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So why are we so in love with the Paras? This 100% sheep wool rug has elegant and energetic patterns. We love the texture and we love the contrast. This piece is at home just about anywhere. Sheep wool is a favorite for long lasting rugs. It’s beautiful, breathable and easy to care for. You’ll also be pleased to know your rug’s material is natural and renewable. What is great home styling all about? Here’s what we think really matters. Selecting high quality pieces that are also timeless. Flat weave sheep wool rugs never go out of style. Best of all, sheep wool rugs keep their good looks even after decades of consistent use. They are heirlooms. If you are looking for a unique rug that will always brighten any room, you’ll love the Paras.
Type: Flat weave rug
Material: 100% Wool
Backing: 100% Cotton
Manufacturing: By hand
Production time: Approximately 4 weeks
Origin: India
Height: 1-2 cm
Questions?: [email protected]

About flat weave rugs

About wool & felt rugs

Sukhi has amazing wool and felt rugs from India. We offer so many colors, patterns and styles. Skilled artisans do all work by hand. Over many weeks, they knot rugs together. This provides different designs and sizes. There’s something for everyone!
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