys mixed with browns and beiges will surely catch your eye and you should choose a rug that draws your attention first. It’s likely the one that matches your personality and that you’re instantly drawn to.

Which stone rug to choose

All of our stone rugs will remind you of rocky shores and ocean waves. You’ll love their softness and incredible warmth. They’ll all add one-of-a-kind depth and texture to your home and challenge your guests to touch them just to make sure that they’re real pebbles.


Credit: @landlig_funkis

However, when it comes to picking just one of them for your home, you’ll know the right option in your heart. Ayaan will draw the attention of fun-loving people since it looks like some abstract form of art that makes you feel like you want to jump and roll over it.

Dhruv is for romantic souls that like to daydream and have a great imagination. Last but not least, Ishaan is for hygge loving people who cherish peace and calm above all.

Making of stone rugs

Just like all the other Sukhi woolen rugs, stone rugs are also made by hand. The material from which they’re made is 100% highest-quality wool from New Zealand. This is exactly what makes them so soft and attractive to the eye.


The first step in making wool rugs is rolling of wet wool into balls that are around the soapy surface until they start shrinking and taking the necessary shape. If you could see this process, you’ll be amazed at how interesting it looks.

Afterward, the wool is placed in cold water and rinsed a few times thoroughly. This creates the gorgeous stone shapes you’ll see in the final product. After drying them in the sun, our artisans sew the pebbles shapes on a woolen surface and make stunning works of art, also known as stone rugs.

Pick your pebbles today and bring into your home a unique rug that is the epitome of luxury and elegance.

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How would you look if you were a Sukhi rug

Monday, October 14, 2019 8:39:40 PM Europe/Paris

Autumn is here and it’s not planning to go anywhere any time soon. So, why wouldn’t you add some nice autumn touches that showcase your character to your home?

We suggest that this year, you opt for a rug that represents all the nuances of your personality and make it a part of your fall decor. At Sukhi, we believe that a rug can describe every person perfectly. And the best way you can pick such carpet is by creating your own custom rug, with patterns and colors you like the most and in sizes that fit your favorite corner in your home.

If you ever wondered how you’d look like if you were one of our Sukhi rugs, in the next few paragraphs, you’ll find out which type of custom rug fits your personality and then you can proceed with creating and purchasing that rug.

Custom cut felt rug

Custom cut felt rugs are for the ones brave in heart, yet soft and loving from the outside. They’re fluffy, warm and elegant, with a unique texture. If you feel like this is talking to you, then cut felt rug might be your spirit rug. Go ahead and pick your favorite color and either round or rectangular shape and give your custom cut felt rug a home.


Custom Beni Ourain rug

Coming in five primary background colors and a lot of patterns, any of the custom Beni Ourain rugs is made for a person who knows what she wants and who is the epitome of sophistication and elegance. You can pick a rug with black, brown, grey, pink or white background, choose a custom pattern that tells your story and also the color of the pattern. Finally, if you’re feeling like a diva, you can also add fringes or keep it simple yet refined and go without them.


Credit: @fallowgrey

Custom felt ball rug

Lavish and cheerful personality calls for a custom felt ball rug. People who prefer felt ball rugs are usually the ones who have a great sense of humor, love life and enlighten any room as soon as they show up. If this is you, you’ll find that a custom felt ball rug has your name written all over it. Round, rectangle or rectangle with patterns, play around with different options and make the rug of your dreams.


Credit: @oxfordone 

Custom overdyed patchwork rug

We’ve come to the conclusion that strong characters and people who’re introverts feel most relaxed and cozy when surrounded by patchwork rugs. Patchwork rugs have a long tradition and beautiful stories behind them and the same is true for the people who pick custom patchwork rugs. You can choose from 13 colors and add as many of them as you wish to show many layers of your personality and character.


That’s it, you now know how you would look like if you were one of our rugs. Have you found yourself in one of the descriptions? We can’t wait to see designs, patterns, colors and textures you’ve chosen, so let us know.

