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Who doesn’t love a soft grey warm sweater? The Mohit takes that cozy feeling and puts it right on your floor. It’s an interior designer’s dream. Elegant carpets quickly reveal their quality. The beautiful weave of the Mohit alternates patterns. It creates a very polished, high-end look. You’ll enjoy this beautiful showpiece in your home for many years to come. The Mohit 100% sheep wool rug is handmade with tremendous care. Our team of Indian artisans bring passion to every Sukhi rug. They love what they do. We ensure each maker receives fair compensation for his or her work. Are you looking for toughness and durability? Rugs don’t get much stronger than those made from sheep wool.
Type: Flat weave rug
Material: 100% Wool
Backing: 100% Cotton
Manufacturing: By hand
Production time: Approximately 4 weeks
Origin: India
Height: 1-2 cm
Questions?: [email protected]

About flat weave rugs

About wool & felt rugs

Sukhi has amazing wool and felt rugs from India. We offer so many colors, patterns and styles. Skilled artisans do all work by hand. Over many weeks, they knot rugs together. This provides different designs and sizes. There’s something for everyone!
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