Have you heard that Turkish patchwork rugs are in this year? Carefully stitched together from different rug pieces, these rugs are of world-class quality and look stunning in any home. They’re daring, modern and easy to maintain. Do you need more reasons to get one for your home?

If you do, we’ll just tell you that at Sukhi you can choose from a few different collections of patchwork rugs. Overdyed, kilim, caput or environmentally friendly, hemp option, there are so many unique rugs you can make your own. And we’ll give you some insider tips on how to style them anywhere in your home.


Styling patchwork rug in your bedroom is all about playing with lights, details and colors. This being said, make sure to go with a more daring and striking option, like one of the overdyed rugs. The fact that these rugs are dyed twice enhances colors and makes them stand out even more.


Credit: @lillyandthefrenchie

Ensure to put the rug beside the window or another source of natural light. Light will make the floral and geometric patterns of the rug shine in all their beauty. Bonus tip: boho chic is the style that compliments overdyed rugs the most, so you might want to splash a few boho or retro details all around the bedroom to highlight its character.

Living room

One of the most durable materials and the best eco-friendly option, rug made of 100% natural hemp is the perfect design for the living room. As the room with most foot traffic, living room seeks for the rug that can withstand all that traffic and still look breathtaking at the end of the day.


Credit: @malin.safin

That’s why you’ll find that Irmak hemp rug made for this area. It’s sturdy and brings depth to space. This rug looks the best in a modern setting, with industrial details and an added note of personal touch.


In the kitchen, you’ll want a rug that feels peaceful, soothing and relaxing, so that you can relax and commit to making the most delicious meals. Caput patchwork rug made of vintage cotton, goat hair and wool is, therefore, the best option for this place.


Minimalism is essential in the kitchen, so a rug as a central point is more than enough in this area. Put it in the center of the room and enjoy at the look of it while you prepare your favorite food for the family.

Now that you know all the best tips for styling patchwork rugs in your home, have you decided in which room you’ll place it?