Winter is here, and with the holiday season coming, what better time to redecorate the house and create the true “homely’ touch for family get-togethers! Making the nest cozier before stingy winter chills give everyone the sniffles. One way of doing so is by adopting the art of hygge to make every experience with your loved ones in your home a colorful, beautiful memory. Interestingly, you can easily hygge-up your home by making small changes, and adding warm home elements like a chunky wool rug can instantly give dull areas a completely new look. Having a chunky wool rug at home anchors the room, connects all the pieces, from furniture and color scheme to floors and wallpaper, and to give a perfect finished look.



So, in today’s Sukhi blog, we will tell you more about this perfect winter rug. We will first explain how they are made and what makes them such a great choice of rug for your home. And, finally, we will give you some tips on how to decorate your home with a beautiful chunky wool rug! 

Let’s dive right in!

What are chunky wool rugs?

Chunky wool rugs add warmth and comfort to any room, making them a perfect choice for winter décor. Made with the finest wool and weaved into the traditional handcraft, these chunky wool rugs add a contemporary touch to your living space. They are very versatile and can be added to a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, or any other room in your house. This thick, warm, and incredibly soft wool rug attracts all!

These rugs are made with superior grade wool and highly skilled craftsmanship. Indeed, when you take a closer look at these types of chunky wool rugs, you will see a distinct and intricate pattern of thick knitted wool. It speaks out of the time, passion, and skill used to create a chunky wool rug to utmost perfection.

Walking on chunky wool rugs feels like stepping on a fluffy warm cloud! They make moving around the house smooth and beyond reasoning comfortable. These rugs are reversible (means both sides can be used) making them easy to maintain and clean. The result is a rug that is incredibly durable and can be used for decades.


In case you are wondering what differentiates a chunky wool rug from a knitted wool rug, well, that’s a whole new state of affairs! Knitted wool rugs are another type of cozy rugs but they differ from chunky wool rugs in certain ways. Chunky wool rugs are much thicker, soft, and a little looser than knitted wool rugs. Knitted wool rugs are created with a different technique with a loom and have tighter knots making them a bit more robust than their chunky counterparts.

How are chunky wool rugs made?

High-quality chunky wool rugs are made with wool yarn obtained from premium sources. No artisan can use their magic without a high-grade raw material, which is why Sukhi focuses so much on getting the best quality from New Zealand. 

The raw mulesing-free wool is carefully carded, handled, and brushed before hand-spinning it into soft yarn. Using the cold soapy water, the wool is cleaned, dried, and taken for waiving through giant needles. Skilled artisans put their effort and love into knitting these rugs using an ancient technique.  This process is long and time-consuming, but following it adds years to the wool's durability, quality, and softness.

Why choose a chunky wool rug this winter

Adding a handmade rug not only completely transforms a room but also has various practical benefits. A change in weather can affect everyone’s mood and behavior. But what's better than hugging your loved ones while watching a movie, sipping hot chocolate in front of a fireplace, or hosting a family dinner for your loved ones? Comfort is only one benefit- these rugs can also make your house look welcoming, less noisy, and it even serves to cushion a fall! Let us go deeper into these reasons and explain them below:

Chunky wool rugs brighten up any space

Winters can be rather gloomy if the color scheme of your interior is dark. So it’s time to brighten things up as much as possible! By adding a light-colored chunky wool rug, like beige, baby pink, and white on a dark floor, it can create the perfect balance and instantly lighten up a room. See how easy that was?

Chunky wool rugs enhance the color scheme

You might be thinking, you have to change everything in the room, from paint to furniture to change the color scheme. But what if we told you, there are ways to get around this?  Yes! If you add a contrasting chunky wool rug, coupled with some subtle matching accessories, you just found yourself an easy way to completely change the color scheme of your room! Such small, yet impactful additions can lift the color scheme effortlessly.

Chunky wool rugs warm up the whole house

Does your house use a hardwood floor or tiles? If that’s the case and you feel that usually leads to a cold and uncomfortable winter, then a chunky wool rug can surely help! These luxurious rugs retain heat and are great winter insulators, making mobility easier without stepping on the chilly floors again. Doesn’t this make chunky wool rugs the best choice for a winter home décor? We definitely think so!


It can absorb noise

Chunky wool rugs on floors can absorb the noise, reducing the sound of squeaky feet on hard floors or heavy footsteps on hard tiles. It can also absorb the noise from the air. Sounds echo inside houses when all doors are closed during winters, which is why the smallest creaks are amplified in volume. Keep all those echoes and unwanted noises at bay with a chunky wool rug. You can finally enjoy a nice nap or even sleep in on a cold winter morning without being disturbed by any activity happening in the house!

Best chunky wool rug decorating ideas

Here are our top recommendations for using chunky wool rugs in home decorations this holiday season. To learn how to live a hygge life, just read on! 

Add it into your bedroom

Most people find bedrooms as their favorite room to spend time relaxing and resting. And to make these experiences even more enjoyable, you can decorate your room to showcase your taste, style, and preferences. It’s not just about picking the furniture or choosing a color scheme, but also accessories and decorative items, like, mirrors, art, or rugs, can make a huge difference. You can place a chunky wool rug right next to the bed so that every winter morning you step on a warm, bright fluffy chunky wool rug and not a cold floor. Your feet and entire body will never be more grateful. If you want to flaunt your choice, you can also place the chunky wool rug over the bed and use it as a blanket!


Use it in the living room

The best family time to be spent in a common space. While bedrooms are private, the living room is an ‘open for all’ area, reflecting a welcoming and friendly vibe. The paint, wallpaper, couch, table, and everything else has its significance, but when it comes to décor, there are only a few things that can elevate your living room with minimal effort. Add a chunky wool rug in front of your fireplace for extra sitting space. You can also place floor cushions or ottomans along with it to make it even more inviting.

Place it in your children’s playroom

If you want to turn your children’s playroom into a cool, fun place but don’t want to change much of the interior or wallpapers, here is what you can do. Measure the free space, and select a soft chunky wool rug that could go well in it. You can place tiny toy racks or storage boxes for toys around this rug. This way, your child can enjoy his playtime without having to drag everything to the bed. Especially if you have toddlers who never really care to wear shoes or socks, chunky wool rugs make the best choice for their playrooms.


Add it to your workspace or study

If there is a semi-permanent study area or work station in your house, you can add up to its comfort level by placing a neutral chunky wool rug. Usually, these designated work or study areas are free from distractions, away from the noise, and perfect light and temperature. Using a chunky wool rug under your feet not only feels nice but also relaxes the mind, helping the brain to work better and faster. Also, if you have to go and get anything while working, stepping on a soft yarn rug is a lot better than walking on a bare floor, so it’s a total win-win idea! If you need more inspiration on how to decorate your workspace, read our blog on how to set up a beautiful home office!

Chunky wool rugs are your ideal winter companion

Using chunky wool rugs is the perfect way to bring hygge to your household! If you’re wondering what hygge is, and what it has to do with winter, please read our blog post on how to hygge your home with Sukhi rugs. We hope our recommendations have helped you decide whether it’s time for you to try out these cozy rugs for a new winter interior decor look! You can browse through the Sukhi chunky wool rug collection and decide which one works best for you and your space. And if you need some inspiration, make sure to visit our Instagram page or Pinterest boards and tag us in your creations!  infographic-about-chunky-rugs    

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