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Can you explain why I see small imperfections or size differences in my rug?

All Sukhi rugs are made by hand. We only use skilled and highly experienced artisans. Handmade rugs are labor-intensive. That means often more than one artisan will work on a rug. This process can account for minor differences. Handmade rugs can have small size variations of up to 3%. This is due to different techniques used by different artisans. Plus, each rug is handmade and unique. Also think about the shearing process with wool. Shearing is completed by hand. This does result in some unavoidable, minor irregularities. In no way, does this mean that the rug is flawed. Think of it as a part of what makes every Sukhi rug unique. No two Sukhi rugs will ever be the same. We wouldn’t have it any other way.