Home interior needs to be warm and radiate happiness. That’s what all of us at Sukhi know perfectly well. In case you still don’t know, we’re a social enterprise that sells handmade rugs and makes a great impact on people's lives in the process.

The name Sukhi means ‘happy’ in Nepali and our mission is to give you the highest quality customized rugs while raising the standard of living of the local population and the artisans. Every time you shop a handmade rug at Sukhi's online shop, know that you're touching someone's life.


Our wide variety of rugs are made from different materials, colors, shapes and sizes. If you like something warm, soft and cozy, the wool rug is the best choice for you. They’re made of high-quality wool from New Zealand. And what's more, they're highly durable and affordable.

With the option of creating a custom made wool rug, you're sure to get your favorite design. They're absolutely perfect for your home decoration and available in rectangular and circular shapes.

Why choose handmade wool rug from Sukhi

These spectacular rugs are long-lasting, giving you the value for your money. They’re natural and made using the precious and timeless technique that puts quality at the heart of the art. Our unique collections of handcrafted rugs give you an opportunity to own and preserve history and culture by owning a masterpiece from highly skilled artisans.


Each piece is woven to tell a story of resilience, hope and love. These rugs are made from carefully selected, high-quality wool and naturally dyed, which makes them eco-friendly products as well.

Selection of Sukhi wool rugs

The range of Sukhi handmade wool rugs includes cut felt rugs, specially designed to meet current trends. They're luxurious and perfect for any room in your home. Felted woolen yarn rugs have seven color combinations to add natural warmth and happiness to any home.


Our stone rugs have a rocky appearance, but they're very soft to touch. They’re made of 100% natural pure wool and are all beautifully woven to give you a natural impression while retaining the soft texture and warmth associated with wool.

Felted rugs are stronger and resistant to moisture. There are more options among our woolen rugs, so feel free to explore and find the one perfect for your home and style.

Let a Sukhi rug tell a story of your home

Homeowners, designers, architects and fashion lovers will fall in love with these great handmade rugs. They give a wonderful inspiration. Fashion enthusiasts will find every piece beautiful.


Credit: @lusttilldawn

Next time you think of a memorable gift to a loved one, let it be a beautifully woven handmade wool rug from Sukhi. If you're planning to give your interior a makeover, these pieces will most certainly give you something to smile about. They can even be used as cushions for your seats.


Give your family and guests a warm treat with a burst of color and style from Sukhi because we care for your happiness and comfort.