Have you heard that basic beige, olive green and deep blue are trending this autumn? Having one of these colors as the part of your autumn home decor doesn’t only mean that you’re in, it also means that you’re following innovations in order to make your home the most beautiful autumn magical empire.

Sure, there are lovely yellow, orange and earthy tones as well, but not try something different this year? The next season, we’ve decided to go with the deep blue option that symbolizes dreamy night sky. And we’re bringing you a few wonderful Sukhi rugs options how to incorporate this trendy autumn color into your home.

The best part is that now is the best time to get your hands on one of these rugs since our artisans usually need a few weeks to do their magic and make the carpet specifically for you.


Revive your living room with the ‘king’ of felted woolen yarn rugs Krishna. Every time you look at this wool rug, you’ll remember the bright night sky filled with shining stars.


We’re sure you’ll agree that this rug is perfect for those rainy days and nights when you can’t go out to stargaze from your garden. Coziness and warmth are added bonuses you get when you welcome Krishna in your home. 

Custom rug

We strongly encourage you that whenever you can, you go for a custom rug. This way you’ll add a touch of personality into your home. Since this autumn we’re all about blue tones, we suggest you go for one of the blue notes.


Credit: @Myhomeismyhorst

However, you have the option to pick a unique pattern and size of your felt ball rug and this is where your creativity can truly shine. Customized rugs are perfect for bedrooms or nurseries. Extra tip: Painting your walls or finding a wallpaper with the same nuance of blue as your rug would give your bedroom even more character.


Striking sensation and excitement are what you’ll feel in the presence of Hatice overdyed patchwork rug. This is one of those rugs that make your home more elegant but require courage and creativity from your side.


There isn’t a specific room where you should place it because it looks gorgeous and commands attention in every space. The only tip is to combine it with some vintage pieces to allow it to express its beauty in the full glory.

We hope these stunning rugs have inspired you to go with trending blue in your home this autumn. If you prefer to have other options, feel free to experiment with olive green and basic beige, there are plenty of rugs options in these colors in our Sukhi shop.