The history of rugs dates back to 500 BC or at least that’s when the first rug was discovered. Sukhi rugs might not be that old, but the history, tradition and artistry behind our rugs are passed from generation to generation.

Made in four countries, our rugs bring timeless vintage vibe spiced up with modern flair into any home. They come in many colors, sizes, patterns and designs so, no matter your taste, you’re bound to find at least one rug that suits your taste.

In the next few paragraphs, we’ll show you the immense talent, love, energy and creativity that go into making a modern oriental Sukhi rug, so keep reading.

Hand knotted rugs

Quite new addition to our Sukhi family, modern oriental rugs are one of the most popular rugs out there. At Sukhi, you’ll find hand knotted and hand tufted oriental rugs and the amount of work that goes into making modern oriental rugs is impressive.


Crafted with highest-quality bamboo silk and wool, hand knotted rugs are made slowly and carefully. After they place raw wool on a loom, our skillful artisans clean it and create a wonderful yarn which is then dyed. Those striking colors you see come into life at this point of the process.


Weaving is the next step that requires incredible amount of talent and skill, no less than tying the knots by hand. Can you imagine tying thirty knots per minute or ten thousand of them per day? Well, our experienced artisans do this every day. Impressed? We surely are. The final step is washing the rug to remove any remain dirt and to let the rug truly shine.

Hand tufted rugs

Although they look equally stunning, the process of making hand tufted rugs is very different and much quicker. Firstly, the loops of wool get an imprint with the overall design, after which they get another foundation and the protective cloth on the back.


Finally, our artisans cut out all the loops on top of the rug creating the pile. Skills of our artisans are unmatched, just as the beauty of our modern oriental rugs with 100 knots per square inch or 155,000 knots per square meter.


Sukhi artisans are like no other and we greatly appreciate their hard word and the fact that they put their heart and soul into each rug they make. That’s why we provide them with fair wages and excellent working conditions. In return, they give us and the world unique, handmade rugs that tell the story of their tradition, culture and history. In other words, they give us true works of art.

Go ahead and pick one of either our hand knotted or hand tufted rugs. You can’t go wrong with whatever Sukhi rug you choose.