Don’t you find home makeovers and redecorating your interiors extremely rewarding? At Sukhi, we definitely feel so! But what happens when you suddenly run out of fresh ideas on how to decorate your new home or bring attention to certain areas? If you feel like you’ve hit a creative rut when it comes to home decor, we’re here to help! Our solution: the round rug!


In this blog post, we will take you on a journey of discovering the round rug. But rest assured, there will be no confusion or fear on this journey, only “Ohh” and “Wow” moments! We’ll tell you more about round rugs and also sprinkle in some useful tips for you to use the next time you are considering buying one for your own space. By the end of this blog post, we hope to have convinced you that round rugs don’t need to be scary - they are, in fact, a really cool way to differentiate yourself from others and bring more charm into your home.

So, are you ready to learn more about round rugs and how to style them? Let’s get right into it then!

When should you choose a round rug?

The most popular rug shape is, of course, the rectangle rug. We see them everywhere: in the living room, under the dining table, and in the narrow hallway. 

But sometimes you need a beautiful round rug to create a lovely composition. Round rugs work well with certain furniture or in certain places, like nurseries or study rooms. Small round rugs are also ideal for layering or defining an area like creating a reading place with your favorite armchair. But more on how to style these unique rugs later.

Nowadays, round rugs are getting more attention than ever. At Sukhi, we’ve definitely seen a spike in demand for our round felt ball rugs, for instance. These unique hand-made rugs from Nepal come in a lot of available sizes, rich colors, and breathtaking patterns. And just like most of our rugs, you can entirely customize them to match your design preference and style. These have made these round rugs a popular choice for many customers from all around the world! 

7 reasons why round rugs are the right choice for your space

Now that you have seen how popular round rugs are, you probably feel keener on trying it yourself. But if you are still on the fence or wondering how round rugs can create a magical decor in your home, we have you covered! Here are 7 easy yet effective ways they do. You’ll never look at a round rug the same way ever again!

1. Round rugs soften and deepen any area

We’re surrounded by rectangular objects, walls, and furniture pieces in our homes, especially if our home is styled in a modern, industrial way. Such houses and apartments need something that’ll cleverly soften the space and make any area feel more intimate, deep, and personal. That’s a job round rugs do amazingly well.

The reason why you want to soften those hard lines is not simply for the aesthetic. In fact, Chi, energy flow, moves in a circular motion. Round rugs allow Chi to flow freely into your space creating good Feng Shui in your home.


2. Round rugs create a cohesive look

Do you have many circular objects in a room that look kind of disconnected? Well, a round rug can connect all of them in a unique way without it looking overwhelming. It does a pretty amazing job! To match your specific needs, choosing a custom round rug in fresh, bright colors can be a real jackpot for such rooms and areas. It serves as a central point of the room that successfully connects all furniture pieces, lighting, shapes, and overall architecture of the area, creating a harmonious living space. 

3. Round rugs can dress up a corner

If you are more of a minimalist, you will probably love the Wabi Sabi design style. In Wabi Sabi, interior designers choose to decorate a corner of the room, this is known as the “one-corner” style. We believe that a round rug can help you achieve this successfully! 

To achieve the “one-corner” style, start by dressing up the corner of your room with your favorite armchair or table and delicately place a luxurious round rug underneath it to highlight the area. We propose going for a soft Beni Ourain rug. Your bare feet will feel like they’re stepping on a cloud!



4. Round rugs are great for layering

Ever wondered how to combine multiple rugs in an open floor plan? Layer them up by mixing and matching different shape rugs! Try adding a patterned rug on top of (or vice-versa) a plain, more neutral rug and see how much visual impact this creates. The perfect patterned rug to work with is an oriental rug. This rug is absolutely beautiful and draws attention to its eye-catching design and quality.

A round rug can sit nicely on top of or next to a rectangular rug. Round rugs are also a great way to delineate a statement chair, table or other pieces of furniture in the living space.

5. Round rugs add warmth and texture

Who doesn’t like it when their home looks warm and cozy? We thought so! But all these rich feelings of texture, depth, and warmth aren’t always easy to create. That’s when a round rug steps in. 

To add warmth and texture to your room place your round rug over your ceramic, tiles, or laminate floors. This will make your room pop and keep you cozy during the winter months, for sure!

6. Round rugs make small rooms more open

Whatever color and pattern you choose, if you place a round rug in a small space, it’ll surely create the effect of a visually bigger area. These rugs will make the room more open, bright, and airy while softening any hard edges of your furniture. 

As an additional bonus, you and your kids will love laying on it the whole day. Round rugs are an incredible addition to nurseries and can create a cute small play zone for your little ones (and yourself!). Like our round multicolored felt ball rug that is made of pure wool from New Zealand making it soft and safe for your baby to roll, crawl and sleep on!


7. Round rugs draw attention to the desired area

Round rugs can draw attention to any part of the room you like, creating an intimate conversation area. This way, they become the focal point of the space and enhance the coziness of the whole room. This is something you’ll probably want to do in your living room so that you can awe your guests with a magnificent heirloom rug. We promise that you will never have to think about good conversation-starters again with an amazing round rug in your living room!

How to choose a round rug for your space

So, you’re pretty much convinced that a round rug is the right choice for you. But now the question is: what size should you get? Indeed, when it comes to rugs, size does matter! 

When you choose a round rug, remember to go bigger instead of smaller. It is better to have all your couches, sofas, and chairs sit comfortably on top of the rug (with a few inches to spare) or, at least, have the front legs on the rug. You, also, always want the round rug to be larger than the round table or any other curvy furniture you are placing it under.



At Sukhi, our round rugs come in so many different sizes, ranging from a circumference of 20 cm all the way to 300 cm! On top of that, we offer custom round rugs as well to fit your every needs and preference. If you want to learn more about this, read our popular blog post on how to design your own custom rug!

The right round rug will elevate any living space

Are you convinced that round rugs can give your home a new shine? We bet you are! Round rugs are great to soften the roughness of more squarish furniture and angles in your home. They also are great to use when you want to highlight a certain feature or spot in your room. And we just think they are a great conversation-starter with guests! So give them and try and see how it goes. We’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

And don’t forget to tag us on Instagram once you’ve found your perfect Sukhi rug! We’d love to see what amazing interior design ideas you’ve come up with and share it with the Sukhi community!

Happy decorating!

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