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Our team in Nepal
Our team in nepal

Our team in Nepal

We are proud of our team in Kathmandu, Nepal. And we love the work that they do. Sukhi values the role we play in preserving this functional art form.


Most of the people we hire have no formal education. When they work with us, they receive on the job training and a fair wage. The artisans who make our rugs tell us that they love their jobs for 3 key reasons:

1. They have flexibility.
2. The pay is 2 to 3 times the regional average.
3. Their work gives them a sense of pride.

Our Kathmandu workshops

At Sukhi, you’ll never see shops with people crammed into tight spaces. There are two small Sukhi workshops set up in Kathmandu. We hire craftspeople that live within walking distance of our workshops. Often they are able to work from home and watch their children. When a maker finishes making a rug from home, she simply brings it into one of our Kathmandu shops.

Who made your felt ball rug?

About half of our Nepal team handles making the felt balls. The other half focuses on the actual rug making. A few team members take care of things like training, quality control, supervision and rug collection.

Once an artisan has finished creating a rug, her name is on a label attached to the rug. That way you can even get in touch! If you want to send her an email thanking her for the incredible amount of work she put into your rug, feel free to do so. Trust us, your rug maker would love to hear from you.

So let’s meet our team: