Winter is finally here: time to find that cozy spot on your felt ball rug and enjoy some hot chocolate while reading your favourite book! And there’s no need to worry about being close to the heater or fireplace. With the progress in technology, we are now able to enjoy incredible heating systems in our house where heating is now under our floors! However, you have some pressing questions that need answering: will your rug affect your underfloor heating? In today’s blog post, we will discuss if we can we put a felt ball rug on a floor with underfloor heating and what are the things to consider.



Can felt ball rugs be used on underfloor heating?

The short answer to this question is yes – felt ball rugs are unlikely to affect your underfloor heating. However, it is important to understand why there would even be such a concern in the first place. Underfloor heating is a modern method of heating where electric cables or hot water pipes are placed under your flooring to heat your homes. This means you no longer require radiators.

However, floors with underfloor heating should be allowed to “breathe” so that it does not overheat and cause damage to your floorings. Owning a rug implies creating another level of insulation on top of your floor. This means that it is important to determine whether that extra layer will affect your underfloor heating. For this reason, we believe that wool rugs are the perfect rugs for underfloor heating. And because our beautiful felt ball rugs are so popular, we want to assure you that they are great rugs for underfloor heating as well!

What are felt ball rugs and why are they safe for underfloor heating?

At Sukhi, our felt ball rugs are made of 100% pure wool from New Zealand. The wool is then shipped to Nepal where our amazing team carefully rolls it into felt balls by hand. The wool is rinsed and rolled into balls multiple times until it becomes the perfect felt ball shape. Our team rolls thousands of balls this way. Then, the balls are dried naturally in the sun before finally being sewed carefully into our collection of felt ball rugs. So, all our felt ball rugs are rugs from Nepal.


The main reason why felt ball rugs are great for underfloor heating is because they are made of wool. Wool, as opposed to many synthetic materials, is heat resistant and durable. The wool fibres naturally conduct heat effectively and almost immediately release the heat out. This allows the heat to circulate easily from under the floors through the rugs and out in the room.

What precautions should you take with rugs on underfloor heating?

While we encourage to use felt ball rugs or any rugs made of wool on underfloor heating, there are also some things to consider so that you can have a stress-free experience.


Although being about 2cm thick, felt ball rugs are quite light and they are two-sided, so they can be turned around regularly. This makes them very practical for families with kids! However, the reason why you should be mindful of the thickness of your rug is that very thick rugs make longer it will take for it to release the heat into the room. This means that you might find yourselves having to wait a bit longer for the temperature to rise. Fortunately, these issues do not arise with felt-ball rugs that you can easily flip over when needed.


Since there is a risk of overheating, you need to be careful with the type of flooring that you have. Stone and tiles are good conductors and diffusers of heat and are probably the best to pair with rugs in the winter months. Wood floors, on the other hand, can get damaged from overheating if your rug is too thick or not the right material. Therefore, make sure that you are pairing the right rug size and thickness with the appropriate flooring.



When it comes to underfloor heating, size matters! Try your best to go for smaller rugs instead of big ones that will cover large surface areas. Small rugs that act more as accents than room insulators will ensure that the floors do not overheat and distribute the heat around the room freely. At Sukhi, you can also buy custom size rugs to make sure you have the right size for your room.

Great ways to decorate your place with felt ball rugs

Now that we have established that felt ball rugs are great rugs to use on underfloor heating, here are some tips and where and how to style your home with them. But, remember: the goal of having rugs in underfloor heated rooms is not to provide insulation from cold but more so to offer comfort and create accents in your living spaces. So, focus on how smaller sized rugs can really make a difference in your rooms in terms of style, aesthetic and mood.

Rugs in the living room

If you have more of an open living, dining and kitchen concept in your apartment, rugs can be used to stylishly define these different living spaces. Place a rectangle felt ball rug under your coffee table, to offer a softening tone to you living room and define the area. Sukhi’s felt ball rugs are the perfect living room rugs and marry well with wood or laminated floors.



Rugs in the bedroom

The most important place you would want to place your rug would be the bedroom. Who would not enjoy waking up every morning and having their feet greeted by a soft and warm rug by their bedside? Having a light colored felt ball rug as your bedroom rug will not only enhance the room but also provide you with comfort and warmth.

Rugs in the nursery

Since Sukhi’s felt ball rugs are made of 100% pure wool, they are non-toxic and allergy free. This makes it the perfect rug for nurseries. Felt ball rugs are eye-catching and add a playful touch to your baby’s room while providing you and your toddler a safe and comfortable experience.


Rugs in the kitchen

Felt ball rugs are a stylish addition to any kitchen. They provide some extra conform from the traditional tiles feeling. Place one next to the sink so that you can appreciate its softness while you are doing the dishes – the ultimate therapeutic experience!

Rugs in the study

Finally, another room where a felt ball rug can find its place is the study. These rooms are made for work and focus so laying your bare feet on the soft felt balls can act as a great stress reliever for those tense times. Place the rug under your desk or next to your favorite armchair.

So, felt ball rugs are definitely unique in style and have become an effortless way to decorate any home. You can easily buy rugs online on our Sukhi website and find the perfect felt ball rug for you!

These rugs can act as a bold statement or soften the visual effect of any room in one easy placement. Do not hesitate to indulge in a beautiful felt ball rug during these winter months as they will not affect your underfloor heating.



Felt ball rugs are unique, eye-catching and perfect for families with young children. They are available in different shades, colors and patterns to fit your preferences. The Sukhi team encourages you to have one - or even many - during these winter months.


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