As one of the rooms in your home where you’ll spend the most time, the living room is definitely space you want to pay a lot of attention to. This is the place where you’ll gather with your family or friends to watch movies and eat popcorns, where you’ll read your favorite books, where you’ll welcome your guests and neighbors...

As such, the living room deserves that you style and decorate it with only the best and the most beautiful furniture and details. Although all Sukhi rugs are undoubtedly suitable for this room, we’ve handpicked top 5 of them from all four of our collections. Each of them has the power to make your living room cozier, more inviting and more eye-catching than ever.

Ali braided felt rug

No matter which of the braided rugs you choose for your living room, you’ll bring something practical and, at the same time, luxurious into your home. Coming in six matted colors, Sukhi braided wool rugs breath new level of comfort and will surely earn compliments from everyone that visits your home.


Credit: @ellefotografie

As hygge never gets out of fashion, no matter the time of the year, think of decorating your living room in this style. A white braided rug is a perfect choice if you decide to go with this idea. Mix it with boho details on the walls and light a few candles to create a soothing, peaceful atmosphere.

Aicha Beni Ourain rug

Not a real hygge fan? No problem because you can still opt for a white rug, but style your living room in a more modern manner. That’s when Beni Ourain rugs come to the scene.


We think a rug with a lovely medium diamond pattern such as Aicha can add a slightly vintage vibe to your living room space. You can add furniture in brighter, more bold colors as a contrast to this neutral rug. A daring blue sofa is our choice, but you can choose any statement piece you like.

Custom felt ball rug

With so many beautiful colors you get to choose from, it’s always hard to decide on just one of our felt ball rugs. That’s why the best idea is to create your custom rug taking into account your favorite style, your character and personality.


Credit: @Bonjourtangerine

For these cheerful spring days, we recommend you go with a lovely lemon yellow rug in round shape. We’re already overheard pets love to rest on it and something tells us you and your guests will also love to lay or stretch on it.

Melisa patchwork rug

It’s always a good idea to pick a durable rug that’ll last you for generations, especially for the living room area where there’s a lot of traffic and people. Crafted from vintage cotton, goat hair and wool, Melisa patchwork rug looks very natural and feels incredibly soft.


Can you even tell that it’s between 35 and 60 years old? Of course you can’t because it represents the blend of both vintage and modern and looks stunning in every living room. This rug speaks for itself, so just a few furniture pieces around it are more than enough to make any space more beautiful than ever.

Pranit hand knotted rug

If you’ve ever wanted to be a part of the wonderful Oriental world, one of our new hand knotted, modern oriental rugs can afford you that experience in your living room. We think the gorgeous blue Pranit rug speaks for itself, which is why we find it a fantastic choice for anyone who has exotic taste in home decor.


Has one of these 5 rugs captured your heart and deserves to be welcomed in your living room? If not, feel free to browse through our rugs collections. We’re more than sure you’ll find a rug of your own taste and style, a rug worthy of your living room.

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