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Cleaning instructions

Cleaning instructions

Sukhi oriental rugs are made of durable, sustainable materials. They are functional works of art. Like all rugs, Sukhi rugs need some cleaning and maintenance. This will help them maintain their optimal beauty. Sukhi rugs can last for hundreds of years. But they must receive the proper care.

Below are some tips for protecting your investment. Just follow these simply guidelines. Your Sukhi rug will last a very long time.

General maintenance

Sukhi oriental rugs do best when carefully washed by hand. Here’s one important tip. Never use harsh chemicals or detergents on your Sukhi rug. Periodic washing by hand will help protect your rug from damage. It will also remove dust and dirt. Handle your rug with care while you wash it. Professional carpet cleaning is another option to consider.


You should vacuum your Sukhi oriental rug once a week. Why do we recommend vacuuming? Small particles such as dust and dirt can actually cut into the rug’s fibers. Vacuuming helps to remove these particles. It also prevents the fibers from being compacted. Run the vacuum over every part of the rug with the exception of the fringe. Be sure to leave the fringe alone. It is also important to vacuum both sides of the rug. (Are you planning to use a beater brush? If so, adjust the brush so that contact with the rug is kept to a minimum.)


Like vacuuming, sweeping should be performed once per week. Might you display your Sukhi rug on a wall? Many of our customers do. In that case, they should be swept lightly once or twice per month. A wall mounted rug can still acquire dust. Here’s what to do during the sweeping process. Sweep gently and only in the direction of the fibers. First determine the direction of the fibers. Just run your fingers from one side to the other on the rug. That will tell you the direction to sweep.

Flipping the rug over

We suggest that twice a year, you flip over your Sukhi rug. Just leave it flipped over for about a week. Here’s why this is important. It will help get hard to reach dirt and particles out of the rug. Many of our customers are quite surprised when they do this. They can see just how much dirt their vacuum cleaners fail to remove. This is even true for high-powered modern vacuums.

The importance of rotation

Sunlight can damage a rug. That’s why you should rotate your rug. Go ahead and do it every month if possible. Do this and your rug will have a uniform color. It will never develop faded spots. Also, rotating your rug is good for something else. It will protect it from traffic. Here’s an easy tip to remember. Simply rotate your rug every time the season changes.

Protection from water

Water can damage your rug. Obviously, keep your rug out of flooded areas. Many rug owners often overlook the potential damage of moisture or damp floors. Never place your high-quality Sukhi rugs too close to intense sources of moisture or water. This can damage the rug.

What is the #1 overlooked source of water we see? It is leaking from potted plants. Placing your plants on top of stools reduces this risk.

But what if your rug does come into contact with a significant amount of water? Just remove the rug from the area immediately. Pat out the water slowly and gently with a cloth, then vacuum.

Remember to let your rug dry first. Otherwise, you could seriously damage your vacuum cleaner. Finally, leave the rug in a dry place.

Vomit and urine

Vomit and urine can be very destructive to rug fibers. It is essential that you act quickly to clean pet urine and vomit. Otherwise they can permanently stain your rug. Vomit should first be scooped away. Once the area has been cleaned, saturate it thoroughly with water. Then begin dabbing with paper towels. Remember the back of the rug as well. Place paper towels on the back of the rug. This will reduce the risk of damage. Lastly, place a fan near the rug. Dry both sides.

Why we like padding

Padding is an excellent investment. Carpet pads can help protect your Sukhi oriental rug. They reduce wear and tear. A pad also has another benefit. It makes the carpet softer to walk on. A non-skid pad will help keep your rug in place. It will reduce wrinkling and bunching. Rug wrinkling and bunching is another way that rugs become damaged.

Avoiding moth damage

Yes, moths can damage clothing. Did you know they also damage rugs? Moths love wool. They will eat into the wool fibers of your rug if given the opportunity. If you need to store your Sukhi rug, you should first clean it. Then wrap it in a breathable paper. Plastic wrapping should be avoided. Plastic can attract moisture.

Cleaning chewing gum

Chewing gum and your Sukhi carpet do not mix. What if gum does come into contact with your Sukhi rug?

First trying freezing the gum. Once the gum is solid, it is easier to remove. You can try a metal scraper. This will often remove the gum from the carpet. Here’s a word of caution. Be sure to apply gentle pressure when attempting to remove the gum from the carpet fibers. But what if you notice that the gum is beginning to soften? Just hold a bag of ice over the area. Then the gum will stiffen once more. Next, use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum up pieces of the frozen gum. Finally, treat the area with lukewarm water. You can use a tablespoon of detergent. Scrub the carpet gently with a towel or brush.

Cleaning wine

Wine is legendary for its ability to stain a carpet. You should clean a wine spill as soon as possible. Start by allowing as much of the wine as possible to soak into a paper towel. Simply use paper towels or regular towels if necessary. Place them over the spill area. Dab very gently. Allow them to absorb as much of the wine as possible. Don’t use soap or other cleaning agents at this point.

Remember to place paper towels underneath the spill. Remove those towels and replace them with new towels. Then hand wash the rug using only water. Fan the rug until it is dry. What if you still can’t remove the stain? Try going to a professional rug cleaner as soon as possible.

Other things to avoid

Our Sukhi rugs are very durable. But no rug is indestructible. There are many things that you should keep away. Never use harsh cleaners such as bleach or ammonia. Keep potted plants away from your Sukhi rugs. They are a potential source of dirt and water. Do not comb the fringe of your rug. This will damage the fibers. Above all else, remember to clean your oriental rug periodically. This the very best way to preserve your investment.