Patchwork Rugs

Patchwork collection 1: Overdyed

  • Zeynep

    Don’t you think that the beautiful and exotic color fuchsia is underused? We do. That is part of why we love these overdyed fuchsia rugs. The intricate patterns on these rugs work well. They can warm any home. Great design choices often come down to the little things. With the Zeynep rug, there are a lot of little things to love.

  • Elif

    Some people think grey is boring. We at Sukhi have to strongly disagree. Quite often, grey is the perfect color choice. This color always looks refined and expensive. We envision our Elif looking great in a wide range of rooms. Its appearance and its detailed stitching are perfect for spaces like dens and common areas. Try this one in front of a fireplace for a great result!

  • Ecrin

    We find green soothing for a good reason. It reminds us of nature. People often comment that walking on our Ecrin reminds them of walking on grass on a spring day. Different shades of green blend just like in the great outdoors. You might not be able to head to a field whenever you like. But with the Ecrin, you’ll always feel a little closer to nature.

  • Yagmur

    Different colors, shades and tones mix nicely in the Yagmur. This rug has truly complex designs and colors. That’s why it’s a nice fit wherever you place it in your home. Living room tables love this rug. It also goes very well with almost any type of wood. This rug has a classic and refined feel that you will love.

  • Azra

    Does your room need a little, or a lot, of extra warmth and coziness? The addition of a brown rug might be the perfect choice. The Azra has an extra level of warmth, thanks to its overdyed vintage look. Also, you’ll find that this rug makes a big impact on rooms with lots of wood features or wood furniture.

  • Nisanur

    A deep purple rug can really transform a room. We think this can happen in a pretty big way. Designers and artists have used purple for centuries. It always creates a rich and sumptuous look. The Nisanur continues this tradition. The different shades of purple give this rug some contrast. At the same time, it blends into almost any room.

  • Zehra

    Yellow certainly makes a statement. The Zehra is a great rug for when you want your rug to be a centerpiece of attention. Do you have a room that needs a little extra something? This cheerful yet exotic rug combines complex patterns and eye-catching yellow shades. It’s exceptionally warm and inviting.

  • Nehir

    Orange always gets noticed. Don’t be surprised if you’re not always thinking about citrus and the smell of freshly cut oranges with this beautiful rug. The overdyed vintage look blends with the warmth of the orange coloring. The Nehir is friendly and a great conversation piece. This rug works amazingly well near an entryway. Or try it in your living room.

  • Ela

    Are you looking to really highlight the craftsmanship that goes into our rugs? Then you will want to consider the Ela. The Ela’s white coloring really allows the complex hand woven artistry in the design to shine through. People often note that this rug is a great fit in bedrooms. We bet you’ll agree.

  • Belinay

    A warm rug can change moods. Our Belinay is just such a rug. There are many places that this carefully made, high quality rug will work in your house. The calming nature of Belinay helps to make it an ideal choice for home offices. We suggest putting it in a room where you spend a good deal of time.

  • Hiranur

    Our Hiranur is most definitely complex and refined. There is some sharp contrast between the different black tones. This factor makes it a very unique rug. You’ll always find something new and interesting in this somewhat mysterious design. The patterns almost seem to change over time as the rug settles in. Expect to hear a lot of compliments on the Hiranur.

  • Meryem

    Every home should have at least one striking pink rug. Don’t you agree? The Meryem makes the most out of pink’s bold nature. It’s the perfect option for bedrooms. In particular, it will work well for a child’s room. Quite often rooms need a special touch and something that will stand out. The Meryem is a smart choice for just such rooms.

  • Merve

    We don’t think you can ever go wrong with a red rug. A red rug can be placed just about anywhere in a house. It always looks right at home. These bold accents are fun and add instant energy wherever they go. Here’s an extra bonus. Our Merve has intricate designs that are very pleasing to the eye. We know you’ll love this one!

  • Irem

    Sometimes selecting a rug can be tricky. It can be tough to figure out which rug will look the best where. Do you want a timeless rug that can easily be moved from room to room? The Irem is one of the rugs that will look simply fantastic wherever you place it. This rug will grab attention while adding warmth.

  • Hatice

    It is no accident that jewelry designers love working with turquoise. Turquoise is one of nature’s most wonderful materials and colors. Our Hatice fuses the beauty of turquoise with our overdyed vintage look. The end result is a rug that’s a true conversation piece. Consider placing this rug anywhere you want to generate a little more enthusiasm and excitement.

Patchwork Collection 2: Kilim

  • Rabia

    Kilim rugs are something special. You’ll instantly recognize one when you see it. This ancient style of rug making gives it a sense of warmth that you’re sure to love. Our Rabia has highly durable cotton backing. It’s made from half goat hair and half cotton. The brown earthy tone of Rabia makes this rug a smart pick for a range of rooms and decors.

