Rug lovers, we hear you! Picking the right rug color can be a really hard decision. And when you are about to buy a high-quality handmade rug, you want to get that color right! In today’s blog, we are going to address how to pick the right color rug for your living room so that you can confidently buy your next rug with zero regrets!

So, grab a cup of tea and get ready: we are about to answer your burning questions when it comes to choosing the right rug color for your living room. Let’s go.

How to choose the best rug color?

At Sukhi, we love creativity in all their shapes and forms. So we strongly encourage you to be as playful as you want with rug colors! We even have a visualizer tool you can use to have some fun with our different rugs!

But we do know that there are some important things to consider when it comes to colors. Of course, we all want the colors in our living room to blend in well together and create harmony in the space. So to help you decide on your next living room rug color, let’s explore when to use neutral versus bold colors.

1. When to use neutral colors for your rug

Many of us tend to pick the safe side and buy a rug in neutral tones. Although these rugs are absolutely gorgeous, there are specific reasons to choose them so that they elevate your decor.  


What we like to do before deciding on whether to get a neutral-colored rug is to see how the rest of the room is looking currently. If you have a lot of color and texture going on in your room lready, you want to pick a neutral-colored rug. This brings harmony to the whole room and creates a warm cozy effect.

Light grays, beige, brown and peachy tones are all great options when you want colors that can blend in well with the environment even when you decide to switch things up!

Light and neutral colors also work well in small spaces as they can make your living space appear bigger and brighter. This makes it ideal for decorating your small office space or baby’s room! 

2. When to use bold colors for your rug

On the other hand, more adventurous hearts cannot resist a bold-colored rug! But a bold-colored rug does not have to be intimidating or hard to pull off. In fact, it is a great way to make a statement and show your personality! 

Our advice when choosing a bold-colored rug is to scan your surroundings and make sure the biggest piece of furniture in the room is a neutral color. This way, you are maintaining the focus on your bold-colored rug instead and turning it into the focal point of the room.


Also, try to match or complement the color of other smaller accessories in the room. Use the bold color as an accent that you can reproduce or complement in the living room. For instance, you can match the color of your rug with similar or complementary shades in the cushions, curtains and other small elements to tie everything together harmoniously. 

Bold-colored rugs work as amazing centerpieces of any living room and can be very versatile as well. Shift them to another room when you decide to redocorate or what about using them as a wall decoration (yes, for real!)?

3. When to use rugs with colorful patterns

If you are anything like us, you appreciate an eye-catching ethnic pattern on your rug. You may, however, hesitate to buy yourself a rug with colorful patterns as you might worry that it will be too busy for your living room. So here’s what you should know when it comes to vibrant patterns.

Pay attention to the design motifs on your patterned rug and how those blend well in your living room. For instance, if most of your upholstery has more solid and muted colors, you can elevate your room by adding a bright patterned rug. But if you already have colorful and patterned curtains, you might prefer a patterned rug that is more neutral-colored to maintain the aesthetic of the living room.


Oriental rugs are the perfect rugs when you are looking for unique designs and patterns. They easily create a sophisticated and magical look in any living room.

Choose a rug you love

While our tips will surely help you decide what color rug you should pick for your living room, we also want to encourage you to follow your heart! We have so many options available in our rug collection and invite you to browse through them as much as you want! We can even help you design and create your own custom rug if you prefer. Truly, the possibilities are endless, so allow your imaging to fly wild. You can always check our website for inspiration and reach out to ask questions. 

Happy shopping!


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