We can add more value to our life by using the practice of Feng Shui to decorate our homes for a positive, balanced energy. It may seem complicated to put in practice, but Feng Shui is relatively easy to understand.

In a previous post, “Feng Shui for beginners: energies of colour”, we learned how the flow of energy, chi, is expressing through one of the most powerful tools in Feng Shui: colour. Colours correspond to the five Elements: WOOD, WATER, METAL, FIRE AND EARTH. By knowing what each element brings into your home, you can decide what energy you want to create in your space and, thus, what colours to use.

Sukhi Feng Shui to decorate our homes

The next step is to make a map of your home using the the Bagua mapping system.

The Bagua – the Feng Shui energy map of your house

The Bagua is an ancient, powerful Feng Shui tool that connects your life with the energy of your home. This way, you can trace the areas where more attention and energy is needed. There are two types of Bagua maps: the traditional Bagua and the Western Bagua. In this article we will focus on the classical Bagua.

The translation of Bagua in Chinese is “8 areas”. The center is considered to be the 9th area that encompasses the energy of all other areas and belongs to the element of Earth.

How to work with the traditional Bagua map


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The first step is to print the map and start at the entrance of your home. This is the point where all the energy comes in the house. As you look at the Bagua Map, the entry of the house should coincide with the North point of the Bagua. Imagine the shape of the Bagua and where the rooms would be. Depending on the shape of your home visualize the Bagua to fit your home. Now you have a clear perspective of the Bagua map of your home.

Take your time to understand the information about how the Bagua system works. Analyze your home and start seeing it with new eyes according to the map. Then decide in which areas of your life you want to bring fresh and positive energy.

Treat each part of the house with love and awareness and you will be surprised of how the energy starts to flow in its natural way, effortlessly.

In the next article we will go deeper on the knowledge of the Bagua, through the 8 Feng Shui areas, their Element, their characteristics and how to apply it in your home.

What areas do you want to improve in your life and your home? Stay tuned for part 3 of “Feng Shui for beginners” to start applying the Feng Shui map.

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