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What about the quality of the Clearance items?

Sukhi has very high standards of quality. You’ll be happy to know one thing. All Clearance items are guaranteed to meet those standards. But what if your rug arrives damaged or defective? Please contact us right away. We will resolve the issue for you. And we’ll do it quickly.

Can I return a Clearance carpet?

Clearance rugs are non-returnable. They are heavily discounted. Also, they are generally sold far below the cost of producing them. They are less than the materials, the artisans’ salaries and the cost of shipping.

How fast are Clearance rugs shipped?

Clearance rugs are shipped within one week. We share the tracking information with you. We will do that as soon as we’ve shipped your rug.

The Clearance rug I wanted to purchase has sold out. Will more be available in the future?

Our Clearance rugs are unique. Once a rug is sold, an identical rug will likely not be available again. But perhaps we can make a similar rug for you. Please contact us. We will try to help.

Why do you have Clearance rugs?

Clearance rugs are in stock for a variety reasons. Sometimes they have been used for a photo shoot for a magazine article. In other cases, we have made them for future collections. Or they might be part of a discontinued collection. Some they are even samples for large projects. Clearance rugs are never second-hand used rugs. They are always in the same high quality as our new rugs.