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Why your home needs Sukhi patchwork rug

Sunday, September 29, 2019 11:30:43 AM Europe/Paris

At Sukhi, we are known for our innovative designs and fine workmanship in the creation of beautiful, handmade rugs. Made with unique designs, our rugs tell a story of tradition, lifestyles, cultures and people.

Our handmade rugs have gained popularity for their longevity, strong colors and lavish textures. They are characterized by modern designs but feature old weaving techniques. We offer many styles, designs and colors.

Turkish rugs have been the gold standard in floor covering for thousands of years. At Sukhi, we create fascinating Turkish rugs, beautiful and built to last for generations. Our patchwork rugs are natural, durable and versatile and you’re going to fall in love with them at first sight.


Ethical product

Sukhi is an online marketplace on a mission to create exceptional, high quality and ethically produced rugs. All our products are 100% hand-woven, unique and authentic. We are passionate about preserving cultures, as well as rediscovering threatened rug weaving traditions. For us, rug weaving is not just about the financial benefits, it's also an important craft that sustains the artistic expression of some of the richest cultures in the world while helping create customized spaces for homes.


Our Turkish rugs will give a personalized environment you want in your home and add beauty to your life. You could also custom order a patchwork rug and our artisans will incorporate your colors of choice and optimal size. When you buy our rugs, you buy a story. A story that has been carefully crafted and passed down for many generations. This is what makes Sukhi handmade rugs priceless. We create something that you will treasure and be proud of.


Credit: @Dunistudio

High-quality products, fair trade and integrity are at the core of our business model. Sukhi is a female name in Nepali which means happy and we strive to live up to our company's name meaning. We want our rugs to make you happy.

Entirely customizable 

If you would like to see a certain design in your house, we will help you create a unique rug that is perfectly tailored to your personal taste. Our skilled artisans will custom make a patchwork rug bespoke to your specific requirements. Whether you decide to customize one of our existing designs or let your creativity flow and come up with a new design, our expert artisans will guide you through every step. 

Lower prices

High prices are a great concern for many. At Sukhi, we believe you deserve that amazing handmade rug at an affordable price. To keep our prices low, we have cut all overhead costs. We work directly with the artisans who create our rugs and sell them to you directly, avoiding middlemen, physical stores and warehouses which usually push the price of rugs up.


Only the highest quality

As advocates of exceptional quality, we provide textiles and finishes of the highest quality. Our artisans only use high-quality, allergy-free and non-toxic materials. Before shipping out any rug, we perform a detailed quality check. 

Good working conditions for our artisans

We encourage and foster a good working environment to inspire our talented artisans to take joy in their work and give their very best. Other than providing our employees with excellent working conditions, we also offer great pay. We believe in fair trade and want our customers to know that the artisan who created the lovely rug they are buying is happy and treated well.


Our artisans work from the comfort of their homes. It's easier for them to have a balance between work and life that way. To sharpen our artisans' skills, we offer them comprehensive training. 

Enhance the overall look of your space with our handmade, patchwork rugs and add a touch of luxury to your home. Design your own personalized rug according to different patterns, sizes and materials and pick the most suitable rug for your home decor.

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5 benefits of having a round rug in your home

Monday, September 9, 2019 2:30:30 PM Europe/Paris

Refreshing your home and finding new ways to add interest and depth to it is extremely rewarding. If you’ve, however, run out of ideas on how to draw attention to different areas of your home or you simply like trying new ideas, think about the round rug.

Nowadays, round rugs are getting more attention than ever. Round felt ball rugs from Sukhi come in a lot of available sizes, rich colors and breathtaking patterns, plus you can entirely customize them. This means that no matter your design preference and style, you’re bound to find at least one that’ll look magical in your home.

Here are some of the benefits of owning a round rug:

1. Soften and deepen any area

We’re surrounded with rectangular objects, walls and furniture pieces in our homes, especially if your home is styled in a modern, industrial way. Such houses and apartments need something that’ll cleverly soften a space and make any area feel more intimate, deep and personal. That’s the job round rugs do amazingly well.


