Frequently asked questions

Do the fringes count towards the total rug measurements?
Do you have a showroom?
Do you work with interior designers, architects and stylists?
How do I measure to make sure I am purchasing the correct size rug?
How long does it take to make my Beni Ourain rug?
How long does shipping take?
How long will it take to make my rug?
How many felt balls does it take to make one felt ball rug?
I am not happy with my Sukhi rug. What should I do? [Understand our return & refund policy]
I am wondering about my confirmation e-mail. I don’t think I ever received one, so what should I do?
If I am not present to take the delivery, what happens?
Is it possible for you to help me with my rug order?
Is it possible to change the delivery address once I have placed an order?
Is it possible to track the progress of my order?
Is Sukhi shipping free?
There seems to be a fault in my rug. What do I do next?
What are your payment methods?
What is the height of the pile?
What is the size of the felt balls used in Sukhi felt ball rugs?
What locations does Sukhi ship to?
What materials are used for your Beni Ourain rugs?
What materials are used for your felt ball rugs?
Why do you have Clearance rugs?
Would it be possible to order a sample?
What about the quality of the Clearance items?
I have pets and/or children. Do I need to wait to get a wool or felt rug?
Is it possible to order a patchwork rug in a different color, shape or size?
Are your Indian rugs made with the use of child labor?
Can I order a rug sample?
The Clearance rug I wanted to purchase has sold out. Will more be available in the future?
What materials are used in your patchwork rugs?
How fast are Clearance rugs shipped?
Is an anti-slip pad necessary for my patchwork rug?
Will my rug fade?
Can I return a Clearance carpet?
Do you sell wholesale?
Do you have a color chart I can use?
Can I order a Beni Ourain rug without fringes?
Can I order a Beni Ourain rug in another size?
Are there additional import duties and taxes for me to worry about paying?