Sunny days have been sneaking on us for a while now, but no matter what happens, summer countdown has already started and nothing can stop it. Summer is the season that cheers spirits and improves mood and nobody is immune to its charms.

What better way to live this season to the fullest than to do a home makeover. There's no better and quicker way to do so than getting a new rug. And you know us, we already have a few top Sukhi rugs suggestions in our sleeves that'll instantly lift the mood in your summer home.

Woolen loop rug

Striking and fascinating, Advik rug deserves to be taken outside where it can enjoy the summer night sky with lots of stars but also compliments from your neighbors. This being said, we think a good place for it is your porch, patio or garden.


Credit: @Eclectichamilton

Crafted from felted New Zealand wool in thick lines folded over tightly, this wool rug is made of lots of gorgeous bobbles that are so cute you won't resist staring at them the whole day. But that's precisely what Advik wants to achieve.

Cut felt rug

Of all available cut felt rugs in our Indian collection, Araav is by far the most cheerful and colorful. We infused rainbows, elegance, luxury and rich textures into it and we got a true masterpiece.


Greens, blues, reds, whites and so many other colors intertwine in a magical game that makes a design of this rug so eye-catching and breathtaking. Although it's perfect for any space, Araav likes to be seen and admired, which is why we suggest you put it in your living room where it'll, most certainly, be adored by everyone who sees it.

Stone rug

Neutral in their essence, but perfect for summer in so many other ways, our stone rugs are made of 100% softest wool you can imagine. They bring a touch of nature to any space and if you add your favorite flowers all around them, they transform into perfect summer rugs.


Credit: @Nicholnaranjo

Besides, they look like pebbles on the beach, which is yet another factor that makes them perfect for summer. As for the place in your home, make sure to put them to your creative space, whatever room in your home that is.

Felted woolen yarn rug

Both modern and classic, Atharv rug fits any room with style and elegance that only this rug can achieve. Our artisans in India make it with great attention to details.


Add this rug to any space that needs a festive and cheerful atmosphere and watch it as it brings a colorful summer vibe and sunny mood.

Braided wool rug

Don't let the warm look and feel of the Kalim rug fool you that this rug is only for colder months. When combined with the right details, it transforms itself in one of the most wonderful summer rugs.


Credit: @deucecitieshenhouse

The best place for this rug is bedroom because that's where you'll want to feel most peaceful, relaxed and cozy. You can add a few real or faux flowers to enhance the summer vibe, but this is optional.

We believe you've found at least one rug that you'd like to showcase in your summer home, but if you haven't take a look at one of our braided felt rugs, flat weave or modern oriental rugs. You'll surely find more than one option and make sure to let us know which Sukhi rug won your heart.