Credit: @Lesgrandesfillesmodeles

2. Create cohesive look

No matter how many circular objects you have in the room, a round rug can connect all of them in such a unique way that you’ll be surprised how amazing space looks like without the overwhelm. The custom rug in fresh, bright colors is a real jackpot for such rooms and areas. It serves as a central point of the room that successfully connects all furniture pieces, lighting, shapes and overall architecture of the area.


Credit: @Bonjourtangerine

3. Make small rooms more open

Whatever color and pattern you choose, if you place a round rug in a small space, it’ll surely create the effect of a visually bigger area. These rugs will make the room more open, bright and airy while softening hard edges of your furniture. As an additional bonus, you and your kids will love laying on it the whole day.


4. Add warmth and texture

Who doesn’t like it when their home looks dashing? Rich feelings of texture, depth and warmth aren’t always easy to create. That’s when a round rug steps in. Make sure to place it over your ceramic floors, tiles or carpets since that’s where it’ll truly shine.


5. Draw attention to the desired area

Creating an intimate conversation area, round rugs can draw attention to any part of the room you like. That way, they become the focus, central point of the space and enhance the coziness of the whole room. This is something you’ll probably want to do in your living room and we’re sure your Sukhi rug will also soon become the central point of all your conversations.


Credit: @Kisseundkarma

Are you convinced that round rugs can give your home a new shine? Give them and try and see how it goes. We’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

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Artistry behind Sukhi’s modern oriental rugs

Monday, August 26, 2019 5:21:23 PM Europe/Paris

The history of rugs dates back to 500 BC or at least that’s when the first rug was discovered. Sukhi rugs might not be that old, but the history, tradition and artistry behind our rugs are passed from generation to generation.

Made in four countries, our rugs bring timeless vintage vibe spiced up with modern flair into any home. They come in many colors, sizes, patterns and designs so, no matter your taste, you’re bound to find at least one rug that suits your taste.

In the next few paragraphs, we’ll show you the immense talent, love, energy and creativity that go into making a modern oriental Sukhi rug, so keep reading.

Hand knotted rugs

Quite new addition to our Sukhi family, modern oriental rugs are one of the most popular rugs out there. At Sukhi, you’ll find hand knotted and hand tufted oriental rugs and the amount of work that goes into making modern oriental rugs is impressive.


Crafted with highest-quality bamboo silk and wool, hand knotted rugs are made slowly and carefully. After they place raw wool on a loom, our skillful artisans clean it and create a wonderful yarn which is then dyed. Those striking colors you see come into life at this point of the process.


Weaving is the next step that requires incredible amount of talent and skill, no less than tying the knots by hand. Can you imagine tying thirty knots per minute or ten thousand of them per day? Well, our experienced artisans do this every day. Impressed? We surely are. The final step is washing the rug to remove any remain dirt and to let the rug truly shine.

Hand tufted rugs

Although they look equally stunning, the process of making hand tufted rugs is very different and much quicker. Firstly, the loops of wool get an imprint with the overall design, after which they get another foundation and the protective cloth on the back.


Finally, our artisans cut out all the loops on top of the rug creating the pile. Skills of our artisans are unmatched, just as the beauty of our modern oriental rugs with 100 knots per square inch or 155,000 knots per square meter.


Sukhi artisans are like no other and we greatly appreciate their hard word and the fact that they put their heart and soul into each rug they make. That’s why we provide them with fair wages and excellent working conditions. In return, they give us and the world unique, handmade rugs that tell the story of their tradition, culture and history. In other words, they give us true works of art.

Go ahead and pick one of either our hand knotted or hand tufted rugs. You can’t go wrong with whatever Sukhi rug you choose.

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Bring autumn trend colors into your home with Sukhi

Monday, August 12, 2019 1:56:08 PM Europe/Paris

Have you heard that basic beige, olive green and deep blue are trending this autumn? Having one of these colors as the part of your autumn home decor doesn’t only mean that you’re in, it also means that you’re following innovations in order to make your home the most beautiful autumn magical empire.

Sure, there are lovely yellow, orange and earthy tones as well, but not try something different this year? The next season, we’ve decided to go with the deep blue option that symbolizes dreamy night sky. And we’re bringing you a few wonderful Sukhi rugs options how to incorporate this trendy autumn color into your home.

