Stone Rugs



Stone rugs really catch the eye. We think the Ayaan will catch yours. Do you want a rug with a complex structure? Then you’ll definitely love this unique rug. Each grey felt stone is stitched together by hand and made from 100% wool. The different tones of grey help make the Ayaan special. It’s an easy fit in any home.

Also available: rectangle Ayaan stone rug [INSERT LINK]


Looking for an original looking rug? Then you will enjoy the Ishaan for years to come. The captivating design has a refined feel. But it is also warm and inviting. Made from the highest quality wool, the Ishaan is pleasant to the eye. And it is a real surprise to walk across. This soft rug will bring a smile to everyone’s face.

Also available: rectangle Ishaan stone rug [INSERT LINK]


A great rug brings a touch of fun and warmth to a home or room. But have you been looking for something unique for your bedroom? Then this round beige rug will do the trick! Imagine curling up with your favorite book with this high quality rug under your feet. The Dhruv may look like a collection of stones. But it is so soft and so inviting.

Also available: rectangle Dhruv stone rug [INSERT LINK]



Don’t be fooled by this rectangular rugs stone appearance. Each of these felt stones couldn’t be any softer. Stitched together carefully by hand and made from 100% wool, the Ayaan is complex. But it also is very fun. These rugs feel great to the touch. They are a nice conversation starter.
Also available: round Ayaan stone rug [INSERT LINK]


From a distance, this one-of-a-kind work of art looks like a collection of stones. But don’t worry. The Ishaan couldn’t be any softer, warmer or more charming. Walking across this black and white rug may for a moment transport you to far off rocky shores. But your feet will know the difference. Want the perfect snuggly rug? The Ishaan is the answer.

Also available: round Ishaan stone rug [INSERT LINK]


Have a room in your home that needs a little more originality and uniqueness? We have just the thing in our Dhruv. Each rug is made up of small beige 100% wool felted balls. Your eyes may say “stone”. But your feet will say “soft”. These complex rugs are fun but also durable. We know you’ll love them!

Also available: round Dhruv stone rug [INSERT LINK]