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Orange always gets noticed. Don’t be surprised if you’re not always thinking about citrus and the smell of freshly cut oranges with this beautiful rug. The overdyed vintage look blends with the warmth of the orange coloring. The Nehir is friendly and a great conversation piece. This rug works amazingly well near an entryway. Or try it in your living room.
Type: Overdyed patchwork rug
Material: 65% Wool, 15% cotton and 20% goat hair
Backing: 100% Cotton
Manufacturing: By hand
Production time: Approximately 2 weeks
Origin: Turkey
Height: 1 cm
Questions?: [email protected]

About overdyed patchwork rugs

About patchwork rugs

Sukhi patchwork handmade rugs come to you directly from Turkey. This region is known for its world-class rugs. We think you’ll soon see why!
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