Alisha - Round

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Each one-of-a-kind multi-color Alisha rug has a distinct and uniquely colorful look. With balls of various shades of red, blue, yellow, brown and green, it can work in almost any room. This is an eye-catching rug that looks and feels really warm. We bet that no matter where you put it, you’ll think this rug is a perfect fit! Also available: rectangle Alisha felt ball rug
Type: Felt ball rug
Material: 100% New Zealand wool
Manufacturing: By hand
Production time: Approximately 4 weeks
Origin: Nepal
Height: 2 cm
Questions?: [email protected]

About felt ball rugs

About felt ball rugs

Interested in an incredible felt ball rug? Ours are handmade by artisans in Nepal. We provide these makers with a showcase for their beautiful rugs. That makes us proud each and every day.
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