The best part is that now is the best time to get your hands on one of these rugs since our artisans usually need a few weeks to do their magic and make the carpet specifically for you.


Revive your living room with the ‘king’ of felted woolen yarn rugs Krishna. Every time you look at this wool rug, you’ll remember the bright night sky filled with shining stars.


We’re sure you’ll agree that this rug is perfect for those rainy days and nights when you can’t go out to stargaze from your garden. Coziness and warmth are added bonuses you get when you welcome Krishna in your home. 

Custom rug

We strongly encourage you that whenever you can, you go for a custom rug. This way you’ll add a touch of personality into your home. Since this autumn we’re all about blue tones, we suggest you go for one of the blue notes.


Credit: @Myhomeismyhorst

However, you have the option to pick a unique pattern and size of your felt ball rug and this is where your creativity can truly shine. Customized rugs are perfect for bedrooms or nurseries. Extra tip: Painting your walls or finding a wallpaper with the same nuance of blue as your rug would give your bedroom even more character.


Striking sensation and excitement are what you’ll feel in the presence of Hatice overdyed patchwork rug. This is one of those rugs that make your home more elegant but require courage and creativity from your side.


There isn’t a specific room where you should place it because it looks gorgeous and commands attention in every space. The only tip is to combine it with some vintage pieces to allow it to express its beauty in the full glory.

We hope these stunning rugs have inspired you to go with trending blue in your home this autumn. If you prefer to have other options, feel free to experiment with olive green and basic beige, there are plenty of rugs options in these colors in our Sukhi shop.

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If Sukhi rugs were seasons…

Monday, July 29, 2019 4:26:06 PM Europe/Paris

Every person has a favorite season and some people love all of them for different reasons. Here at Sukhi, we love all of them because each has a unique charm. That’s why we have so many breathtaking rugs for spring, summer, autumn and winter. Yours is just to pick the rug that represents your favorite season of the year and, to inspire you, we’ve chosen a few of our favorite rug representatives of each season.

So, if Sukhi rugs were a season, here’s how they would look like:

Ecrin = Spring

We’re sure you understand why the deep, grass-green like reminds us of spring. Flowers blossoming, morning grass lovely smell, rising of nature, greenery all around... that’s all that Ecrin overdyed patchwork rug consolidates in one.


In order to walk on a soft grass on a spring day, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home. All you need to do is put your bare feet on Ecrin and different shades of green on this lovely rug will make you feel like a part of nature.

Alisha = Summer

A burst of cheerful colors in summer is most comparable with Alisha felt ball rug. Coming in almost all the colors you can imagine, Alisha looks like a rainbow. Besides being our favorite rug for summer, it’ll also bring you back to childhood when everything was worry-free and joyful.


Credit: @Liliinwonderland

A balcony is the best place you can put this stunning rug since this is the area when it’ll truly shine and bathe in the rays of the sun. Although it works in any other room as well, Alisha seeks attention and admiration and surrounded with flowers on your balcony, it’ll make your neighbors and family fall in love with it over and over again while being the conversation starter every time.

Khadija - Grey = Autumn

If you love rain and golden nuances of autumn, then you’ll adore the grey Khadija rug. If you don’t like the rain, you’ll still love this stunning Beni Ourain rug. Khadija is one of those rugs that make everything better and alleviate the mood in any room.


You’ll want to get a bigger size of this rug in order to be able to lay on it and relax while reading your favorite book or magazine. Diamond pattern on this rug is so inviting and when you know that the artisan who makes this rug weaved the story of her life in it, you’ll appreciate it even more.

Kalim = Winter

Pearly white as snow, Kalim braided wool rug is incredibly soft and cozy. It’ll make your feet warm very fast, in addition to looking elegant with its tightly braided pattern.


Credit: @marj0085

Layers and textures will complete your winter home decor, so make sure to include pillows, throws and blankets all around your rug. Put this lovely rug near the fireplace or Christmas tree and enjoy the magic it radiates all-around your home.

Would you declare yourself as spring, summer, autumn or winter person after reading this post?

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