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Making a patchwork rug

Making a patchwork rug

There is rich tradition of handcrafted rugs in Turkey. We love playing a part in preserving that tradition.

The rug making process

As the first step, we collect fine carpets from across the region. We then begin the process of decolorizing.

We then take the carpets and shampoo them to make sure they are clean. They dry out under the sun. The neutral carpets are then dyed with a color. Then we wash, shampoo and rinse them again. Any potential residue is removed during this process. The newly dyed rugs are again dried in the sun. Once dried, the patchwork rugs are given a 100% cotton backing and highly durable patches.

Next, our experienced artisans carefully place the patches. The patches are labelled to guide the stitching process. Hand stitching comes next. This is the point we see the patchwork rug truly begin to take shape. Finally, a border stitch is applied. And, as the last step, our Sukhi quality check takes place.

Your patchwork rug is shipped directly to you

Next, the most exciting part takes place! We ship out your patchwork rug directly to your home. Care is part of every stage. Every step of Sukhi’s patchwork rug creation involves work by hand. Hand woven and hand stitched, these one-of-a-kind rugs are beautiful. We love these vibrant rugs created with such care by our Sukhi rug makers.

What do you know when you pick a Sukhi handmade patchwork rug? You can rely on the fact that your rug is coming directly from a person that created it. And you know that an ancient tradition is being preserved. We feel pretty good about playing a part.