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Do you have a color chart I can use?

Yes! We would be happy to provide you with a color chart for a small fee.

How many felt balls does it take to make one felt ball rug?

On average, it takes 4,000 to 5,000 felt balls to make one felt ball rug. Each and every individual felt ball is also handmade. Wow!

What is the size of the felt balls used in Sukhi felt ball rugs?

The felt balls used are roughly 2 cm in diameter.

What materials are used for your felt ball rugs?

We only use the very best materials – 100% pure new wool from New Zealand. We put great care into our dye selection. That means only non-toxic, AZO free and non-allergic dyes are used. You’ll never find harmful compounds, waste materials or any cheap materials. Sadly, there are companies out there who fill up felt balls with waste material to save costs. We would never do this to our rugs. You’ll see and feel the difference.

Would it be possible to order a sample?

Sure! We love providing samples of these wonderful rugs. For a small fee, we will ship you a rug sample. That way you can see the quality firsthand. It’s easy to order a sample from the product page of each felt ball rug. We can even send samples of custom felt ball rugs