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Our team in India

Our team in India

The Sukhi team in India includes weavers. They craft our rugs completely by hand. It is an honor that their work is steeped in tradition. They use the same techniques as their ancestors did so many years ago.


Here is an unusual fact. Only men make our wool rugs. These artisans live in Bikaner, India. This male dominated trade is quite different from traditions in other countries. These talented individuals ensure that each rug is unique. Every piece has to be completely one of a kind. Each piece is a work of art.

All natural materials

We use natural raw materials. These fine materials are truly luxurious. Plus, they are handled with reverence. That means that they retain their amazing properties, even during production.

Only the fairest wages

That’s why our Sukhi artisans deserve to earn a fair living. Our company enables them to reach that goal. Their salary is about 2-3 times the average pay in the region! They can live comfortably. Their families are well cared for and their children can prosper in school.

The artisans also enjoy knowing that their work really means something to its buyer. Even outside of their community, their rugs carry meaning and worth.

Many of our Indian artisans haven’t completed a formal education. However, they value the on the job training we provide. We often hear from our artisans that they get a sense of pride from their work.