Have you ever wondered how to add a magical touch to an otherwise monotonous interior setting? Well, if you have a vibrant personality but your home is not reflecting the same, it’s time for you to get a boho rug! These rugs serve their purpose both aesthetically and functionally; they provide the right warmth, making any room look homely, and add a bold eclectic vibe to your living space. A perfect rug liberates the overall ambiance and holds up everything inside a room. Other times, it gives that color pop and draws your guests’ attention.

There are many ways to use boho rugs. They aren’t just meant for cold floors! These rugs are helpful in many ways. From traditional, classic wall to wall carpeting to the newer, modern contemporary designs, they give a softer hint, based on their size and placement. Using rugs can make any room look comfy or spacious; the choice is yours! In today’s Sukhi blog post will provide you with numerous ideas to decorate your house using different types of boho rugs. How can you bring this charm to your own home? Let’s find out!


What is a Boho Rug?

You’ll often see the term ‘boho’ used for describing a conventional yet ‘in fashion’ styling, mainly referring to music festivals such as Coachella and celebrities that dress up in certain trends. Boho, from the ‘bohemian,’ is a style that was initially associated with the popular hippie culture of the ’60s and ’70s. It absorbed many cultures, colors, and vibes as times passed. The boho home decor and art that you see today is a fine blend of famous fashion in 60 years.

Boho style rugs are full of arty insight, intricate details, and geometric patterns. They are famous worldwide for their wanderlust vibe and blending of colors. The patterns are usually a mixture of vivid and subdued colors, which give a wicked yet romantic touch to the whole setup. These rugs may look similar to the Persian style centerpieces, but boho is much less traditional than that. Interestingly, they can be used to suit many forms of trendy fashion.

Creative ways to use boho rugs

Rugs can completely transform any room, that’s for sure. Here’s some thinking out of the box: their usage is not confined to the floor alone! You can place them anywhere in the house, from the bedroom to the bathroom. Using rugs for a living area only is a weak stereotype that has already been broken by the best interior designers out there. Boho rugs can be placed everywhere!  The following are some creative ways to start your A-game decorating rooms with Bohemian style rugs.

Boho rugs in the bedroom

Using hand-made rugs in the bedroom is always in fashion, but small-sized rooms are often ignored in terms of decoration. The size is not an excuse for not decorating a room at all! Especially if it is your bedroom. Try a fringed or an intersecting boho rug, which gives a perfect comfy feeling to the place. It symbolizes peace itself! You can also top the bed with a perfectly bedroom rug, preferably with fringes, which gives a pared-down expression. When you want to get into the bed, fold it up and place it on its lateral side. It is an innovative idea to use a boho rug during the hot and humid season when heavy duvet covers look discomforting.


Have you ever thought about having a boho rug as a bed headboard alternative? You can definitely use these rugs as décor pieces on the wall behind your bed. Choosing soft colors would give an illusion of expansive space and add up as an ornamental item.

Boho rug in living room

Yes, everyone uses rugs in a living room, but the placement of a rug matters most. The most obvious use of rugs is as central pieces or in front of a sofa, but what if we tell you that there are more ways to use a boho rug? You can upgrade your sitting space without any help or money by draping the couch, chair, or the settee with any boho rug. It gives a fresh and smooth feel to the room. All you have to do is to find a rug that goes well with your design. Place the rug on the backset and lightly tuck it into the seam. Leave the tiny part of it hanging at the back, and when someone sits on that couch or chair, his weight will help retain the rug in its place.

Using the same ideas, you can add a comfy, woolen rug on an upholstered daybed. Just make sure that you pick something bigger than pillow or cushion size, or it wouldn’t pop up as desired. Add the mixed and matched cushions to complete the look; furry covers go best with a boho styled rug.

And don’t neglect your walls! Using rugs as wall hangings isn’t the newest idea, but once again: placement matters. Pick mats with a more defined border, such as the warm patterns, chevrons, stripes, or interwoven rugs.

If you are wondering how to style your open floor plan with multiple rugs, we got your back! Here’s a comprehensive blog post we wrote about it. 

Boho rugs in the dining room

A boho rug adds a luxury look to any room, especially the dining area. And we all appreciate little glamour here and there. What is a better option than adding a hand-made carpet to a place where you enjoy your eating hours? 

Add a vibrant piece of boho styled rug to the regular dining table as a middle piece. Even mismatched carpets look great if contrasted well, bringing a luxurious vibe. If you are buying new furniture to try out a new look, try natural and hand-painted dining sets to go with your rugs. They complete a modern dining area’s overall vibe! Place them on the floor or hang it to the walls, based on the color scheme and pattern, they will blend in superbly. 


Boho rugs in the kitchen

Following the conventional decoration scheme, two small-sized rugs are the best for full-sized kitchens since there are several lanes and counters in a big kitchen. A boho rug looks best when paired with matching kitchen chairs. Why not experiment a little when you have access to comfy and useful carpeting? Instead of the conventional styling, you can also pick a soft, woolen rug that is durable and easy to clean- just in case anything spills on it. The biggest reason people don’t use rugs in the kitchen is for fear of more stubborn stains. Fear no more! With wool boho rugs, washing them is the best thing to do—one can use these rugs on kitchen floors even with the predictable kitchen spills.

For a narrow kitchen, pick a multicolor or stripy design, to give a spacious look. You can pretty much use everything that goes well with your color scheme and personal likings. For more creative souls, hang a beautiful boho rug on your kitchen wall to completely transform its appearance!

How to choose the right boho rug

Based on where you plan to use them, buying boho rugs can be tricky. Here are a few things to notice before making up your mind.

Pattern: It is easy to style with simple patterns when you are styling the floors. Boho rugs offer an amazing variety of detailed patterns which have their own unique characters. Picking a pattern that doesn’t obstruct the visual field is ideal. Patterns that cause illusions are straining to the eyes, making the whole room ‘noisy’ and ‘loud’ so make sure that you are choosing ones that complement and elevate your space. 


Shape: the layering of rugs increases the coziness factor. Indeed, choosing the right shape adds up to the visual engagement. The general rule is to use a rectangle rug in a rectangle-shaped room and a square rug in a square-ish room. Playing with shapes is artistic, exciting, and appealing, but requires careful stylistic skills. Also, make sure to measure the space and furniture first before buying a rug.

Style: The depth and warmness of a rug help highlight any space. Ensure that the style compliments the other embellishments, paint, wallpaper, and furniture of the room. Sometimes a white or cream boho rug with detailed texture works wonders!

Color: Introducing a rug not only adds comfort but also adds color to any space in the house. Choosing the right color is integral for flawless interior design. Colors that are too bright complicate the overall view, and ones too bland are almost unnoticed in a room. Playing with colors gives birth to innovation, but choosing too many colors would be a problem, especially if they are all vibrant. 


Size: Whichever rug you are interested in, remember to pick the right size that fits the room well. If you are looking for a centerpiece for the floor, make sure that you pick a slightly bigger size than the border of your table. If the table legs are placed outside the rug’s zone, your beautiful rugs patterns will be shadowed entirely. For a walled rug, measure your wall, and buy something that fits the space. Likewise, pick something that is neither too small nor too big for the furniture, such as a sofa, daybed, and seats.

Boho rugs will elevate any living space!

To sum up, the right choice of boho rug will give a new shine to the entire house. Never ignore this amazing, affordable embellishment if you want a beautiful interior.  Now, you can start looking for the perfect rug to place in your happy home. Don’t forget to share your creative interior ideas using boho rugs with us by tagging us on Instagram! Happy shopping and styling!


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