Cleaning instructions

We only use 100% new and pure wool. And we get that wool directly from New Zealand. This amazing material allows our team in Nepal to create durable and beautiful rugs. Here’s some news you’ll be happy to hear. Wool is soft and naturally repels both dirt and liquids. Felt ball rugs are very easy to clean. They have an impressive level of durability.


Keeping your felt ball rug dirt free only requires an occasional shaking and light regular vacuuming. Please note that you might see some dust particles under your rug. These dust particles are just soap from the felting process. They disappear quickly.

Stains and spills

Try to avoid getting your Sukhi rug wet. But we understand these things happen. In the event of a spill on your rug, use a soapy cloth and gently dab until the excess fluid is absorbed. It is important to rub gently. Continue rubbing and dabbing until the stain has disappeared or has been greatly minimized.

Cleaning service

Did the stain remain after you’ve followed the steps above? If so, you may want to opt for a professional carpet cleaning service.

Some stains may be too severe even for a professional carpet cleaning service. If this is the case, there is still a solution. Sukhi felt ball rugs are double sided, which means that you can reverse the rug to the unstained side.