Muzzafa - hand knotted

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Looking for a true head-turning rug? The Muzzafa hand-knotted rug is full of life and full of color. This heirloom piece is wild and unrestrained.

The Muzzafa uses splashes of color spread across a wool rug canvas. It’s much like a modern painting! Splashes of color are scattered throughout this piece. Imaginative and striking, the Muzzafa is an excellent choice. It’s ideal for a range of rooms. But it is an especially perfect match for modern design.

Here’s something else that adds to the Muzzafa’s charm. This rug is handmade. Hand-knotted weaving is an amazing process. You’ll be able to enjoy this rug for decades to come. Feel free to place it in high traffic areas. The Muzzafa is durable enough to handle it. We are certain you will love this unforgettable rug!

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Type: Modern oriental rugs - hand knotted
Material: Wool & bamboo silk
Backing: 100% Cotton
Manufacturing: Hand knotted
Production time: Approximately 12 weeks
Origin: India
Height: 1 cm
Questions?: [email protected]

About modern oriental rugs

About modern oriental rugs

Oriental rugs have been recognized for their durability and beauty. This has been the case for hundreds of years. Since ancient times, oriental rugs have been prized possessions. Few other items enjoy this kind of reputation!
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