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Our team in Turkey

Our team in Turkey

Years ago, we fell in love. We saw the dedication to quality and commitment to craftsmanship present in Turkish rug making. We instantly knew it was perfect for Sukhi customers. Our team in Istanbul never fails to impress us with the quality of their work. They make Sukhi’s patchwork rugs by hand. Each and every single patchwork rug is a vibrant one-of-a-kind creation.


Our Turkish workshop

Our Istanbul team works in a small Sukhi workshop dedicated to creating beautiful rugs. We work directly with the rug creators. That means we are able to bring you our patchwork rugs at great savings. At the same time, we provide our artisans with a high salary. It is typically 2 to 3 times the typical regional pay! They can comfortably support their families and enjoy a high quality of life.

It makes us feel good that we are able to bring these great rugs to the world. We have no doubt that you’re going to love these works of art as much as we do!