  • Elanur

    Sometimes red might seem a little too bold for some rooms. But orange is a different story. No matter where you place our Elanur, whether it’s a bedroom, a den, entryway, or living room, this rug will get noticed! The bold wide black strips blend perfectly with different mixed tones of orange. We think you’ll agree that orange is a great color for rugs.

  • Cemre

    Are you seeking something durable and loaded with character? Kilim rugs are for people who want a rustic rug. Their versatility makes them not just a good fit for older homes, but modern homes as well. They take advantage of wood features in homes and quickly add a lot of life to their surroundings. The Cemre takes pink to a whole new level, thanks to the contrasting shades of pink and patterns. Is it perfect for a girl’s room? We think so!

  • Fatma

    Want to make a bold statement? The Fatma uses contrasting patterns and shades of yellow and brown. This rug looks smart and refined. You’ll get some big time results. Wood floors will soak up this rug better than a new polish! And when it comes to durability, you can expect to get years and years out of all our kilim rugs.

  • Tuana

    Indigo blue is a littler rare. It catches you off guard. The Tuana truly makes the most out of its gorgeous indigo blue coloring. You’ll see the darker strips and stitching stands out in a prominent manner. Would you like to feel as though you have a fine work of art on your floor? Then choose the Tuana.

  • Medine

    Medine is completely undyed. That means you can see every single inch of the artistry that goes into its creation. Kilim rugs are built on an ancient tradition. But they fit seamlessly with modern life. Have a den that needs a rug for that perfect table and lamp? Our Medine is a really good choice for areas designed for relaxing.

Patchwork Collection 3: Caput

  • Damla

    An orange caput rug is definitely an attention grabber. The Damla is a bold rug that is dominated by the color orange. But as you can see, there are many other colors here as well. Blended together from 70% cotton, 15% goat hair and 15% wool, these beautiful rugs are like no other. Looking for something very unique? Damla is a good choice.

  • Nisa

    You and your guests will never grow tired of the Nisa. Brown might be the most dominant color in this rug. But a wide range of other colors can often be seen as well. This sophisticated design fits into most areas and settings. The Nisa works with almost any furniture or artwork.

  • Esmanur

    Pink caput rugs are unlike anything that most people have ever seen. Caput rugs of any color are striking. But the addition of a gorgeous shade of pink is definitely something special. Adding to the beauty of this stunner is the addition of stripes and different hints of color. Most people won’t be able to take their eyes off the Esmanur!

  • Esma

    It shines yellow like the sun. You can be sure that Esma will brighten up your room. It will also brighten your day! Rooms that need an energy infusion are sure to welcome this great rug. Caput rugs are so durable. And they have a unique look. Why, you ask? They are made from 70% cotton, 15% goat hair and 15% wool.

  • Emine

    Indigo blue is a color that always demands attention. Use indigo blue in any rug and it is sure to quickly get noticed. But when you use indigo blue in the Emine, the result is wow! The reason is that our caput rugs use an attention-grabbing mixture. It’s made from 70% cotton, 15% goat hair and 15% wool. Everyone will love this one!

  • Melek

    Rugs should be fun. We at Sukhi think it’s tough to top the fun in all of our caput rugs including Melek. Purple is a calming and warm color choice for a rug. We combine this with the warmth and beauty of our caput rugs. What you get is a real winning combination. Try it for yourself!

  • Melisa

    The Melisa is pure and undyed. This lets the natural beauty of the blend of 70% cotton, 15% goat hair and 15% wool really shine. The Melisa is the perfect rug for rusting settings. Use it you want a rug to make a room feel homier and more relaxing. Select an undyed caput rug for yourself. See first-hand why so many people love this ancient rug design.

Patchwork Collection 4: Hemp

  • Beren

    We have to say, the Beren looks pretty amazing in lilac. Are you thinking that you’ve never seen a rug like this one? You are not alone. When it comes to finding the most eco-friendly rugs out there, hemp is tough to top. Hemp rugs are naturally beautiful and naturally durable. They also have a very distinctive look, especially when dyed.

  • Irmak

    Why have so many people have been obsessed with durable hemp products and rugs for hundreds of years? Our white hemp rug, the Irmak, makes it easy to understand the answer. Do you have a high traffic area that needs a very sturdy rug? If so you’ll want to check out Irmak. Sukhi hemp rugs use only 100% natural hemp.

  • Buglem

    You’ll find two beautiful and harmonious shades of green in our Buglem patchwork rug. We’ve used subtle and muted tones that will remind you of a calming sea. Like all of our hemp patchwork rugs, the Buglem has little inconsistencies that make these rugs so special.