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Are your Indian rugs made with the use of child labor?

All Sukhi rug makers are adults. They are also Indian artisans who receive a fair wage. Rug making in India is serious business. Many makers also play a part in raising and sheering sheep. Some handle vegetal dye as well. These skills are passed down from one generation to the next. Yet, children are never involved in the process. They only observe and learn.

Do you have any tips for spotting a high-quality oriental rug?

We love this question. Yes, we do have several tips. We can’t say enough about the importance of the source materials. Sukhi uses only the highest quality materials to make our rugs. We adore things like bamboo silk. We often use the finest wool from New Zealand. A second factor to consider is a rug’s knot count. Look for a higher knot count. This will mean the quality of the rug is higher. Here’s a third essential factor. Be sure to always go handmade. Machine made rugs are rarely high quality. Yes, you may find machine made rugs to be less expensive. But they simply won’t last like handmade rugs. Always go with a handmade rug without exception! Then your chances of having a high-quality rug will go up.

Does Sukhi have different levels of rug quality and can I order one?

Yes, please contact us for details!

I have pets and/or children. Do I need to wait to get a wool or felt rug?

You’ll be happy to learn that woolen rugs are highly durable. The knots are woven extremely tight. That is why it is pretty much impossible for pets and children to destroy them.

I have my own design that I would love to see made into an oriental rug. Can Sukhi make this kind of rug?

Absolutely. Our team absolutely loves handling custom rugs. We can make virtually any type of rug design you would like. You can choose everything you want. You can decide the color, the size, the design and more. Just send us your design. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

Will my rug fade?

Sukhi artisans use an excellent dying process. The materials are also superb. Before we make the yarn into a rug, we wash it several times. It is also washed multiple times after the rug is completed. This entire process secures color in the best way possible. That’s why our colors do not run or fade.