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Making a felt ball rug

Making a felt ball rug

Making a felt ball rug – it takes tremendous skill. That skill must be fused with patience and passion.

Did you know our team in Nepal carefully rolls thousands of felt balls by hand? We think the results speak for themselves. And our Nepali artisans only receive fair wages, usually 2 to 3 times the average area wage. They work in small groups and many have young children. The flexible nature of the work is a perfect option for young mothers. It means they can work from home and care for their families.


The journey of each felt ball

Do you want to truly appreciate the work and care that go into each and every rug? Then we’d like to invite you to watch this video. Our team gently rolls each wet wool ball by hand across the soapy area. A key part of the process is to continue to roll and rinse the ball. That way, the ball shrinks and forms the correct shape. Upon completing a wool ball, it is then placed into cold water and rinsed. This process continues… that is until there are enough felt balls to create a rug.

Naturally sun dried wool

In the next stage, the felt balls are placed in the sun where they dry. Once dried, the detail oriented and very time consuming sewing process begins. It can take as many as 10,000 small felt balls to build a single amazing rug. There is a ton of detail and craftsmanship in each and every Sukhi felt ball rug. That’s why these rugs are nothing less than beautiful works of art.