Turkish patchwork carpets are praised the world over for their symbolic designs, traditional weaving patterns and rich color saturation. You may have your eye on one of our Turkish rugs for those very same reasons!

Kilim Rugs

For hundreds of years, handmade carpets have been prized pieces of adornment for the homes of the nomadic Turks. Here at Sukhi, we offer several types of these classic rugs. First, there is the Kilim, a flat tapestry-woven carpet. The first appearance of Kilim dates back to at least 7000 BC. One truly feels as if they have captured a moment in ancient history by having one of these beautiful pieces displayed in their home. What adds to our Kilim rugs’ rustic appearance is that they are each 35 to 60 years old! The patterns used in Kilim symbolize certain customs of their makers. The artisans put their own experiences and histories into these rugs. For example, symbols and threading featured in Kilim rugs may denote: good luck charms as protection from evil, the number of children the craftswoman has or relate to special stories rooted in their family history.


Our Kilim rugs are made from half cotton and half goat hair, making them smooth yet durable pieces of fabric. Working with their hands, our artisans use these high-quality, natural materials to capture the essence of daily life in the regions they hail from. In this way, the carpets are transformed into creative pieces of individual expression. Their tales of joy and sorrow, loss and triumph are shown through the colors, patterns and symbols they weave together. When you purchase a Turkish rug, you are not just purchasing a piece of material, you are purchasing a story. A story that has been crafted and passed down through generation after generation. This is what makes these handmade carpets priceless.

Overdyed Patchwork Rugs

Overdyed patchwork rugs are another stunning Turkish art form. They are instantly recognizable from their vibrant colorings. Our aged rugs in combination with striking, colorful dyes create the perfect balance of modern and vintage. They are perfect for virtually any design aesthetic. One of our favorite ways to style our overdyed rugs are as statement pieces in rooms that primarily feature neutral décor. They may also be paired with a bright sofa or chair to create an eye-catching interior. Naturally dyed carpets are less prone to fading than chemical dyes. Sukhi’s Turkish carpets feature natural dyes for sustainability.


When Turkish carpets were introduced to Europe, they became massively popular. As it became harder and harder to meet supply demands, production factories and machine-made products began to appear. Mass-produced rugs are less costly, but also result in low-quality products. Handmade carpets have remained in Turkish culture as valuable art forms. We preserve Turkish history and culture by providing our customers with authentic, handmade crafts, straight from our Turkish artisans.


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