At Sukhi, we are known for our innovative designs and fine workmanship in the creation of beautiful, handmade rugs. Made with unique designs, our rugs tell a story of tradition, lifestyles, cultures and people.

Our handmade rugs have gained popularity for their longevity, strong colors and lavish textures. They are characterized by modern designs but feature old weaving techniques. We offer many styles, designs and colors.

Turkish rugs have been the gold standard in floor covering for thousands of years. At Sukhi, we create fascinating Turkish rugs, beautiful and built to last for generations. Our patchwork rugs are natural, durable and versatile and you’re going to fall in love with them at first sight.


Ethical product

Sukhi is an online marketplace on a mission to create exceptional, high quality and ethically produced rugs. All our products are 100% hand-woven, unique and authentic. We are passionate about preserving cultures, as well as rediscovering threatened rug weaving traditions. For us, rug weaving is not just about the financial benefits, it's also an important craft that sustains the artistic expression of some of the richest cultures in the world while helping create customized spaces for homes.


Our Turkish rugs will give a personalized environment you want in your home and add beauty to your life. You could also custom order a patchwork rug and our artisans will incorporate your colors of choice and optimal size. When you buy our rugs, you buy a story. A story that has been carefully crafted and passed down for many generations. This is what makes Sukhi handmade rugs priceless. We create something that you will treasure and be proud of.


Credit: @Dunistudio

High-quality products, fair trade and integrity are at the core of our business model. Sukhi is a female name in Nepali which means happy and we strive to live up to our company's name meaning. We want our rugs to make you happy.

Entirely customizable 

If you would like to see a certain design in your house, we will help you create a unique rug that is perfectly tailored to your personal taste. Our skilled artisans will custom make a patchwork rug bespoke to your specific requirements. Whether you decide to customize one of our existing designs or let your creativity flow and come up with a new design, our expert artisans will guide you through every step. 

Lower prices

High prices are a great concern for many. At Sukhi, we believe you deserve that amazing handmade rug at an affordable price. To keep our prices low, we have cut all overhead costs. We work directly with the artisans who create our rugs and sell them to you directly, avoiding middlemen, physical stores and warehouses which usually push the price of rugs up.


Only the highest quality

As advocates of exceptional quality, we provide textiles and finishes of the highest quality. Our artisans only use high-quality, allergy-free and non-toxic materials. Before shipping out any rug, we perform a detailed quality check. 

Good working conditions for our artisans

We encourage and foster a good working environment to inspire our talented artisans to take joy in their work and give their very best. Other than providing our employees with excellent working conditions, we also offer great pay. We believe in fair trade and want our customers to know that the artisan who created the lovely rug they are buying is happy and treated well.


Our artisans work from the comfort of their homes. It's easier for them to have a balance between work and life that way. To sharpen our artisans' skills, we offer them comprehensive training. 

Enhance the overall look of your space with our handmade, patchwork rugs and add a touch of luxury to your home. Design your own personalized rug according to different patterns, sizes and materials and pick the most suitable rug for your home decor.