You've certainly come across the hygge concept the last couple of years, especially in the winter months. Hygge is a Danish and Norwegian term that stands for a feeling of coziness and well-being by enjoying the simple things in life.

At Sukhi, we highly treasure coziness and comfort and we've found an incredible way to incorporate the art of hygge into our rugs. Winter months are the time of the year when we want to feel warm, relaxed and cozy. It's the time when we want to feel hygge. A warm, woolen rug is our solution for this, which is why we have three different fluffy designs that'll instantly create the ultimate warmth and coziness in your home.

Braided felt rugs

Crafted from the finest wool known to humanity, these rugs are something extraordinary. After the felting process that makes the wool more resistant to moisture and more durable, the process of braiding begins. Our artisans put their heart and soul into weaving these rugs and dyeing them by hand. But the results speak by themselves because you get a stunning, luxurious looking rug that's just as practical as it's gorgeous.


Credit: @Lauraschra

With endless styling possibilities, you can place this rug just about anywhere. Available in six lovely colors and completely customizable, you can choose the piece that fits your space perfectly. No matter where you decide to put these rugs, whether it be your bedroom, home office or living room, they'll illuminate the area, making it look bright, relaxing and calming.

Just look at the carefully braided lines of all Sukhi braided rugs. Breathtaking, magical and so hygge, don't you think?

Braided wool rugs

Everybody has that one favorite winter sweater that makes them feel warmer and cozier than anything else in the world. Imagine that soft feeling on your skin. Now picture that softness and warmth under your feet too. That's how you'll feel every day if you bring one of our braided wool rugs in your home. Nothing hugs your feet better and gives them the plush, magical touch than a thick, handwoven wool rug.


Credit: @my_home_my_haven

Feel the soft love of these rugs and give your home the new life by placing them in your favorite relaxing spot. The area around fireplace seems like an ideal place for these cozy rugs. While the fire crackles, make some tea or coffee, curl up on your beautiful rug and breath deeply. We guarantee you'll feel warmer than ever before and experience hygge on an entirely new level.

Go ahead and choose from three rustic, earthy colors we offer, customize your rug of choice and prepare yourself for the magic you're going to experience.

Flat weave rugs

Both enchanting and unique, flat weave rugs are something never seen before. You'll fall head over hills for their elegant design and incredible flat patterns that can be seen from both sides. Although this is more than enough reason to fall in love with these gorgeous rugs, there's something more you'll adore about them.


Timeless as they are, these rugs can be placed in any room in your home and they'll shift the energy of space in a split second. Feel free to slide your furniture over them and don't worry – they won't bend. They're entirely flat, remember? The sheep wool flat weave rugs are made from will look as good as new even after many years of use. Plus, they'll never get out of fashion.

Pick one of the wonderful four colors that works the best for your space and then customize it as you please. A custom wool or felt rug will feel even more special because you'll know that no one has the same.

Braided felt, braided wool or flat weave, which of our hygge rugs is near and dear to your heart the most?

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