If you go to Nepal, you learn that Sukhi means “happy” in the local language and that there are many ladies who wear this name. At Sukhi, we want to make our artisans and home-makers around the world happy. We have always thought about Sukhi as a woman in her early 30’s. Maturity, energy and creativity are important parts of our identity. Here are 5 reasons why we believe our rug label has similar characteristics to those of women in their early 30’s. Are you one of them?



1. Sukhi loves travelling and exploring

Did you notice that during 30’s the appetite for frequent and exploratory travel increases? Before turning 30 you should take a spontaneous trip. It makes you feel special and unique. At Sukhi, we travel between Morocco, India, Nepal and Turkey and we love being on three continents: Asia, Africa and Europe. We love exploring these four cultures too.


2. Sukhi loves decorating the bedroom

Before turning 30 you should decorate your bedroom. In your 30’s, you already made a habit out of it. At Sukhi, we make it a ritual to style our surroundings with beautiful and unique Suhki carpets that care for people and the planet.


3. Sukhi has a morning routine

Before turning 30 you should have a morning routine. In your 30’s, the morning is a personal moment of bliss before the day begins. This is what Suhki does: each morning, it brings something soft and warm under your feet such as our Beni ourain carpets. And that is an addictive feel of home.  


4. Sukhi has/is a dream job

Before turning 30 you should start working on your dream job. Everyone here at Sukhi does just that!  Our artisans are working on their dream job, i.e. a stable and rewarding job, that allows them to live with dignity and makes their dreams come true.


5. Sukhi takes care of people

Before turning 30 you should take more care of you. This is what Suhki can do for you. Make you feel comfortable and special. Special and beautiful for your ethical choice. Travel, decor, healthy routines, care and a dream job. What a strong woman loves, does and talks about. This is what Sukhi means to us. What does it mean to you?   

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