Autumn is here and it’s not planning to go anywhere any time soon. So, why wouldn’t you add some nice autumn touches that showcase your character to your home?

We suggest that this year, you opt for a rug that represents all the nuances of your personality and make it a part of your fall decor. At Sukhi, we believe that a rug can describe every person perfectly. And the best way you can pick such carpet is by creating your own custom rug, with patterns and colors you like the most and in sizes that fit your favorite corner in your home.

If you ever wondered how you’d look like if you were one of our Sukhi rugs, in the next few paragraphs, you’ll find out which type of custom rug fits your personality and then you can proceed with creating and purchasing that rug.

Custom cut felt rug

Custom cut felt rugs are for the ones brave in heart, yet soft and loving from the outside. They’re fluffy, warm and elegant, with a unique texture. If you feel like this is talking to you, then cut felt rug might be your spirit rug. Go ahead and pick your favorite color and either round or rectangular shape and give your custom cut felt rug a home.


Custom Beni Ourain rug

Coming in five primary background colors and a lot of patterns, any of the custom Beni Ourain rugs is made for a person who knows what she wants and who is the epitome of sophistication and elegance. You can pick a rug with black, brown, grey, pink or white background, choose a custom pattern that tells your story and also the color of the pattern. Finally, if you’re feeling like a diva, you can also add fringes or keep it simple yet refined and go without them.


Credit: @fallowgrey

Custom felt ball rug

Lavish and cheerful personality calls for a custom felt ball rug. People who prefer felt ball rugs are usually the ones who have a great sense of humor, love life and enlighten any room as soon as they show up. If this is you, you’ll find that a custom felt ball rug has your name written all over it. Round, rectangle or rectangle with patterns, play around with different options and make the rug of your dreams.


Credit: @oxfordone 

Custom overdyed patchwork rug

We’ve come to the conclusion that strong characters and people who’re introverts feel most relaxed and cozy when surrounded by patchwork rugs. Patchwork rugs have a long tradition and beautiful stories behind them and the same is true for the people who pick custom patchwork rugs. You can choose from 13 colors and add as many of them as you wish to show many layers of your personality and character.


That’s it, you now know how you would look like if you were one of our rugs. Have you found yourself in one of the descriptions? We can’t wait to see designs, patterns, colors and textures you’ve chosen, so let us know.