Refined, aristocratic, rich and vibrant in their beauty, Indian oriental rugs were a praised possession since ancient times. From the intricate designs, colors and styles in Mughal Empire rugs, these rugs have evolved through the centuries and are today known for their unique personality and style.

Although Indian oriental rugs were influenced by Persian rug weaving tradition, they’ve still developed their distinct look and are nowadays among the most desirable rugs on the market.

We also couldn’t resist their gorgeous patterns, outlines, designs and colors, which is why we decided to take part in the tradition and create our own Sukhi modern oriental rugs. We’re sure you’re going to fall in love with them too.

Floral Design

There’s a deep meaning behind each and every color, pattern and design of our Indian modern oriental rugs. Each of them features uniquely interwoven patterns, color palettes and densely packed colors and that’s mainly the case with the rugs that have floral patterns.


Every plant or flower woven into this rugs represents something magical. If you notice carnation, know that it symbolizes wisdom. The same way, the lotus is purity, bamboo is wealth and honor, chrysanthemum represents long life, while the tree of life is a symbol of eternal paradise.

We love how well floral designs go with the color blue, which represents the truth. If you want to show your personality, intelligence and cheerful nature, a blue rug with a floral design is your way to go.

Traditional Design

We like to look at the design of these rugs as traditional because their appeal seems so classy and sophisticated. This design is asymmetrical and very picturesque, with great attention to details and reality.


The primary focus is on the bright palette of colors with subtle pieces and details that tell their unique story. Making of modern oriental rugs is a challenging, but very rewarding task and rugs in traditional representations and designs are the most wonderful proof of this.

We like them to be in predominantly red, which symbolizes happiness and joy. That’s precisely how you’ll feel if you bring one of these rugs into your home.

Abstract design

The beauty of rugs in conceptual design lays in the multiple meanings you can incorporate into them. They’re vibrant and unmistakably mysterious and magical.


Crafted from natural and sustainable materials, with the use of only natural dyes and durable yarn and bamboo silk that gives them their breathtaking shine, abstract modern oriental rugs are for artists and other creative souls.


There are a lot of colors you can choose from, but our heart goes to green abstract design that represents paradise. Also, green is perfect for both spring and summer because it’s so cheerful and lively, don’t you think?

We hope you’ve found one of these modern oriental rug designs appealing. If not, don’t you worry. Take a look at our Nepalese felt ball rugs, Turkish patchwork rugs, Moroccan Beni Ourains or any other rug from our Indian collection and you’ll surely find your favorite rug.