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Are Sukhi rugs covered by a warranty?
Yes. Each rug we sell comes with a full five-year warranty. This warrants the rug against manufacturing defects in workmanship or materials for a five (5) year period from the date of the original purchase.. We will repair or replace, at our discretion, the rug without charge. Normal wear and tear is not warranted. Please contact us to register a claim under this warranty.
Are there additional import duties and taxes for me to worry about paying?
Nope. Sukhi handles paying these taxes for you. If you are ever charged additional fees or taxes for any reason, please contact us and we will refund you right away.
Can I order a rug sample?
Yes, you can order a sample of any rug you see on the Sukhi website.
Can you explain why I see small imperfections or size differences in my rug?
All Sukhi rugs are made by hand. We only use skilled and highly experienced artisans. Handmade rugs are labor-intensive. That means often more than one artisan will work on a rug. This process can account for minor differences. Handmade rugs can have small size variations of up to 3%. This is due to different techniques used by different artisans. Plus, each rug is handmade and unique. Also think about the shearing process with wool. Shearing is completed by hand. This does result in some unavoidable, minor irregularities. In no way, does this mean that the rug is flawed. Think of it as a part of what makes every Sukhi rug unique. No two Sukhi rugs will ever be the same. We wouldn’t have it any other way.
Do you have a showroom?
Nope and we’re proud of that fact. When you work with Sukhi, you are working directly with the artisans that make your rug. We don’t have a showroom and this allows us to keep prices low. If you wish, you can always order a sample of a rug for a small fee.
Do you sell wholesale?
Yes, Sukhi does sell wholesale. Contact our trade team to learn more!
Do you work with interior designers, architects and stylists?
Yes! We love designers and we’re glad you found us. We regularly work with interior designers, architects and stylists. We are happy to offer qualified interior decorators, architects and designers exclusive savings on many items. Please click here to learn more.
How do I measure to make sure I am purchasing the correct size rug?
There are two common mistakes that customers sometimes make. One is they buy a rug that is too small for their space. A large rug also makes a room look larger. The other problem is that they measure for their dining room. But they forget to account for chairs that are pulled away from the table. So how can you measure correctly? Be sure to think about the largest the rug could be. And think about the smallest it can be too. Questions? Just email us your ideas and questions. We’ll be happy to give you free advice and inspiration.
Is it necessary to put a pad under my rug?
A pad will not damage your rug, and it has many benefits. Pads can be a good idea in high-traffic areas. Pads can help keep a rug in place. They will reduce slipping, bunching and sliding. They can provide additional cushioning. However, pads are not necessary for Sukhi rugs.
If I am not present to take the delivery, what happens?
Don’t worry - we have it covered. If you are not available at the time of delivery, you will be contacted to plan a new delivery date.
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Do you have a color chart I can use?
Yes! We would be happy to provide you with a color chart for a small fee.
How many felt balls does it take to make one felt ball rug?
On average, it takes 4,000 to 5,000 felt balls to make one felt ball rug. Each and every individual felt ball is also handmade. Wow!
What is the size of the felt balls used in Sukhi felt ball rugs?
The felt balls used are roughly 2 cm in diameter.
What materials are used for your felt ball rugs?
We only use the very best materials – 100% pure new wool from New Zealand. We put great care into our dye selection. That means only non-toxic, AZO free and non-allergic dyes are used. You’ll never find harmful compounds, waste materials or any cheap materials. Sadly, there are companies out there who fill up felt balls with waste material to save costs. We would never do this to our rugs. You’ll see and feel the difference.
Would it be possible to order a sample?
Sure! We love providing samples of these wonderful rugs. For a small fee, we will ship you a rug sample. That way you can see the quality firsthand. It’s easy to order a sample from the product page of each felt ball rug. We can even send samples of custom felt ball rugs
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Is an anti-slip pad necessary for my patchwork rug?
Yes, we believe that an anti-slip pad is a good idea. An anti-slip pad is an inexpensive way to help your rug stay in place.
What materials are used in your patchwork rugs?
We are proud of the fact we only use high quality materials. Each of our rugs is made from different 100% natural fibers. We use wool, goat hair, hemp and cotton. The dyes used in our rugs are non-toxic, AZO free and non-allergic.
Is it possible to order a patchwork rug in a different color, shape or size?
