Cleaning instructions


Don’t forget to rotate wool rugs. This has to be done at least every 6 months. Rotating wool rugs ensures that they wear evenly.


When you first get your rug, give it a good vacuuming. You’ll want to make sure there are no loose particles. Then start a routine of vacuuming regularly. This keeps dirt from building up. Your rug is delicate and should be treasured. When you maintain it through vacuuming, it will last many years. Has all loose dirt been removed? Great. Now get your rug wet.

Stains on wool rugs

There are many methods to clean and remove stains from wool rugs. Each claims to be the best. We like the following method. Hose down your wool rug outside. Then gently sponge it with a watered-down detergent. To finish the cleaning, simply rinse the soap off the rug. Make sure that all the soap is off of it.

Dry your rug immediately

Wool rugs require a quick dry, so do your best to get rid of any excess moisture on the rug by squeezing it out. Or you can hang it out to dry under the sun. Whatever you do, avoid one thing. Do not put your wool rug in a dryer.

Preventing long term stains

Here’s what works best. Treat stains immediately after they occur. A diluted water and vinegar mixture normally does the trick. Never scrub your rug. Scrubbing only deepens stains. You can also use dry carpet cleaning foam. This removes spots and dirt from wool rugs. But be careful with other carpet cleaning products. They might do damage.

Cleaning service

Unsure about how to spot clean your rug? You can also get help from a professional. This is particularly true for stains like ink, large paint spills, and old dried wine and pet spots.