Are you currently scrolling through thousands of pictures of dazzling home offices and wondering how do you make this work in a small apartment? Guess what? It is totally doable! And Sukhi is here to help you with it! After all, we operate as a fully remote company, so we know a thing or two about creating home office spaces that make us feel happy, inspired, and productive all day long!

In this blog post, we are going to cover the importance of having a dedicated area to work (believe us, it will make all the difference!) and how you can set up a home office in a small space without having to compromise on style or personality.

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Why do we need a dedicated space at home for work?

The home office is an important space, especially if you are working from home as a freelancer or have your own business. Many entrepreneurs have talked about the importance of having a home office and how it has contributed to their business success. Here are 3 reasons why having a dedicated space at home to do work only will help you be more focused, creative, and productive.

1. A home office will get you into the right frame of mind

A home office allows you to be productive and focused. Traditionally, when we leave home and head to an office, our brain rewires to let us know that we should now be in work mode. When you work from home, you want your brain to process that transition similarly. But when we end up working in bed, however tempting and comfortable this is, it confuses our brains! Our minds are wondering, “Why am I not relaxing, right now?”. This confusion ends up making us feel sluggish and unproductive. On the other hand, if we work in bed too much, we might suddenly find it difficult to shut down. We might end up overworking and feeling burnt out

2. A beautiful home office can make your creativity bloom

Here, at Sukhi, we are all about ideas and creativity. And we strongly believe that the environment that we work in has a direct effect on how creative we are in business. In fact, having a beautiful home office that truly reflects your personality allows your imagination to go to incredible places. We definitely recommend you to be as playful and adventurous as you want with your home office so that it becomes a place you feel excited to get to instead of stifling you! 

3. A dedicated workspace can help you with distractions

Have you ever found yourself deeply focused on your work when suddenly you hear someone shouting, “Mom…Mom? Mom! I can’t find me….”. Replace Mom by Dad, Aunty, Honey, or any other cute name that you get called at home. Although our adorable loved ones mean no harm, they often distract us from our work. And it’s not their fault! When you are not working in a designated work area, it’s hard for the people around you to know if you’re working or just browsing the internet and online shopping your next Sukhi rug (although we all agree you shouldn’t be disturbed when you are doing the latter either!). When you have a home office, you can tell your loved ones that when you are at your work desk, they are not to disturb you unless it’s very urgent.

5 Simple steps to create a beautiful home office in your small apartment

Now that we have convinced you of how important it is to have your own designated workspace at home, let’s tackle the next problem! How do we fit a home office in a small apartment? Well, guess what? We are here to help you with that too. In 5 simple steps, we will share with you not only how to fit a home office in a small space but also how to make it look beautiful, stylish, and full of good vibes! Here are the 5 steps:

Step 1: Choose an unused space for your home office

First, find some unused space in your apartment: living room corners, bedrooms, end of the hallway, or even your walk-in closet can work! If you are having trouble visualizing where your home office can fit in your limited space, try drawing your room on a sketchpad and changing the layout. Sometimes, by simply moving our furniture around a little we suddenly create the space we were looking for! Although there are different places in your home you can turn into a home office, our advice is to find some space in the living room. 

We prefer that you avoid working in the bedroom for the reasons we talked about earlier: the bedroom should be a place for relaxing and play, not work! A living room is a multi-purpose room which makes it ideal for studying and working as well. You might even find that your trendy and stylish workstation in the living room becomes the centerpiece of the room! To really define the space and separate it from the rest of the living area, try placing a rug under your desk. Perhaps our modern oriental rugs collection will inspire you?


Step 2: Declutter and organize your home workspace

Now, your next step is to declutter and organize the chosen space. In a small apartment, less is more. In the Wabi Sabi philosophy, it is believed that less clutter can help you be more peaceful, focused, and productive. The goal isn’t to become a strict minimalist, but to keep the things that bring your heart joy. To create an even more clutter-free space, go paperless and opt for a wireless mouse and keyboard instead of using traditional ones. You will be surprised by how these small tweaks can completely transform your home-office and make it feel inviting and airy.  If you are planning to add a rug under your desk (and you should!), choose a light-colored one, like our Beni Ourain rug. Not only does it feel divinely soft under bare feet, but its minimal design and color also help reduce any unwanted noise in the small designated workspace you have created.



Step 3: Bring in Feng Shui for positivity in your home office!

Wondering how to attract positivity and good vibes into your home office space? It’s easy! Just follow the Feng Shui for beginners series we have created for you. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy that focuses on the flow of energy and how that can affect our lives. Basically, when you implement Feng Shui in your home, you placing every object with the intention of attracting positive energy. To achieve this, simply print out the Feng Shui Bagua map and follow the instructions on our blog. The Bagua map is an energy map that explains how to place objects so that the positive energy flows smoothly around you. For example, if you want to improve your creativity when you’re working, the Bagua map offers to add more silver or metallic elements to your designated space, facing west. 


Step 4: Choose small space furniture for your home office

Nowadays, finding the right size of furniture for our home has never been easier. Furniture shops stock small space desks and chairs dedicated to people who have small apartments. On top of that, you can even find places that are happy to create custom-size furniture that fits perfectly in your home! When looking for home office furniture for your small apartment, look for a slim desk, an ergonomic chair that slides smoothly under your desk, and shelves to place your books. If you need more workspace, how about having a pull-out or foldable desk you can easily tuck back in when you are not using it?! There are so many creative ways to create a small office space, so let your imagination run wild!

Step 5: Style your home office to reflect your personality!

Finally, we’ve reached the most exciting part of setting up your home office: decorating it the way you want to! Remember, a home office is not the same as a traditional office. No more boring cubicle with grey desks, drawers, and baskets full of papers to sign! Your home office is an amazing opportunity for you to let your imagination loose and personalize it as much as you want! There are no rules here so feel free to add your essential oils and scented candles to relieve stress and anxiety during the ultra-busy days.  Add a cute fluffy cushion to your chair for extra comfort and some framed photos of your loved ones on your desk. Also, bring in nature by adding cute succulents, different types of leafy plants and your favorite flowers to achieve a jungle office look!


At Sukhi, we believe that everyone is unique and because of that, we offer custom rug options to our clients! You can work with our designers to create the shape, size, and design rug you have always dreamed of! Here’s a guide to explain our step-by-step process on how we create our custom rugs.

Your next step

We hope that our simple steps have energized you to now create your own stylish home office no matter how small your apartment is! So grab a piece of paper and start drawing, use Pinterest or your favorite website for extra inspiration if you need it. Remember, create a space where you can be productive, focused, creative: a space you can truly thrive in! Happy decorating!


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