Yes, we can make your patchwork rug in any color, shape or size you wish. Simply contact us so that we can begin the process!
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Can I order a Beni Ourain rug in another size?
Absolutely! Our artisans can create Beni Ourain rugs in any size. Just let us know what you need. Do you need a Berber rug designed for a special space? Please contact us. We’ll get you a price quote as soon as possible.
Can I order a Beni Ourain rug without fringes?
No problem! We typically add decorative fringes to each rug. But we can change the rug based on your needs. Every rug is handmade for our customers. That means we can use the designs you prefer. We can also skip the fringes. Just let us know!
Do the fringes count towards the total rug measurements?
No. The listed rug size does not include the fringes.
How long does it take to make my Beni Ourain rug?
Each Beni Ourain rug is handmade for each customer. The process starts when we receive your order. It’s a lot of work. You can expect the rug will take at least 8-12 weeks. If you order a very big rug it can take a bit longer. By “very big” we mean larger than 3 meters. As soon as we’re finished, it will be shipped directly to you. We’ll email you the tracking details as soon as your rug is on its way to you.
What is the height of the pile?
The wool length is 30mm.
What materials are used for your Beni Ourain rugs?
Our Beni Ourain rugs are made from Moroccan wool. This is wool that is completely natural. It’s pure and undyed.
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Are your Indian rugs made with the use of child labor?
All Sukhi rug makers are adults. They are also Indian artisans who receive a fair wage. Rug making in India is serious business. Many makers also play a part in raising and sheering sheep. Some handle vegetal dye as well. These skills are passed down from one generation to the next. Yet, children are never involved in the process. They only observe and learn.
Do you have any tips for spotting a high-quality oriental rug?
We love this question. Yes, we do have several tips. We can’t say enough about the importance of the source materials. Sukhi uses only the highest quality materials to make our rugs. We adore things like bamboo silk. We often use the finest wool from New Zealand. A second factor to consider is a rug’s knot count. Look for a higher knot count. This will mean the quality of the rug is higher. Here’s a third essential factor. Be sure to always go handmade. Machine made rugs are rarely high quality. Yes, you may find machine made rugs to be less expensive. But they simply won’t last like handmade rugs. Always go with a handmade rug without exception! Then your chances of having a high-quality rug will go up.
Does Sukhi have different levels of rug quality and can I order one?
Yes, please contact us for details!
I have pets and/or children. Do I need to wait to get a wool or felt rug?
You’ll be happy to learn that woolen rugs are highly durable. The knots are woven extremely tight. That is why it is pretty much impossible for pets and children to destroy them.
I have my own design that I would love to see made into an oriental rug. Can Sukhi make this kind of rug?
Absolutely. Our team absolutely loves handling custom rugs. We can make virtually any type of rug design you would like. You can choose everything you want. You can decide the color, the size, the design and more. Just send us your design. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible!
Will my rug fade?
Sukhi artisans use an excellent dying process. The materials are also superb. Before we make the yarn into a rug, we wash it several times. It is also washed multiple times after the rug is completed. This entire process secures color in the best way possible. That’s why our colors do not run or fade.
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What about the quality of the Clearance items?
Sukhi has very high standards of quality. You’ll be happy to know one thing. All Clearance items are guaranteed to meet those standards. But what if your rug arrives damaged or defective? Please contact us right away. We will resolve the issue for you. And we’ll do it quickly.
Can I return a Clearance carpet?
Clearance rugs are non-returnable. They are heavily discounted. Also, they are generally sold far below the cost of producing them. They are less than the materials, the artisans’ salaries and the cost of shipping.
How fast are Clearance rugs shipped?
Clearance rugs are shipped within one week. We share the tracking information with you. We will do that as soon as we’ve shipped your rug.
The Clearance rug I wanted to purchase has sold out. Will more be available in the future?
Our Clearance rugs are unique. Once a rug is sold, an identical rug will likely not be available again. But perhaps we can make a similar rug for you. Please contact us. We will try to help.
Why do you have Clearance rugs?
Clearance rugs are in stock for a variety reasons. Sometimes they have been used for a photo shoot for a magazine article. In other cases, we have made them for future collections. Or they might be part of a discontinued collection. Some they are even samples for large projects. Clearance rugs are never second-hand used rugs. They are always in the same high quality as our new rugs.
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