Refreshing your home and finding new ways to add interest and depth to it is extremely rewarding. If you’ve, however, run out of ideas on how to draw attention to different areas of your home or you simply like trying new ideas, think about the round rug.

Nowadays, round rugs are getting more attention than ever. Round felt ball rugs from Sukhi come in a lot of available sizes, rich colors and breathtaking patterns, plus you can entirely customize them. This means that no matter your design preference and style, you’re bound to find at least one that’ll look magical in your home.

Here are some of the benefits of owning a round rug:

1. Soften and deepen any area

We’re surrounded with rectangular objects, walls and furniture pieces in our homes, especially if your home is styled in a modern, industrial way. Such houses and apartments need something that’ll cleverly soften a space and make any area feel more intimate, deep and personal. That’s the job round rugs do amazingly well.


Credit: @Lesgrandesfillesmodeles

2. Create cohesive look

No matter how many circular objects you have in the room, a round rug can connect all of them in such a unique way that you’ll be surprised how amazing space looks like without the overwhelm. The custom rug in fresh, bright colors is a real jackpot for such rooms and areas. It serves as a central point of the room that successfully connects all furniture pieces, lighting, shapes and overall architecture of the area.


Credit: @Bonjourtangerine

3. Make small rooms more open

Whatever color and pattern you choose, if you place a round rug in a small space, it’ll surely create the effect of a visually bigger area. These rugs will make the room more open, bright and airy while softening hard edges of your furniture. As an additional bonus, you and your kids will love laying on it the whole day.


4. Add warmth and texture

Who doesn’t like it when their home looks dashing? Rich feelings of texture, depth and warmth aren’t always easy to create. That’s when a round rug steps in. Make sure to place it over your ceramic floors, tiles or carpets since that’s where it’ll truly shine.


5. Draw attention to the desired area

Creating an intimate conversation area, round rugs can draw attention to any part of the room you like. That way, they become the focus, central point of the space and enhance the coziness of the whole room. This is something you’ll probably want to do in your living room and we’re sure your Sukhi rug will also soon become the central point of all your conversations.


Credit: @Kisseundkarma

Are you convinced that round rugs can give your home a new shine? Give them and try and see how it goes. We’re sure you won’t be disappointed.