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Making chunky wool rugs and knitted wool rugs

Making chunky wool rugs and knitted wool rugs

Great artistry, the highest quality wool and love. These three elements create our thick and comfy Sukhi rugs.

Simply walk across these rugs. Your feet will instantly notice the warmth and rich complexity of textures. These reversible rugs are designed to be used for decades.

And one look at a Sukhi rug will reveal a world of complexity. Making a Sukhi chunky wool rug or knitted wool rug is an investment in time and passion. Let’s take a closer look at this ancient rug making process.

Step one-the world’s highest quality wool yarn

A truly great wool rug needs great wool. At Sukhi we are obsessed with using the highest quality raw materials we can find. That is exactly what our artisans need to work their magic!

Our chunky wool rugs and knitted wool rugs are made using extremely thick New Zealand wool. This wool is hypoallergenic and antibacterial.

In order to bring out the best in the wool, some prep work is needed. It must be carded, brushed and then spun into soft woolen yarn. Our yarn is also spun by hand. That gives it a special level of durability and softness.

Our artisans felt the yarn by hand using soapy water. This process increases the durability while reducing pilling. The yarn is then placed in cold water and then carefully rinsed.

Step two-enormous needles

Let’s move on to the second step of the process. Our skilled artisans use enormous needles! This is needed to create the tight braids of knitted wool rugs. You’ll find these handmade rugs are incredibly durable.

Step three-casting

Next, our artisans need to cast the wool. They take balls of wool. Then they locate the end of the yarn, which is then tucked into the middle. Casting requires slipknots. This involves making a loop as though you were going to create a knot. Finally, our makers take it through and pull the knot tightly.

Step four-knitting time

At this stage, the knitting begins! The technique used is very similar to the kind of knitting you are likely familiar with. But there is one big difference. These needles can safely be called, “gigantic.” They are several times the size of normal knitting needles.

Step five-casting off

Then the needle with all the stitches is held in the left hand. Casting off means you have two stitches for the right needle. Sukhi artisans start by knitting two stitches. Then they slip the first stitch over the second stitch. Finally, they bind it off.

Step six-stitch again

Next, our artisan knit one more stitch and then cast off one stitch again. This process continues until the end of the row. A row ends once there is only one stitch left on the right needle.

Step seven- cutting the yarn

Now, the yarn is cut. Cutting the yarn leaves a tail that generally measures about one arm’s length. This tail is pulled through the last stitch.

Comparing our chunky wool rugs to our hand knitted rugs

Both these rugs are awesome! But you’ll find that chunky wool rugs are considerably thicker than our hand knitted rugs. The impressively thick nature of wool yarn adds great visual appeal and complexity.

It allows our artisans to showcase their tremendous craftsmanship. The thickness of these chunky rugs adds a special life and dimension.

The different knitting techniques used for chunky wool rugs and knitted wool rugs are very clear. The different knitting patterns can be seen with the naked eye.

These two types of rugs differ in other ways as well. Knitted wool rugs have a little more strength. Chunky wool rugs are softer and a little looser.

Our skilled artisans can create rectangular rugs in a dazzling variety of colors. Each Sukhi rug is a one-of-a-kind work of art. It is created with passion and love by a master rug maker.

After just one look and one touch, you’ll never be satisfied with any other rug.